NOVEMBER 19, 2012


Last year I wrote about Edward Lugo and his adventures while sitting in the back seat of an FBI undercover informant’s car while the informant tried to recruit him to be an escort on a supposed theft of a semi-truck loaded with who knows what.

The FBI couldn’t tag him, because Lugo didn’t show up on the night the deal went down, but his pal Officer Geovani Nunez did, and he got ten years in federal prison.

Although they couldn’t tag him, the FBI sent all of the information over to the Miami Police department, and after an IA investigation the conclusion was that Lugo should be terminated from the force.

It wasn’t just this one incident, Lugo had managed to rack up 19 complaints, including 10 use of force allegations., including an incident where he beat on an 85 year black woman named  Hazel Mays, in the West Grove who Lugo claimed “tried to do a reach around and grab his gun when he stopped her from trying to walk around a tape barricade put up by police on her way home.”

As I wrote then, a funny thing happened after the IA investigation concluded that Lugo should be terminated, but Lugo went to the Civil Service Board and argued that he couldn’t be terminated because the Police Department had violated the provisions of the Police officer’s Bill Of Rights that required that he be provided with the outcome of an IA investigation within 180 days.

In fact, it was 183 days before he was notified.

This didn’t happen by error. This was a cold blooded, calculated act that was made possible by the involvement of Lugo’s best friend, Fraternal Order of Police Vice President Javi Ortiz.

When I was working on the story last year, I ran into Ortiz one night and when I asked him about Lugo and this case, he smiled and told me how he had spent a lot of time at IA Headquarters during that investigation.

Well, a year has passed and it appears that Ortiz has once again been spending a lot of time at IA Headquarters to protect his pal.

This time the case is using unnecessary force against a father picking up his daughter from school in Coconut Grove.

And, once agin, the calendar is rapidly heading towards the 180 day time limit, and it doesn’t appear that anyone in IA, or in the Chief’s office is interested in any rush to judgment, even though the case that was brought against the father by Lugo’s “traffic ticket” against the father was thrown out of court, and that besides the father’s complaint, he had a number of people, who witnesses the event, write letters and volunteer as witnesses including the school principal who’s letter is below, following the letter of Gary Sheradsky describing what happened when he went to pick up his daughter one afternoon at the MCA Academy in Coconut Grove.

Here’s the letter from the school principal.

The problem of parking to pick up kids at the Charter schools in Coconut Grove is a problem.

At the same time, no parent should be subjected to this kind of bullshit from a bad cop like Edward Lugo, in front of his child.

Lugo’s a bad cop.  I’m not saying that, his IA file says that. The fact that it was recommended that he be fired over the incident with the undercover FBI informant says that!

This incident makes 11 unnecessary use of force complaints filed against him.

If the 180 days go by and Lugo is allowed once again to escape being severly punished, if not fired over this latest incident, then it’s evident that the Miami Police Department is incapable of policing itself, and the Justice Department needs to come in and include this case along with all of the shootings they are supposedly investigating now.

Oh yeah, to add insult to injury, the nominations for the FOP Board happen this week, and you can expect that Javi Ortiz will be including his pal Edward Lugo as part of his slate.

It’s Miami, Bitches!

NOTE: In the first posting of this story I confused the MCA Academy with the Arts & Minds Charter School.  My mistake.


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