JUNE 19, 2013


The phonies at the Miami-Dade Ethics Commission only have one requirement when it comes to their prancing around pretending to be the arbiters of ethical behavior for public officials in Miami-Dade County.

They have to show up once a month for a meeting that lasts 3 and sometimes 4 hours.  That’s it!  They don’t have to read the agenda or the reports that they’re sent prior to the meetings - and it’s evident that some of them don’t by their lack of attention or knowledge of the issues when discussions take place - nor do they have to even behave ethically, which again, is evident by the numerous stories I’ve written about the behavior of these slugs when it comes to providing protection to those on the Family and Friends list.  All they have to do is show up, and last week, 3 of the 5 Commissioners couldn’t even do that.

Now, to be fair, my new pal, Chairman Charlton Copeland notified everyone at the May meeting that he would be out of town for this meeting, so he gets a pass for providing notice.

Retired Circuit Judge Lawrence Schwartz, who’s only been on the Commission a couple months also failed to show up, but it appears that he sent notice ahead of time because the meeting table was set up for 3 members:  Kerry Rosenthal, Nelson Bellido and Dawn Addy.

When the meeting was supposed to start, Executive Director Joe Centorino notified those in attendance that one of the remaining 3 members had called in the night before to inform him that he couldn’t make it because he had a real estate closing that he had to attend to that morning.

Yep, a real estate closing!

Who was that Commissioner?  Why none other than another of my pals on the Commission, Kerry Rosenthal!

All of you regular readers remember Rosenthal don’t you?  He’s the little slimeball that served 5 illegal terms as the Chairman of the Ethics Commission, and when he was finally called out on it, laughed and said the last time he had remembered getting elected had been 6 years prior to being outed for this stunt.

Now, this whole 5 illegal terms as Chairman says a lot about about how the Commission operated for all the years before I came along and revealed all the antics of former Executive Director Robert Meyers, who was forced to resign over the Rosenthal issue and his mash notes to his secretary Rodzandra Sanchez, that included those memorable lines: “Wear something nice.”

I and a growing number of other folks have come to the conclusion that these so-called enforcers of ethical values in this community are little more sock puppets who are appointed not to actually enforce the ethics laws, flimsy as they are, but to be there to make sure that when the time comes, they’ll do whatever is needed to provide a ticket to pass GO, or whatever other kind of help that the Commission can provide as part of the Family and Friends Plan.

Intentional or otherwise, that’s what appears to have happened as a result of the cancellation of this meeting.


Former Ethics Commission Chairman, and all-around slime ball Kerry Rosenthal.

Ethics Commission Advocate Michael Murwaski, who’s supposed to represent the citizens in ethics cases.

Michael Murwaski is a familiar name to those who are regular readers of this blog.

He has been a central figure in just about all of the stories that I’ve written about the Miami-Dade Ethics Commission. He makes $147,000 to supposedly represent the citizens of Miami-Dade County when it comes to pursuing ethics complaints against a public official.  He’s the chief investigator and prosecutor.

To get an appreciation for what kind of a piece of work Murwaski is, below is a 2:45 snippet of video from an Ethics Commission meeting in January of 2011, when one of his co-workers detailed just what a slimeball he was when it came to how he conducted investigations.

The investigation in question was about the purloined mash notes from former Executive Director Robert Meyers to his secretary Rodzandra Sanchez that were sent anonymously to then County Mayor Carlos Alvarez, before I and others got our hot little hands on them and blew the story wide open.

Murwaski’s task was not to establish whether there was a questionable relationship between Meyers and Sanchez, but to go after his co-workers to try and find who leaked the notes using whatever methods he thought he could get away with.


I read the transcript of this woman’s deposition, and it was just as slimy as you can image from her anger.

Murwaski is a piece of work on multiple levels, and the latest Murwaski story deals with South Miami Chief of Police Orlando Martinez de Castro, and an in-you-face example of how the Family and Friends Plan actually works. 

The story is really The Straw Buyer, Mike Hatami‘s story.  Mike’s been writing about the Chief and his wife’s auto tag agency, as well as how the South Miami Police Department has been doing business with her tag agency in a series of stories going back almost 18 months now.  

In addition he’s also done stories about the three employees of the tag agency who got arrested for supposedly stealing money, but how it looks like they didn’t, and that maybe wifey knew a lot more about the supposedly secure computer program that the agency uses for financial transactions than she claimed she did.

It’s a real pot boiler over in South Miami and Mike’s been riding it like it was a Brahma Bull on speed.

One of the things that Mike did was file an ethic’s complaint against the Chief for his dealings with his wife’s tag agency.  That case had been dragging along for almost 16 months, and at the meeting last week it was expected that the Ethics Commission would announce their decision on the Probable Cause finding reached in May.

Well, since the meeting was cancelled that didn’t happen. 

But, somehow someone inside the Ethics Commission provided Mike with a copy of the portion of the closed meeting where the case was discussed, and it’s a bombshell.

Below is that audio tape, and if anyone ever had any lingering doubts about whose side Michael Murwaski ends up being on when the subject of an investigation is on the Family and Friends Plan, this tape answers that question once and for all.



Pretty amazing stuff, huh?

Michael Murwaski is the “people’s” representative, yet on the tape he sounds more like the Chief’s attorney, looking for any way to cut the Chief a sweetheart deal.

Time and again as I have previously documented in my own letters detailing Murwaski’s behavior, he has gone out of his way to look for angles that would either result in a complete dismissal of an ethics complaint, or twisted the evidence during his presentation to the Commission in ways that make White, Black, and Black, White. 

This guy is scandalous.

Imagine, proposing a settlement that all but absolves the Chief of wrong doing because if the Ethics Commission issues a determination that they are “fining” the Chief of Police he might get fired by the South Miami City Commission, who has their own problems with the Chief.

This is what the Family and Friends Plan is all about.  The Chief did wrong. Murwaski claims that he can prove the Chief did wrong in a public hearing, but he’d rather cut the Chief a deal that involvers not using the word “fined” so as to protect the Chief against the possibility that the people who he works for - the South Miami City Manager and City Commission can’t use that word to fire him.

If that isn’t providing a public official who’s been found doing wring protection, then what is?

Then there’s the admission by Murwaski that he “feels pretty confidant” that the Chief knew that doing business with his wife’s company was wrong, and that he could win whatever case he filed against the Chief, but he didn’t want to because there was “a blue wall surrounding the Chief, and that none of his colleagues and underlings are going to give up the Chief and they are going to protect him every step of the way.”

Really!?! That sound like grounds for a RICO prosecution against the entire police department is that were true.  But is it?

I’ve been told that at least one high ranking member of the South Miami Police Department would throw the Chief under the first bus passing by.

So if that’s true, then it looks like Murwaski is creating a strawman in an additional argument to protect the Chief from serious sanctions for what he’s done.

So instead of actually earning his $147,000 a year salary, Murwaski says:

        “So if we went to a public hearing, it would be long,

        it would be arduous, I’m sure I’d win in the end, but,

        ah, I don;t think that the public is served by dragging

        this process out any further, I’m willing to go along

        with a settlement if you are...”

How exactly is the public served by cutting a sweetheart deal with a crooked cop who’s been using his official position to steer work to his wife’s company?

But it gets even skankier.

Last week, at the Commission meeting that was cancelled, the so-called settlement on this case was scheduled to be presented.

The Chief, his attorneys and a couple of his pals, including  former Miami Chief of Police Kenneth Harms were there to provide de Castro with morale support.

After it was announced that the meeting was cancelled, Murwaski, de Castro, his attorney and supporters took to the hallway outside the Commission Offices to engage in a little hallway meeting.

Given that meeting in a hallway in front of the Ethics Commission does not provide any protection or expectation of privacy, especially when a public official is involved, I suggested to Mike Hatami, the Mayor of South Miami, one of the South Miami City Commissioners and some other folks that had also shown up for the meeting that we go listen in, because nasty deals have a way of occurring in hallways.

Rather than copy Mike Hatami’s story and paste it here, I would direct you to go and read it for yourself and look at the little video he shot.

The most significant thing that occurred, that does warrant being mentioned here is that when I pointed out that these fine gentlemen were essentially engaged in a public meeting, none other than Michael Murwaski replied:

        “We’ll go someplace that’s not public.”

Yep, that’s the people’s advocate and protector of public integrity talking.  And what better place to go that’s not public, but right through the doors of the Miami-Dade Ethics Commission which is where they went.

The safest place to scheme in private and the most unethical place in Miami-Dade County is the Miami-Dade Ethics Commission offices!

It’s Miami, Bitches!


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