FEBRUARY 10, 2012

For the last couple weeks, culminating at Thursday’s City Commission meeting, Javier Ortiz, the Vice President of the Miami Police Department’s Fraternal Order of Police, has been waging a fight against Commissioner Frank Carollo’s efforts to get baby changing stations installed in all the city’s men’s bathrooms.

Ortiz’s argument against the installation of these baby-changing stations was that they money could be better spent on buying things for the Miami Police Department, including, but not limited to, “computers, an aging fleet of prisoner transport vehicles, a roof at police headquarters, and a heavy-duty truck to pull anti-explosive equipment.”

You got to hand it to Ortiz, he’s always been at the forefront of fighting to make sure that the city’s focus is on the needs of his membership.  His, and Armando Aguilar’s  leadership of the FOP has been so good over the last two years that it is now openly acknowledged that the rank-and-file of the Miami Police Department have signed more than enough sign-up cards to transfer their union bargaining rights from the FOP to the PBA.

And that, dear readers, is what Ortiz’s fight against the baby-changing stations was all about.

Ortiz and Aguilar at first dismissed the efforts of some in the rank-and-file to organize their fellow officers to ditch the FOP, but the movement caught on, and now it is expected that in the next several months the FOP will become nothing more than a social club.

This is bad news for both Ortiz and Aguilar, because it will means that their days of being full-time union reps will end, and all the ass-kissing that they did with His Ignorance, the Mayor, will have been for naught.

For Aguilar, it could mean the end of his multi-year effort to become the State President of the FOP this summer.  It will be hard to justify that you are the leader to take the FOP forward, when your own chapter demonstrates a lack of confidence in your leadership by transferring their representation rights to another union.

This also doesn’t bode well for His Ignorance, who has been using Luis Cabrera as his front man in negotiations with Ortiz and Aguilar over the union contract.

To appreciate why so many Miami Police officers have decided to switch over to the PBA, here are several highlights of Aguilar and Ortiz’s leadership with the FOP since Regalado became Mayor.


The ties between Armando Aguilar and Tomas Regalado go all the way back to the killing of Leonardo Mercardo, if not further.

The FOP contributed serious money to Regalado mayoral campaign, and when Aguilar was forced by his membership to do something to show their displeasure with the budget cuts that were imposed on the Police Department in 2010, Aguilar and the FOP staged a phony protest in front of the AAA Arena on the night of the first home game of the Miami Heat with LeBaron James, Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade.

Before the tail end of the protesters settled in in front of the arena that night, Aguilar ordered the marchers to turn around and go back to their buses. 

Their much vaunted protest rally meant to let everyone know the FOP were mad as hell and wouldn’t take it anymore, lasted less than 10 minutes.

Even the signs and Tee Shirts created by the FOP for the protest were created in a way to make sure that the word “CORRUPTION” was as small as it could be so as not to overly upset and embarrass the Mayor.

All of this was in stark contrast to the way that Aguilar used to get his membership out to protest Manny Diaz by marching them through the streets and staging protests for hours, when he was Mayor, and was actually proposing a salary increase for police officers


In April of 2011, during the period that the Miami Police Department was under fire for the killings of a number of Black men in the ghetto, Javier Ortiz doctored the photo of one of those men and sent it out in an email blast.  Even the Miami Herald weighed  in with an editorial calling this act “reckless and utterly inappropriate.”

That this photo doctoring was done by the Vice President of the FOP, only underscores Ortiz’s immaturity and lack of understanding of what real leadership is all about.


In one of the most read posts that I’ve ever written, I wrote about Miami Police officer Edward Lugo, and his actions in riding around with an FBU undercover informant who pitched Lugo on the idea of providing escort service to a shipment of stolen property.

  Lugo is to the left, Ortiz is to the right.

Ortiz is acknowledged to be Lugo’s best friend, and in a personal conversation with me, Ortiz’s smirkingly joked about how he and the FOP had really been involved in Lugo’s case.

That involvement, it is believed is what resulted in Lugo being served with the Notice of Charges several days AFTER the required time limit, thereby wrecking the ability of the Police Department to fire Lugo.  Instead, Lugo got a slap on the wrist, and today can be found riding his bicycle around Coconut Grove. One of the cushier jobs for a street patrolman.

There are more examples, but I think you get the picture.  Javier Ortiz, even more than Armando Aguilar, has been engaged in a lot of stupid shit that prompted his membership to decide that the best way to get rid of him and Armando, was to just transfer their membership to another union.

In a last ditch effort to try and demonstrate his commitment to the membership, Ortiz has in recent weeks has been firing  off emails and pretending to stand up for the membership by stunts such as taking on Commissioner Carollo over these baby-changing stations.

Yesterday, he lost that fight, and in the next couple months, he’s going to lose the fight to keep his membership from ditching the FOP and going with the PBA.

It’s just another example of what goes around, comes around, or, in Miami it’s just another day in It’s Miami, Bitches!


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