JUNE 18, 2012


At the top of any list of the most unpopular, reviled, un-respected members of His Ignorance’s inner circle of ass kissers is Luis Cabrera.

Allegedly the Mayor’s “Godson,” Cabrera who was a lieutenant on the Miami Police Department before Regalado was elected, was leap-frogged all the way up to Deputy Police Chief in the weeks following His ignorance’s assumption of office, and like many other incompetent people who find themselves in jobs they are unqualified for, soon managed to demonstrate his incompetence in ways that could not be ignored.

It took about 9 months before Cabrera and then Chief Miguel Exposito clashed in an incident that all reports indicate ended when Cabrera broke out into a major crying jag, and had to be escorted from police headquarters.

In the days that followed, Exposito supposedly told the Mayor that Cabrera had to leave the police department, and if the Mayor couldn’t find someplace else for him, Exposito would fire him.  These are just rumors, but no matter how the decision was reached, Cabrera was made an Acting Assistant City Manager, and he voluntarily agreed to be roll backed to his previous rank of Lieutenant.

The roll back never happened, and after Exposito was himself fired by the City Commission, Cabrera started claiming that he was BOTH the Deputy Chief of Police AND an Assistant City Manager. 

He also, as I wrote about recently, demanded that his photo be put back on the wall of the lobby of Police Headquarters as a member of the Police Department’s Leadership Team, and for good measure, he started showing up at police functions in his dress blues.

Cabrera, also started usurping the rights and privileges of the City Manager, signing various documents as the “acting City Manager,” firing people that the Mayor wanted fired, and along the way he took on the role of being a petty little despot, even going so far as barring me from access to the MRC Building.

That stunt allowed me to tip off the news media and be followed into the building by a TV crew that captured his crazy ass refusing to allow me to go to his office so I could listen to him explain to the reporter why I was barred from the building.

Luis has done a lot of crazy, stupid shit, and it doesn’t take much to have him go off into one of his screaming fits up on the 10th floor. Some folks have come to believe that Cabrera is marginally illiterate, and that one of the things that sets him off is his inability to comprehend content heavy documents.

No matter what, Cabrera is almost universally reviled by a large segment of the Miami Police Department who devote a great deal of time and effort ridiculing him mercilessly at every opportunity on the police bulletin board, LEO AFFAIRS. You can read some of the most recent  comments HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Even with all of the vitriol that is written about Cabrera on LEO AFFAIRS, It was a surprise, a week and a half ago, to find a comment about Cabrera posted by someone who had had an opportunity to see Cabrera up close and personal for 45 days, and did not like what he saw.

The guy’s name was Rob Feldman, and Cabrera had hired him as the City’s Film Commissioner last August. Feldman lasted till September 19th, when he fired off a smoker of a resignation letter and disappeared from view.

Obviously, Feldman still harbors strong opinions about his brief time as a city employee, and he didn’t hold back his thoughts about working with Cabrera.

Here they are



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Of all of the ass kissers surrounding His Ignorance, Cabrera is considered the most dangerous to himself and everyone he comes in contact with, and supposedly several employees have filed civil service complaints against him, in part because of his continued habit of wearing a concealed pistol to work.

Even the Mayor, I’ve been told, is leery of Cabrera and his unstable behavior, but having created this little monster, he’s incapable of doing anything to actually control him, except keep promising him that if he’ll behave he’ll make him the next Chief of Police.

Only in Miami, Bitches!