SEPTEMBER 26, 2012



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The Kluger family own several piece of property within the boundaries of the OMNI CRA, and one of those is the square block in the photo above. They have been big campaign supporters of Commissioner “Ethics” and he fawns over them.

The building in the photo is the Willard Gardens Hotel, which is a working hotel, and the alley in question runs North and South along the left side of the building.

At the last Commission meeting, the Department of Public Works introduced the following item for a public hearing.

Once again, a private property owner with political connections wants a piece of City property in order to unify several pieces of property in order to make money.

And once again, the City stands ready to let them use this property for FREE.

I highlighted the above portions in the legislation not only to illuminate that this is City property, but also to provide some focus on the claims made by the Public Works Department, who was the sponsor of this legislation, that they either don’t bother to visit these property, or that they did and are in the tank for Commissioner Sarnoff and his pals, who as you can see in this portion of the video of the Commission meeting pretends to play dumb by claiming that he doesn’t really know where this property is, and more importantly, misrepresents the condition of the “alley” as “a city owned alley that looks like a crater, that looks like the moon.”

Most importantly, the biggest misrepresentation made by both Sarnoff and the Public Works Director is that the legislation will allow the property owner to fence in the property, when in fact the property owner already fenced in the property some time ago, as evidenced by the photos I have posted below this video clip.

While the alley is abandoned, in the bottom photo below you can see that what portions of the alley are visible are neither crated on looking lie the moon.

I often drive past this property, and when I was watching the Commission meeting, I realized that this was a property that was already fenced in, and as you can see In the photos that I took a couple days ago, the property is not only fenced in, but that this fence has been there for a while.

It’s clear that the Klugers want to turn the property - which is close enough to both the Performing Arts Center and the AAA Arena  to become a money making venue,

They should have every opportunity to do so.

At the same time however, that alley is City property, and the taxpayers deserve some money for the value of the property.

The best deal would be for the City to sell the Kruger’s the alley for market price.  The next best thing is that the City and the Klugers should enter into some sort of deal where the City gets some money for the use of the property.

The absolute worst thing is that the City just let’s the Klugers take over the alley and do what they want, and the City not get as much as one thin dime.

Lastly, I have included the full video clip of the discussion of this item below, because to his credit, it was Commissioner Carollo who opposed this alley being turned over to the Klugers for free, and he deserves the credit.