NOVEMBER 4, 2012


On Sunday, our pal Kathleen Mcgrory of the Miami Herald did a story about the number of folks who’ve been fired, quit or  resigned during the reign of His Ignorance, Tomas Regalado.

Shortly after Ms. Mcgrory, was seen leaving the office of one of her sources on Friday, 2 more folks packed up and left, which goes to show that the City needs to consider installing escape hatches in the MRC building to accommodate all the folks wanting to get  away from Regaladoland.

The first was Alan Pierre, the last Senior Accountant in the Finance Department, and the other was Assistant City Attorney Tarin Smithline, the wife of Tomas Kroeger, the attorney for the Florida Bar who was the subject of my stories about the MIssing Engagement Ring.

While the list that Ms Mcgrory put together is impressive in chronicling the degree to which the incompetent management of Regalado has affected the professional management of the City of Miami, in the weeks and months to come that list will grow.

Leaving next year are City Attorney Julie Bru, one of her top assistants Warren Bittner, and Assistant Police Chief Ricardo Roque - better know as “Lookdown Roque.”

Roque who was one of the 3 cops that former Chief Exposito got fired for trying to demote, has managed to weather the embarrassing revelations of his using Cuban Crafters as his field office to getting promoted to Assistant Chief after Exposito left, and it is now strongly rumored that after he is forced to retire he might be brought back under a contract in order to replace Chief Manual Orosa, who continues to be on the list of those rumored not be around much longer.

Bru, Bittner and Rogue, are among the close to hundred and fifty other employees will be forced to resign in 2013 after completing their DROP.  In the Police Department alone, 19 officers, including another Assistant Chief - Roy Brown - will be leaving as a result of completing their DROP.  Many of these people will be taking an unmeasurable amount of institutional memory along with them.

And the list won’t end there. Janice Larned, the embattled  Assistant City Attorney/ Chief Financial Officer will be gone no later than January 15th, or whenever the City manages to get the $45 million needed to ward off Well Fargo foreclosing on their loan to the city as a result of the failure of Commissioner “Ethics” Sarnoff’s, OMNI CRA, to float its own bond issue to cover that debt several years ago.

Larned, who already tried to quit once, and has supposedly tried to quite several times since then, only remains on the job I’ve been told, because she has been threatened that if she walks out before the bond issue is accomplished, the city will do what they can to see that she, as they say in the movies,  never works in this town again.

Of course, the individual at the top of everyone’s list not to last much longer is City Manager, Johnny “The Doormat” Martinez.  “The Doormat” got pretty beat up in the year and a half that he’s been on the job, and reports indicate that his health has suffered as a result.

UPDATE:  How could I forget the firing of Sergio Guadix, the Director of Code Enforcement earlier this year, and his replacement by Jessica Capo, another high school graduate lacking in the most basic requirements of being a Director of anything, much less Code Enforcement.

Many of you will remember the photograph from last year when Jessica, asleep with her feet on the dash, was being driven back to work by Sergio.

Jessica continues to distinguish herself by showing up and engaging in profanity laden tirades that leave people wondering  how she manages to keep any kind of  job with the City.

Surprisingly, one Department and name prominently missing from Mcgrory’s reporting was Glenn Marcos and the Purchasing Department.

I say surprisingly, because it was only last week that Marcos had his Civil Service hearing over his claim of being a whistleblower when he was fired in 2010, and his testimony, aired on the City’s Channel 77, was so riveting that I’m told most city employees with computers were glued to their screens all day as Marcos named names and allegations of high crimes and misdemeanors.

Marcos’ replacement as Purchasing Director, Kenneth Robertson, was also one of those who got a waiver because he showed up with a Bachelor and Master’s degree in Music.

When it comes to Regaladoland however, those who have left are not as important to keep track of as those who will be coming in next year as part of Regalado’s efforts to get reelected.

You can bet that the City of Miami will become a haven for family and friends of important Regalado supporters, and at the top of the list of folks to keep an eye out for will be relatives and friends of the Cuban news media, who will be given jobs as a way to try and insure that Regalado continues to get favorable coverage.

Just remember, you read it here first!

It’s Miami, Bitches!


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