JANUARY 4, 2011



There is no bigger a collection of whinny, self absorbed, “my concerns are more important than yours” collection of people in all of Miami-Dade County than those living in Coconut Grove.

Among the top whiners in that collection of people you’d be hard pressed to find anymore more ignorant and worthy of being bitch slapped for their self-serving posturing than the tree huggers who make up the Coconut Grove Tree Watch.

For months now they’ve been whining and beating their breasts over the cutting down and removal of trees in Coconut Grove.

If it wasn’t for the poor trees paying the price for this collection of fools, it’d be a hoot to stand around and watch them running around Coconut Grove like chickens with their heads cut off.

The fact of the matter is that the tree huggers and ALL of their supporters had it in their power to actually do something about this problem on November 1st, and like the phonies that they are, they let the opportunity evaporate.

The real culprit for the trees being cut down is none other than Commissioner “Ethics” Sarnoff. Those who know how the the city’s Capitol Improvement’s Department and the BID really operates know this.

Nothing that happens in the Commissioner Sarnoff’s District, and especially in Coconut Grove, happens without his direct approval.  Nothing!

All of those who really wanted to do something for the trees could have gone and voted Sarnoff out of office.  They didn’t, and now the screwing that they claim they’re getting at the hands of the city is one that they richly deserve.

Unfortunately it’s the poor trees that will ultimately pay the price for the weasel cowardice of those who chose not to vote (92%), or those who were so happy with Sarnoff’s performance that they voted him in for another 4 years.

Welcome to Miami, Bitches!, because this is the way that Sarnoff is repaying you for your vote.

Lest anyone think that I don’t have evidence to support my claims, allow me to remind you that on November 30, 2010, I posted a story on this website about how Sarnoff and Ron Nelson, his Chief of Staff, were bypassing the City Manager to tell Alice Bravo, then the head of the Capitol Improvement’s Department what to do, and how Alice in return was agreeing to doing things, sometimes in a matter of minutes that would normally take weeks, if not months.  Alice now has even more power as an Assistant City Manager, and  is still doing what Sarnoff tells her to do.

You can read that story, and all of the emails that I uncovered HERE.

As for David Collins claiming to be a member in good standing of the Coconut Grove Tree Watch, while at the same time directing the efforts of the BID to have the trees cut down is just the latest example of what I’ve come to describe as the guiding community principle that drives most of the relationships in the Grove, to wit:  If you can’t screw your friends and neighbors, then who can you screw?

You have to forgive me if I think that the these tree huggers are little more than phony posers because when the city budget, with it’s $60 million shortfall was up for discussion, they were no where to be found. 

None of the myriad of problems that impact the city because of this $60 million shortfall were of concern to the tree huggers then. For them, the problems of people - their fellow citizens - never seemed to be of as much concern as the cutting down of a couple dozen trees has now become.

The people in Coconut Grove were perfectly happy to sit around with their thumbs stuck up their asses while crazy shit was - and continues - to happen at City Hall, but talk about cutting down some trees and they start acting like crazed Vampires being attacked by the villagers bearing garlic and silver crosses.

At the end of the day Sarnoff will treat all of you and your silly petition with the disrespect that you deserve.

Sadly, the trees will be the ones to pay the price.


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