FEBRUARY 25, 2013



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In late January a new post went up on LEO AFFAIRS, about an IA investigator who had allegedly engaged in official misconduct.

The post coincided with a series of stories that I was posting at the time about misconduct within the Miami Police Department, and it wasn’t long before I received several emails that provided me with some more information as to what this incident was all about.

Based on that information I filed several public record requests, and last week I finally got the closed out file from the State Attorney’s Office.

So, here’s what happened as described in the below documents.

On June 27, 2012, Officer David Carpenter was helping to secure a crime scene where an armed robbery had occurred and the 3 suspects were still in the area.

A guy named Aaron McKinney walked past Carpenter and the perimeter he was covering and started taking photographs with his cell phone.

Carpenter ordered him to move back across the street, and McKinney’s responses, as stated in the Arrest Report were, “You don’t tell me what to do,” “You need to ask me nicely,” and “You don’t tell me what to do, you ask me.”

Carpenter arrested McKinney for Resistance Without Violence.

It seemed like a pretty straight forward case. Guy with authority issues mouths off at cop, cops arrests guy, and to make a point, confiscates the guy’s cell phone as evidence.

A couple weeks later, unbeknownst to Officer Carpenter, Sgt. Rolando Davis, who is an investigator in Internal Affairs wrote the following email to the State Attorney’s office.

When it came time to talk to the Assistant State Attorney prior to the case going to trial in November, Officer Carpenter found out about the above letter.

I can’t describe what happened next any better than Assistant State Attorney Alejandro Sola did for his bosses.

Two days later, the following email was sent to Lt. Raimundo Socorro, from Jose Diez, the Miami Police department’s Court Liaison Supervisor.

If in fact Sgt Rolando Davis has known Aaron McKinney since “the defendant was a child,” and if he was “instructed by a Commander to have no involvement with the case due to the relationship with the defendant,” then it would appear that Sgt Davis at the very least disobeyed a direct order, not to mention the whole issue of evidence tampering by giving him his cell phone back without informing Officer Carpenter.

As an investigator in IA, Sgt. Davis, has no doubt been witness to any number of cases where laws were bent or ignored by his superiors in order to provide protection to those covered under the informal Family And Friends Plan, that lets the privileged few continue to walk around with their badges and guns, when in fact, they should have long ago been removed from the force.

Under the circumstances, Sgt Davis probably figures he did nothing wrong, because after all, when you’ve got a Chief of Police who thinks nothing of assigning on-duty police to provide free private protection for a millionaire art dealer, and when you’ve got a President of the Fraternal Order of Police who behaves as a thug, and who should be prosecuted for the multiple incidents of falsifying Arrest Reports and other official documents, what’s a little thing like tampering with a bullshit case like this.

It’s Miami, Bitches!