FEBRUARY 11, 2014


One of my first stories this year dealt with the policies instituted by Chief Manuel Orosa regarding the disbanding of the Crime Suppression Unit - aka The Vice Unit that had been primarily tasked with handling street level narcotics - and how the underlying rationale was a decision made by the Mayor that was predicated on the decision that rather than risk cops shooting local street gangsters and drug dealers it was better to let them shoot themselves, and if a few unfortunate civilians and kids got shot in the process, well that was too bad.

Well, last week Miami Police Chief Manuel Orosa and Javier  Ortiz, President of the FOP got into a bitch slapping match, and it all started when Ortiz basically concurred with my assessment of the way in which the Chief has been managing the department and dealing with the problems associated with street gangsters and drug dealers, while firing one of his officers who was involved in one of those killings back in 2010.

Here is the letter Ortiz sent the Chief.

In case you missed it, let me repeat what for me was the salient paragraph in Ortiz’s letter

“Since the disbanding of these tactical units, there is nothing to stop these crimes from occurring.  The Miami Police department has taken the approach to let them shoot each other and we will pick up the pieces later.  The Gangs Unit is now utilized for intelligence.  There is no longer any type of proactive suppression unit.”

Now, unless this is your first visit to this site, you will know that I have been pretty hard on Javier Ortiz for his own thuggish behavior as a policeman, so my agreeing with him on this issue - which is not something that he and I have ever personally discussed - I think is indicative of how serious this issue is, and how wide spread it is within the ranks of the police force

I also cannot let pass the Chief’s absolutely stupid comment regarding guns at this nightclub.

“I’ve been, on many occasions, in that bar (Take One Lounger) during my career in raids before and only people I’ve ever seen with guns there are the bouncers.  Why would anybody assume they were having guns to begin with?”

Last year, in my very first video commentary I called the Chief “A fucking moron.”  The above quote proves that I was wrong, I should have called him a stupid, fucking moron.

Here is the Chief of Police admitting that he has personally been to a club so notorious that it’s has been the subject of raids “on many occasions.”

That raises several questions, the most important being how dangerous is this club that the bouncers carry guns for protection?

‘I don’t hang out in clubs anymore, but I don’t think that bouncers packing guns is something that you’d find in an awful lot of nightclubs in, or outside the city limits of Miami.

And if the bouncers need to carry guns for protection, what do you think that the clientele might be packing when they show up?

As Ortiz’s letter pointed out in very first sentence of his letter, 3 people were shot outside that club a couple weeks ago. 

So that was the first Bitch Slap.


The next day, the Chief fired back at Ortiz.  Well, actually, the Chief signed the Memorandum. I was told that Armando Aguilar Jr., his Executive Assistant, and son of Armando Aguilar Sr, Orosa’s longtime pal, former FOP President, and along with Orosa, the other Sergeant involved in the notorious Mercardo murder case actually wrote the Memorandum.

The next day, Ortiz fired back with a counter Bitch Slap rebuttal that included a revealing bit of information about a scheme that Orosa has been working on as a favor to the Mayor’s daughter on the School Board. I’ve highlighted that portion.

And so the plot thickens.  I’ve not been able to follow up what has happened since this latest rebuttal from Ortiz, but you can bet that this fight is far from over.

It’s Miami. Bitches!



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