APRIL 11, 2011


The second thing was that this was not the first time that you had been accused of playing fast and loose with church money.

In a 2005 article in the Miami New Times, then Miami City Manager Joe Arriola, accused you of not only stealing church money in 1998, but claimed that “nine years earlier” (Dunn) ”was forced to resign as assistant pastor of Drake Memorial Baptist Church after admitting he had used church funds to pay personal bills.”

Then there’s the unfortunate incident where you chose to act as your own attorney in defending your church against a lawsuit resulting from the death of 4 young children who were part of families in your congregation that drowned during an outing at Oleta State Park in 1997. 

The record indicates that you rejected multiple instructions from the Court to go get a lawyer, and generally behaved in a manner that supports the axiom that “a man who represents himself as an attorney, has a fool for a client.”

After the Court ruled in favor of the parents of these children, giving them a $5.8 million dollar verdict against your church, you closed up shop, and moved on to open a new church.

What happened to the $5.8 million that you owe those families?  Did you ever give them any money?

There’s a clear pattern here Reverend, and it’s not a very savory one.  A lot of men, Black and White, have suffered far more for far less than you did for stealing from the family church, or for using church money to pay your bills.

It seems that through all your travails you’ve been a VERY fortunate man.  I’m sure you’ve credited your God for looking out for you, and whether God had anything to do with it will have to wait until your judgment day but you certainly benefitted from having people that loved you, cared for you, went to bat for you, and stood up for you.

Had they not, you would not be a City Commissioner today, and in fact, your life might have been more like the lives of many men who lost their way, and never got the kinds of breaks you got.

The true measure of a man’s character and of his soul, especially for a man like you, who as a preacher has become a professional Christian, is not the words he speaks from the pulpit or from a City Commission dais so much as what he does to be true to the principals that Jesus called on his followers to adhere to when it came to caring for those less fortunate.


While I hope you live a long and healthy life, let’s just imagine if you were to die tomorrow, and arriving at the Gates Of Heaven you were met by Jesus himself to ask you to account for your life’s work?

How would you respond if Jesus were to ask, “Brother Richard, tell me about those $75,000 Planters you approved to block off parts of the streets close to the AAA Arena?”

Would you tell him that you thought they made the streets in your District more beautiful?  Or perhaps more safe? How would you answer Jesus?

And what if Jesus asked you, “And what of the poor, homeless people on those streets, Richard?  What did you do for them?”

How would you explain to Jesus, that you, as a Black man born as the bands of segregation were being broken by many of the very people who raised you, decided that while your ancestors; your parents, grand parents, your uncles and aunts stood up against the infamous segregation wall that ran along NW 12th Avenue that was built to divide Miami’s White and Black communities, you in turn would agree to spend  taxpayer money to erect the equivalent of a similar segregation wall along a portion of your CRA District?

Did you pray on that Reverend? Did you bring along a group of pastors, like you did when the homeless Shanty Town built to embarrass politicians for their woeful response to the community’s homeless problem burned down in 2007, and you showed up to oppose it’s rebuilding, announcing that you had to pray before you held the press conference?

And what about your fellow Christians? The ones who actually put their money and time where their mouth is.  Did you talk with them, or share in the power of prayer with them?  Even the homeless people on the street understood what the real game was with the Planters and attempting to stop Christians from carrying out the Lord’s work to care for the less fortunate.

Perhaps you don’t possess a sense of self that would allow you to truly place yourself in the above fellow’s shoes, but given your past, there but for the grace of God, could be you, or me, or any number of others who had the good fortune to receive a helping hand when it was needed most.


When you get past the shucking and jive rhetoric just how phony have you Reverend Commissioner Dunn, become?

You stole from your church, you lied to get appointed to the City Commission, you’ve been at best a piss poor steward of public money that was entrusted to you to build houses for low income folks, you’ve used public money to segregate poor, homeless people from a portion of the city in order not to offend the sensibilities of folks coming from the suburbs and Broward County to watch basketball games, you’ve taken gobs of money from the usual collection of people who expect to get returns on their campaign contributions, and throughout it all, you’ve played the race/police card when it came to the killings that have occurred in your District.

Over the weekend, Bill Cooke who publishes the blog Random Pixels , took the time to document and chronicle a list of folks - mostly young, often children - who have been killed in your District along with your silence on their deaths and the larger issue of Black On Black crime that you continue to ignore while posing and posturing from the City Commission dais about Chief Miguel Exposito.

Exposito’s a slug who, along with his henchman Major/Sergeant Al Alvarez deserve to be fired, rehired and fired again just out of principle, and you have every right to lead that fight if you so wish, but to do so while ignoring or pretending that your District doesn’t have really serious problems about Black On Black crime that cries out for real leadership, then you are, as Cooke points out, just as culpable as the gangsters doing the drive-by shootings.

If you truly believe in power of prayer Reverend, then I suggest that you follow Jesus’ example and go somewhere and really, really pray about the quality of your character and the sanctity of your soul!

As one lodge brother to another, trust me, you ain’t bullshitting nobody, and if there is a hell, your ass is headed straight there for being a lying hypocrite.

Hoping You Get The Message,

Al Crespo

Dear Reverend Dunn,

I address you as Reverend and not Commissioner, in part because you yourself choose to associate and describe your actions in a religious context, and because I want to talk to you about the the standing of your soul after a year as an elected official.

Only last Friday in reference to an incident about the illegal use of an empty lot for a trash dump in your District the Miami Herald reported your response to criticism about your failure to act in a timely manner this way:

   “Dunn said his staff never notified him about the issue,

    and that the first he heard about it was when a reporter

    contacted him this week. He promised to address the

    problem with his office.


    "I will try to set some new criteria and rules." he said.

    "I’m a little slow, but not this slow. We’re going to have

    a little prayer meeting tomorrow and get this straight."

In all honesty Reverend, I think you’ve passed the point where just a “little prayer meeting” will solve your competence and office problems, or more importantly, the problems created by your selling out your constituents and and your District.

I think what’s needed is a major intervention, if not a downright exorcism. You might even need an ecumenical gathering of faiths, including a witch doctor to chase those lying demons out of you body.

You’ve taken more turns on where you stand than a Whirling Dervish in a trance. Take for instance your stance on being the candidate beholden to big money.

In 2005, when you ran unsuccessfully for the District 5 seat you were quick to claim of your opponents that, "These candidates are impostors and carpetbaggers created by Arriola, Manny Diaz, and Johnny Winton. I'm the people's choice."

Accepting your reasoning, a review of your 2010 campaign reports show you’ve become the same kind of impostor and carpetbagger you claimed others had become. Here a few of the folks who gave you $500 checks for your reelection campaign:

Marc Sarnoff($500), Jay & Ellen Solowsky($1000), Neisen Kasdin($500), Space Nightclub($1000), Luis Puig($500)(Space owner), Ron Book($1000), Patricia Book($500), Manuel Alonso Poch($500), Lucia Dougherty($500), Greenberg Traurig($500), Shotts & Bowen($1000), Florida Marlins($500), Gutierrez & Associates($500), Steve Marin($500), Marin & Sons($500), Brian May($500), Susan Fried ($500), Fuel Miami($500), World Wide Rush($500), Edie LaQuer($500),Weiss,Serota,Hefman, Pastoriza, Cole & Boniske ($500) CBS Advertising($500), Ackerman Senterfitt($500), Solowsky & Allen($500).

These are but a small sampling of your campaign contributors, and only the ones that I figured most readers would be quick to identify. 

Your actual list of campaign contributors hardly included regular folks who could only afford $25, $50, or even $100, but was loaded with lawyers, developers, political consultants, outdoor advertising agencies, parking lot owners, waste haulers and other folks ready and able to pony up $500.

So, from being “the people’s choice,” in 2005, you became, by your own 2005 definition, the corrupt insider who got very little support from “the people,” but a lot from the usual suspects who consider giving money to politicians as a business expense. 

It seems that your protestations about impostors lasted only till you managed to elbow yourself to the trough.


Almost everyone has heard the story about your stealing money from your uncle’s church. But, like documents that recount unpleasant truths about other people in Miami who have gone on to reach prominence, most of the documents associated with this incident were destroyed.  Most, but not all.

The one thing that this incident wasn’t, was it was NOT a youthful indiscretion.  You were 38 years old when this occurred


We highly recommend that you read about Reverend Commissioner Dunn, and then go over and read the post by Investigation Miami on the Director of the City’s of Miami’s Risk Management Department.  His 2nd and 3rd jobs make Angel Zayon look like a choir boy with a bicycle paper route.


We’ve gotten a new contributor with Photoshop skills, who seems to have a feel for the pulse of what is on city employees minds.

While the city continues to slide towards bankruptcy, esteemed City Manager Tony Crapp, continues to stroll in and out of the MRC building like he hasn’t a care in the world.

If there really is a video, or a photo, you can bet it’s really got to be kinky, because in 2011, straight Vanilla sex just isn’t enough to blackmail anyone like in the old days.

So what’da say Tony?  Besides being in over your head, is it possible somebody’s got a really freaky photo?

It seems that a day doesn’t go by that someone doesn’t send me little diamonds that sparkle when I hold them to the light.

Below is one of those little diamonds.  It’s an email sent last May by Ofelia Perez, the executive secretary to the City Manager to the members of the City Commission and some of their staff, advising them that their regular ticket delivery for the Knight Center had be altered.

How many tickets, to how many events to the members of the City Commission get from the Knight Center? No wonder The Thuget considered the place as her entertainment venue of choice.

I love the line about apologizing for the inconvenience.

Our colleague over at Investigation Miami posted a story yesterday about Gary Reshefsky, the interim Director of the City of Miami’s Risk Management Department, and essentially tore him a new asshole for essentially moonlighting as the Director of Risk Management while serving an officer with one insurance broker and the chief operating officer of another.

We posted a notice yesterday encouraging you to go and read the post to because it was just too amazing to believe that somebody could attempt to serve as the head of Risk Management for a major American city while holding down these other jobs, and we still encourage you to go and read the piece.

But, as I am want to do, I was curious about Mr. Reshefsky, so I went to do my own research yesterday afternoon, and managed to obtain a most marvelous document.

It’s Reshefsky’s resignation from the City of Miami effective June 3, 2011.

The good news is that this slug is leaving.  The bad news is that he’s planning to hang on till June.

Don’t do the citizens of Miami any more favors Gary!   There’s not that much you can pass on to your successor, and the one thing you might do is provide that person with a very bad example of what it means to be a public servant.

Anybody who takes on a job like the Director of Risk Management and writes on his Outside Employment request that, “employee anticipates that on average no more than 3 hours per day will be spent on outside employment,” yet claim that this “will not conflict with his responsibilities a full-time director,” obviously figured he was writing this for morons to approve.

Go Gary!  Go back to Coral Gables!  Give the taxpayers a break and don’t let the door hit you in the ass!



To view larger version, click on document.

APRIL 13, 2011

APRIL 13, 2011


April 11th was the 1st year anniversary of the Crespo-Gram Report, but between working on last week on a film job and a couple other things, it actually zipped by me.

So, instead of any kind of big celebration - that will happen one day - I figured that I’d hang out at Mr. Moe’s today - Wednesday, April 13th - and just chat and hang with anyone that wants to come by.  I’ll be there from around 12:30 PM to 4:30 PM.

It’s would be nice to meet any of you all, and I’m always open to ideas and suggestions on trying to make the site better.


On March 25th, I wrote a short piece about changes in the outdoor advertising ordinance, that would expand the number of areas that would be available for billboards and murals.

At Thursday’s City Commission meeting, under the claim that the changes in the ordinance is intended to cut down on  the number of billboards in neighborhoods, promote public safety and all the gobbly-gook bullshit that these forked weasels come up with before they bend the citizens over and screw them royally, the changes reflected in the map I published in March will be introduced. 

You know how greedy and eager everyone is to get this ordinance passed, that they’re bringing it up as an It’s being introduced as an Emergency Ordinance, which tells you all you need to know about how eager and greedy these people are to get this passed and start collecting campaign contributions from the grateful companies.

Here it is, in all its glory.  Let the cash registers ring.

APRIL 13, 2011

APRIL 13, 2011


In a scheme worthy of being converted to the subplot of a movie about political corruption in some  backwater Banana Republic, Media Tower developer Mark Siffen, along with his right hand man Bert Berlin showed up on Wednesday night at the City of Miami Fire Union Hall to try and persuade City of Miami firemen to support Marc Sarnoff for reelection on the promise that if they did, the members of the fire union stood a chance of reaping as much $10 million - or $15,000 per fireman - from Siffen’s latest Media Towers scheme.

Just the notion of Siffen making that offer is enough to qualify as a classic WTF moment, but it gets better. 

Siffen last summer spent an unknown, but arguably large amount of money on lawyers, lobbyists and who knows what else in a successful effort to get the Miami City Commission to pass an expedited ordinance giving him permission to plop as many as 5 - 240 foot high Media Towers on top of an 11 story parking garage that he planed to build on property he had optioned from the McClatchy company - owner of the Miami Herald.

By January of this year Siffen could not, or chose not to come up with the remainder of the $190 million dollar price for the 3 McClatchy properties.

Some felt that that was the end of Siffen and the Media Towers.  But like the Energizer Bunny, Siffen is, if nothing else, persistent. Over the last few months he searched for another option.


Even if Siffen could convince the firemen to go along with this deal, there are any number of problems, not the least of which is that intended or not, it’s a naked and nasty scheme that pits the firemen against all all the other city employees.

Even though the pitch is that the money would be earmarked for use by the city to help cover any legal judgement because the city is on the verge of bankruptcy, and this money might be the only money they would see if they win their lawsuit, everyone in the city and beyond would know that in reality the deal was nothing more than a payoff for the firemen to get them off of Sarnoff’s back.

At a time of real and growing sacrifice by a lot of city employees this would create a poisonous and potentially disruptive workplace environment that would not easily, or soon go away.

As just one example, how would the members of the Miami Police Department react to this scheme? They too feel aggrieved over the screwing that they feel they got last summer, and the knowledge that the firemen were bought off would certainly not sit well with them.

The second problem is that the Fire Union has been known as a group that conducted a screening and selection process before endorsing candidates, and this time out Sarnoff has already garnered 3 credible candidates that collectively raised $87,012.94 in campaign contribution their first quarter.

This kind of money underscores a real and growing dissatisfaction with Commissioner “Ethics,” and reveals that there are people willing to put their money where their mouths are.  Never a good sign for an incumbent.

Instead of removing a potential problem, any decision by the firemen to arbitrarily support Sarnoff could energize and create a whole new wave of angry citizens.

The biggest problem however is the perception, if not the reality that any offer by Siffen to promise the firemen money that would first be given to the city, and then rerouted to them for supporting Sarnoff would in some way be considered a bribe.

A lot of otherwise smart lawyers have been numbed into a belief that because the Miami-Dade State’s Attorney has all but hung out a sign saying, “We don’t want to prosecute politicians,” that this means they can get away with almost any kind of sleazy political scheme.

But just like there are a growing number of people fed up with Sarnoff and his antics, there are a growing number of people fed up with the blatant corruption that passes for politics as usual in the Banana Republic of Miami and the refusal of The Queen Of Swag to act like a real prosecutor.

As the meeting broke up tonight however, the general feeling was that the firemen were having no part of this, and if anything, felt sullied and royally pissed that Siffen and Berlin would consider them gullible enough to go for such a bullshit scheme.

But, one should never underestimate Mark Siffen.  You don’t go from being a convicted heroin dealer to big time developer without gumption, and balls of brass.

You can bet that he’s only begun his campaign to try and get his way on this latest Media Tower scheme, and one way or another you can bet that Commissioner “Ethics” will be dragged screaming and crying if need be to do whatever he needs to do to get something introduced to make Siffen happy.

It looks like this is all beginning to shape up as a summer where money will flow, bullshit will walk, and where I might actually go out and buy a popcorn machine to feed the spectators during the City Commission meetings.


Although there are any number of properties close enough to I-395 that he could have partnered with to revive his original Media Towers plan, Siffen has chosen instead to try and do a deal with the City of Miami over a sliver of land at the North end of Millennium Park, close to the Miami Herald Metro Mover Station, and the access road from Biscayne Boulevard onto McArthur Causeway.

This time out I’ve been told, his plan is a down-and-dirty stand alone Media Tower without any parking lots and/or other structures that would be at the back end of the two new museums planned for the Park.

To try and make the deal palatable to the city, Siffen has been telling people that he’s willing to give the city anywhere from $20 to $30 million as a one time payment for permission to build the towers, along with annual payments who sum fluctuates from day to day.  Given that he would have had to pay $190 million for the McClatchy property before he moved the first shovel full of dirt to build a parking garage, $20 - $30 million is actually quite cheap.

The deal however has floundered because in order to get the ball rolling, Siffen needs someone to sponsor the new ordinance, and no one, including District 2 Commissioner Marc Sarnoff has agreed to do the dirty deed.

The story I’ve been told is that both the Mayor and City Manager - the only other 2 people in City government who could sponsor such an ordinance - are NOT willing to do so, although both would be more than willing to take all of Siffen’s money.

Sarnoff supposedly dug in his heels and told Siffen that it would be political suicide for him to introduce the ordinance because he no longer has the power of being the Commission Chairman, and he’s finally realized that he’s managed to piss so many people off that he now feels surrounded by enemies. 

The story that I was told, but could not confirm is that Siffen all but stuck a gun in Sarnoff’s mouth and told him, “Listen asshole I bought you, and you’re gonna do what I need you to do.”

Among the many claims made by Siffen and Berlin during the Wednesday night meeting that raised the ire of the firemen was when Siffen told the firemen that no one in city government, including Sarnoff, the Mayor nor any of the other commissioners knew of the deal or his presence there.

Imagine, no one in City Hall knows anything, but somehow by late afternoon on Wednesday I had managed to learn the whole story from 4 different people.

Sarnoff supposedly told Siffen that as long as he had the firemen on one side and all the people on the Venetian isles and the condos around the arena as enemies, he wasn’t going to risk political suicide.

So, in an effort to remove the firemen as Sarnoff’s enemies, Siffen has come up with the scheme that if the firemen will swallow their hatred of Sarnoff and support him for reelection, then he will see to it that at least $10 million of the $20 - $30 million initial payment to the city will be earmarked for the firemen, as a possible payment for what they and other’s believe will be a judgement in the firemen’s  favor in the lawsuit they brought against the City for lost wages as the result of the city’s illegal imposition of the Emergency Measures last summer.

Towards the end of the evening, both Siffen and Berlin openly claimed that they needed the firemen to support Sarnoff, which supposedly generated angry catcalls and name calling.

Mark Siffen walks in the Fire Union Hall parking lot while he waits to go in and address the membership.


APRIL 14, 2011

The Crespo-Gram Report confirmed personally on Wednesday that Peter Korinis, the CIO for the City of Miami is leaving.

Korinis stated that he had not been fired, but had resigned, and was looking forward to taking on several new challenges.

No word on his last day, or his replacement.

APRIL 11, 2011

APRIL 13, 2011


APRIL 15, 2011

APRIL 15, 2011

While his firefighter brethren were telling Mark Siffin and Bret Berlin what a scummy asshole Marc Sarnoff was, Miami Fire Captain Elvis Cruz was making sure that his nose was stuck up Sarnoff’s splendid ass as far as it would go.


Grace Solares, one of the leaders of Neighborhoods United, sent an email to Commissioner “Ethics” Sarnoff on Thursday afternoon after the Commission tabled a lawsuit settlement that I will be writing more about next week. 

Billboards and murals have become a major issue in the city, in part because people are finally waking up that these things are generating millions of dollars, and the City Commissioners are not allowing them to poliferate all over the city just because they receive $500 campaign checks from these billboard companies.

If the information in Grace’s letter seems somewhat confusing, next week I’ll make the whole story very clear to everyone, so you will appreciate just what a nasty business this has become, and why Commissioner “Ethics” is leading the pack.