Katherine Fernandez-Rundle is wasting no time in undertaking the hocus-pocus game of trying to burnish her image as a strong opponent of public corruption as she starts another reelection campaign.

Five days into the year and the Miami Herald is revving up to help her along  with a front page story about “an open investigation into whether Miami Beach commissioners violated state laws that prohibit officials from talking government business in private settings.”

After the last three years of doing everything but issue elected officials in the City of Miami their own personal GET OUT OF JAIL FREE cards for their antics in violating both the Public Records and Sunshine Law, the Queen Of Swag is now focusing on making Miami Beach the beachhead of her public corruption drive.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that the elected officials on Miami Beach are innocent, because just about anywhere you go in Miami-Dade County you’re bound to find any number of violations of the Public Records and Sunshine Law, but politically, it makes perfect sense for her to go after folks that are politically expendable. 

No one, especially no one with a Hispanic last name running for county-wide office really needs a big turnout from Miami Beach to get elected, so using the elected officials in Miami Beach as scape goats for some publicity intended to burnish her credentials as being tough on politicians and public corruption makes perfect sense.

Not so in the City of Miami or Hialeah.


While Fernandez-Rundle will go after the politicians in the outlying municipalities over their misbehavior, she won’t do the same in the parts of the county where there are sizable numbers of voters she will need along with the politicians and their Absentee Ballot operations.

Take the City of Miami.  It’s been common knowledge for a while now that the Florida Department Of Law Enforcement (FDLE), completed their investigation of Tomas Regalado’s campaign finances and submitted their report to Fernandez-Rundle’s office several months ago.

Even Joe Centorino, Fernandez-Rundle’s former head of Public Corruption, has publicly stated that he thought Regalado would probably be charged with at least several misdemeanor counts for the violations that the FDLE found.

Here we are in January, months since the file was turned over, and Fernandez-Rundle, instead of moving forward on charging Regalado has added his file to the other high-profile criminal cases that she refuses to act on for political reasons.

If Mattie Bower, the Mayor of Miami Beach had been investigated by the FDLE, the charges would have already been filed, and been forced to cop a plea, or go to trial.

Instead since it’s her pal Regalado - who was instrumental in pushing through the illegal ordinance that renamed a portion of NW/SW 2nd Avenue as Katherine Fernandez-Rundle Boulevard - the prosecutors invited Regalado and his attorney to come in to explain why they didn’t think he deserved to be charged.

How many folks facing criminal charges are afforded that privilege?  And even after that, instead of doing SOMETHING/ANYTHING, the file has started collecting dust as Fernandez-Rundle squats on it like a vulture protecting it’s one and only eggs.

To appreciate the importance of this street naming to Fernandez-Rundle, here is a copy of a never before seen email that reveals that it was her office that contacted Regalado to get the ball rolling last January.

JANUARY 9, 2011

When the question was raised about this move to rename 12th Avenue in Fernandez-Rundle’s honor, Regalado in one of his typical I’m stupider than a rock responses, denied having any knowledge of how it came to pass that this ordinance was brought before the Commission for approval.

Since the Mayor lied about having any knowledge of this, what does it say about his relationship with Fernandez-Rundle?  You only lie when you want to hide information, and there’s a lot about this relationship that they obviously want hidden, yet warrants scrutiny.


I spent a great deal of time last year recounting all of the various examples of flagrant violations of both the Public Records and Sunshine Law violations that take place within the City of Miami,  starting with none other than Commissioner “Ethics” Sarnoff conducting public business through numerous private email accounts as a way to evade public scrutiny, to the letter that Grace Solares, one of the leaders of Neighborhoods United wrote complaining about the behavior of Commissioners engaging in what could be violations of the Sunshine Laws, to posting a video that someone put together and sent to me of Commissioners Sarnoff and Regalado zipping back and public during numerous City Commission meetings, to the astounding letter written by former Assistant Prosecutor and Miami-Dade County Judge Jeffrey Swartz to Sarnoff where he openly admits to sending the letter to him through Sarnoff’s wife in order to evade the provisions of the Public Records Law.

None of those examples prompted Fernandez-Rundle to have her staff start an investigation like they have about possible discussions between several Miami Beach City Commissioners  discussing the removal of the City Manager.

Here’s the sign, which is as illegal as it can be, for reasons that I will detail in a future post.

The City of Miami has for years been awash with wholesale violations of the Public Records Law, and it only got worse after I came along. The above letter underscores just how sophisticated elected officials, and those who want to pass on information they don’t want others to see, are going about evading the law.

Commissioner Sarnoff in particular has used multiple email addresses to evade the public records law.  Although I got the above letter after threatening to sue him over his attempts to deny me copies of emails sent to his address at the top of the email, I keep finding more email addresses that he uses to keep his activities as a City Commissioner secret.

In addition to the wholesale public records violations and the occasional Sunshine Law violations, public officials in the City of Miami excel at committing daily abuses of the City Charter, abuses of power, self-dealing, fraud, no-show employees, and using the resources of the city to benefit friends and cronies at the taxpayer’s expense.

But as long as Regalado and his Rasputin, Armando “The Whopper” Gutierrez, have access to the Absentee Ballot machinery in Little Havana and Allappattah, and Julio Robiana controls the Absentee Ballots in Hialeah, you’ll not see Katherine Fernandez-Rundle lift a finger to go after public corruption in these two most corrupt cities in Miami-Dade County.

So look out Miami Beach, Miami Gardens and Miami Lakes, as well as the other small municipalities where the politicians are expendable, and the vote counts won’t make a difference.

Keep a lookout for the Queen Of Swag sending her “investigators” to your communities looking for public corruption, and while the citizens of those communities might benefit from a little culling of the herd of sleazy politicians, it will continue to be at the expense of the citizens of Miami and Hialeah, where public corruption has not only become a way of life, but where by ignoring that corruption can someone who is herself corrupt manage to keep getting reelected.

That’s the way it’s done in Miami, Bitches!


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