MARCH 18, 2013



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On February 25th I wrote a story about how a relatively minor case of a guy who had mouthed off to a Miami cop guarding the perimeter of an area where 3 at large armed robbers were loose had gotten arrested, and his cellphone - which he had been using to take photos - was confiscated and put in the Miami Police Department’s property room until his trial.

The case blew up when Sgt. Rolando Davis, supposedly a family friend of the guy arrested, sent a critical email to the Assistant State Attorney handling the case, alleging that Officer David Carpenter, who had made the arrest, had done so out of vengeance, and most importantly, that he had returned the cellphone to the defendant, Arron McKinney.

I got word that I should request a copy of the Chain of Custody documents, and late last week I finally got them.  In fact, the LEO Affairs Board lit up with posts urging me to go after these documents.

So I did, and it seems that those who urged me to try and get the documents knew what they were talking about.

As you can see, the Chain of Custody Cover Sheet says that Officer David Carpenter authorized the release of the cellphone to the defendant, Arron McKinney.

Clearly, given the admission by Sgt Rolando Davis that he had, against procedures, given the phone back to McKinley makes it impossible for Carpenter to have authorized the release.

The Miami Police Department is in very serious trouble!

First I wrote about the falsifying of an Arrest Report in a $20 crack cocaine buy.  That wasn’t the only example of falsifying Arrest Reports that I’ve gotten, but that example was a pretty clear cut example of a falsified report.

Then you had the whole incident with Placido Diaz, and the way he received special treatment after he allegedly pulled out a gun at Los Ranchos Restaurant at Bayside.

Now, here’s a flagrant example of a piece of evidence having been released without proper authority, and the custody record being falsified to reflect that the arresting office was the one who authorized the release, even though it’s clear that he did not.

By far, this is the most serious incident that I’ve written about because establishing a clear cut Chain of Custody is the only thing that provides protection for the Officers of the Miami Police Department against claims that evidence is being tampered with.

There are so many problems within the Police Department now that even though they haven’t percolated into the general public’s attention they none the less reflect that the Miami Police Department is spinning out of control in an ever increasing rate. 

These problems can not be blamed on former Chief Exposito anymore. These are problems that are the responsibility of Chief Manny Orosa, and clearly reflect on his leadership, or his lack thereof!

The Mayor of Miami hand picked Orosa, and bears the ultimate responsibility for what is now going on inside the Police Department.

As bad as it is today, you can make book that given the morons in charge, things are probably going to get a lot worse, and then one day when it all blows up, everyone will start pointing fingers and looking for ways to put the blame everywhere but where it belongs.

Tomas Regalado, Manual Orosa and the weak as dish water Johnny “The Doormat” Martinez!

It’s Miami, Bitches