JULY 26, 2012


A lot of folks, when they hear the term, non-profit corporation, think that that means that the corporation is not making any money.

That’s not necessarily true. Some of the wealthiest corporations in America are non-profits. Take for instance the Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. These, and thousands of other non-profit foundations raise and spend enormous amounts of money.

In Miami, there are all kinds of non-profits that provide various services to the community, and who do so with the aid and assistance of various governmental bodies.

One of those is the Allapattah Community Action, Inc. that runs a child care center on a piece of city property adjacent to the Allapattah Community Center on NW 18th Street and 22nd Place, next to Curtis Park.

In 2002 the City gave this group a 10 year Revocable License, and at the Commission Meeting today it’s up for a renewal.

Everybody loves little kids, and we all want what’s best for them, starting with a decent education.

At the same time, the City of Miami is reportedly $60 million in the hole for the 2nd year in a row, and giving away city property to a group for $50 a month - especially when there has been absolutely no effort to look at this group’s books and determine just how much money they have - is not a prudent way to manage the City’s resources.

Furthermore,  in looking over the corporate papers for this group, it turns out that 6 of the 7 board members don’t even live in the City of Miami.  One lives in Doral, one lives in Miami Beach, one lives in Hialeah, and one lives in Pembroke Pines.


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When it comes to folks who live in a community and the boards who run local community organizations, the number one issue that animates discussion is whether the people who run the organization actually live in the community.

The next thing that folks like to know is how much money these board members get for being on the board.

Groups who show up at the door of City Hall looking for a handout or a sweetheart deal should be made to open their books BEFORE any decision is made to give them money, or public land, or any other benefit financed by taxpayers!

In this case, we know that 6 of the 7 board members don’t live in the community, but we don’t know anything about the governance of this board, or what they pay themselves because these folks are politically connected to Commissioner Willie Gort, and even though Willie likes to thump his chest and talk about being a community organizer and all that other stuff, Willie is right in there elbowing people out of the way to make sure his pals get to the feed trough.

So, here’s just one more example of a sweetheart deal between some politically connected folks and Willie and Tomasito, with nary a concern whether these people actually merit a $50 a month gift from the City of Miami’s taxpayers.

It’s Miami, Bitches!