AUGUST 30, 2012



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I’ve written stories about how the Lacasa family - Papa Armando and son Carlos - have been screwing the taxpayers of Miami through their sub-lease of the City owned restaurant Vero’s-By-The-Bay. (HERE, HERE and HERE.)

It’s a classic American success story, where Papa Armando Lacasa became the second Cuban to be elected to the Miami City Commission, and, according to the Miami Herald report at the time, managed to quadruple his net worth during his first 17 months as a Commissioner.

I wonder why retiring politicians never include those accomplishments as part of their resumes after they leave office?

In any event, Papa Lacasa set the tone for the behavior of most of the Cuban politicians that followed him into Miami City Hall, with Tomas Regalado demonstrating that over time the politicians could become dumber, a culture of corruption established over time is now firmly entrenched and operating on auto-pilot.

In any event, I recounted last month how the Lacasa’s refused to pay rent for 17 months because the City had not put up a sign on the causeway.

I also reported on how the Lacasa’s have made money hand over fist hosting blow out parties on weekends and a weekly Bike Night that attracts several hundred bikers.

The best, or worst part of all of this, was how the City of Miami allowed the Lacasa family, operating through a sub lease with the original Revocable permit holder of this property to get away with paying a monthly rent of $2500.

Now, it turns out that Carlos Lacasa isn’t part of the company that is sub lease holder on a sweetheart deal involving the City of Miami, it seems that he is also the Chairman of the Board of Citizens Property Insurance, whose’s bad behavior among board member and executives of the company were featured in a front page article in last Sunday’s Miami Herald.

In a “Let them eat cake,” comments that always come back to haunt asshole politicians, Lacasa was quoted as saying, “It’s not that we’re unsympathetic to the people that might be adversely affected by this,” at a public hearing over the news “that would force hundreds of thousands of Florida homeowners to pay more for less coverage.”

As the Herald reported in their story, this was 3 weeks after “Lacasa and two Citizens executives returned from a business trip to London. Total tab: nearly $9,200, including  two nights at a boutique hotel and a $234.91 dinner for three at an award-winning French restaurant.”

Maybe they went to this award-winning restaurant so Lacasa could pick up some menu tips for Vero’s-By-The-Bay.

It’s so Miami for the first Cuban City Commissioner of Miami to quadruple his net worth while in office and that his son, should end up as the Chairman of the Board of the property insurer of last resort for Florida citizens, and for them both to hold a lease on a City property that they refused to pay rent on, and that Junior now shows that he can one-up Daddy by not only hosing the locals, but by doing so as the Chairman of the Board of the insurance company of last resort for many Floridians.

It makes me proud, and I’m sure that it would make my grandfather proud to know that when he joined with other Cuban patriots in the yard behind the San Carlos Theater in Key West back in the day to hammer out the Principles Of Cuban Independence and became an honored Emigre Revolutionary Hero of Cuba, that when the Cuban exodus came to Miami  to run instead of fight for their country, that they would end up making Miami the Medicare Fraud Capital of America, the Mortgage Fraud Capital of America, the Absentee Ballot Scam Capital of Florida, and would put forth so many utterly corrupt, venal, scummy politicians who would turn Miami into a Banana Republic where the expectation is that  if you’re a Cuban, and a politician, you’re a crook!

That’s the real Miami, Bitches!