JULY 10, 2013


I haven’t a clue who Stephene Herbits is. I’ve never met him, never talked with him, and he hasn’t responded to an email I sent him asking when the hearing on his lawsuit was going to be.

If anyone who reads this knows him or his attorney, would you suggest to them that they read this story.

Mr. Herbits filed a Public Records lawsuit last week against the City of Miami for “correspondence and other materials relating to recent efforts by the related group and the related Companies to expand an already massive private development on City-owned land on Watson Island, known as the Flagstone island Project (“Watson Island Project” or Flagstone Project” or “Project”).

The complaint was more than your usual public records lawsuit, and details with a number of exhibits the problems that Herbits has with this project. He used the legal complaint as a way to detail his concerns in the hopes that the news media would then use that information as the basis for their stories.

Unfortunatel other than the Daily Business review he doesn’t seem to have had much luck.

The behavior of the news media has changed drastically in Miami since Herbits’ last go-around with this project back in 2006.  Nowadays, when it comes to covering these kinds of stories the supposed “newsmedia” in Miami - prety much doesn’t give a fuck.

Worse for Mr. Herbits, things have changed drastically at Miami City Hall when it comes to public records.

As I have repeatedly written, just about everyone in City Hall has one or more private email accounts that they now use to conduct business so that they can evade the public records law.

My pal, Commissioner “Ethics” sarnoff has so many email addresses that I’ve actually lost count.  He’s got G Mail accounts, and Yahoo accounts, and who knows how many different email addresses associated with his law firm that I susepct that even he can’t keep them all straight.

The bottom line however, is that Mr. Herbits is probably never going to get his hands on the documents that he thinks he should be getting, because they’re all attached to private email addresses that he doesn’t even know exist.

And then there’s that duo of Assistant City Manager Alice Bravo and Facilities Director Henry Torre, who Alice drags around with a short leash and a penis ring.  Both of them conspire to evade the public records law the old-fashioned way, they just don’t use the internet to communicate or exchange documents.

So between Commissioner “Ethics,”  Alice Bravo and Henry Torre - the key people that I’m sure Herbits expects to will be the source of many the documents that he’s asking for, he’s going to be for a rude surprise.

I suspect that I’ll be jumping into the free-for-all sometime soon, but for now, take the time to read the complaint, and appreciate that this is supposedly the single most valuable piece of public real estate on the eastern seaboard of the United States, and this is how the 5 Dwarfs on the City Commission are handling this deal.

It’s another Miami, Bitches deal!



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