NOVEMBER 9, 2013


Reverend Richard Dunn, who’s trying to convince voters that the message on the back of the campaign shirt worn by his supporter above says, “DUNN will get the job DONE,” is the truth, has for the 2nd time in a row failed to file his campaign finance report on time.

This time, he was supposed to file it by midnight on November 1st, and as of 5 PM on Friday, November 8th, he had not done so.

Last month, Dunn’s campaign report arrived at the City Clerk’s office 20 days after the deadline, and in a Miami Herald story, Postal Inspector Tracy Schaeffer raised eyebrows in the community by claiming that the post office had video of someone purchasing a pre-paid postage label “at 6:08 PM Oct. 4th, stuffing it in an envelope, then leaving without mailing it.”

If that video shows that the purchaser of that pre-paid postage label was either Dunn or one of his campaign workers, there could be serious problems for Dunn, since the postal inspector also claimed that the envelope with the postage label did not enter the postal system until October 22nd.

Above and beyond the timeliness issue, the focus on the campaign report only served to raise serious questions regarding expenditures that Dunn claimed had been part of his campaign activity including during the previous quarter by claiming that his campaign spent over $20 thousand dollars in supposed payments to workers who, in several instances, denied getting paid anything close to what the report claimed they had been paid.

The most ironic part of this latest revelation regarding Dunn’s failure to file this latest campaign report on time, involves the endorsement of his former rival, Jackie Coyler, who at a campaign debate last month had challenged his failure to file his October 4th report on time.

Here is that portion of the debate - which was actually the first question asked.

Everyone knows that a sign of being crazy is to keep doing the same thing over and over an expecting the results to change.

Given Dunn’s claims in the above video of having repeated problems with the postal service, you would think that this last time he would have just stopped at a gas station, put in $5 worth of gas in the tank and driven over to City Hall to hand in his campaign report in person.

That’s what you would expect an experienced candidate who claims to be a problem solver would do.  But, Dunn continues to do the same stupid shit over and over, and this latest failure to get his campaign finance report filed in time can be seen as nothing other than a “fuck you” to the people who expect their political candidates to at least give lip service to the rules.

And what does this say about Jackie Coyler?  There she is in the video chastising Dunn for not turning in his campaign report, and now, here he is doing it again after she claimed at their little press conference a couple days ago that she was going to make sure that he didn’t “get off the track.”

He was already off the track at that press conference, and now Coyler has a problem, because since she’s tied herself to Dunn, she’s going to have to try an explain her support for a guy who she herself questioned over his failure obey the rules in October, and who has now has gone an done it again in November.

In the meantime the $500 a day fine for failing to file this latest report on time keeps adding up, and the earliest that Dunn can now file his report will be on Tuesday morning - Monday is a holiday. To complicate matters more, on Friday he’s going to have to file a new campaign finance report for the runoff election.

Two campaign reports need to be filed in 4 days next week, and the one on Friday will need to be done in a way to include the new campaign finance rules that went into effect on November 1st.  Anybody want to bet Dunn’s going to be late again?

The issue is no longer that Richard Dunn is dumb and very likely sleazy when it comes to how he’s handled his campaign funds, because everyone knows that already, the issue now is that Richard Dunn thinks everyone is as dumb as he is.

That’s a bad way to run a political campaign, because the overwhelming majority of folks in District 5 are nowhere as dumb as Richard Dunn is, or that he thinks they are.

It’s Miami, Bitches!



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