JANUARY 22, 2013

I first had reason to write about Henry Torre, the Director of Facilities Management in response to his handling the RFP selection process for Grove Key/Scotty’s Landing last summer.  The story was about his failure to disqualify Scott Wessel because of the outstanding $2.9 million in back taxes that Wessel refused - and still refuses to pay the city when the group he had put together became one of the finalists to win the bid to take over the marina and restaurant.

Here’s what I wrote then:

        “Henry Torre is either as dumb as a rock, or

        there was some ulterior motive as to why the

        RFP submission by Grove Key Marina and

        Scotty’s Landing wasn’t “automatically disqualified,”

        because I first found out about this tax problem

        from  a batch of documents I received from Asset

        Management in May.  So there is no question but

        that Torre had to have known of this problem well

        before the RFP’s were submitted, yet he did nothing

        about it.

In the months since, I have had several exchanges of emails and sidewalk conversations with Torre regarding other city properties that he is responsible for, and it is evident that the Facilities Management Department has become little more than a shill for the political exploitation activities of the Mayor and Commissioner “Ethics” pals.


After I revealed in October that Stephen Perricone had been using all of the Allen Morris Brickell Park as outdoor seating for his restaurant, I knew it would be only a matter of time before some scheme would surface to arrange for this illegal activity to become “legal.”

A couple weeks ago, after some badgering, I finally got Torre to provide me a document regarding what it was that Facilities Management was up to with the park after I had published my story and photos showing that Perricone was illegally using it for outdoor seating.

Here is what he sent me.

As you see, the plan was to increase Perricone’s footprint from 1,144 square feet to 2,311 square feet. Given the usable square footage, this decision essentially would give this public park to Perricone for his personal commercial use.

Now, I started making a request for documents on December 18th, after Torre had told me in person on December 13th that he was waiting for an opinion from the City Attorney’s Office.

On December 21st, Torre wrote me claiming that I was wrong in claiming that he had told me he had requested a legal opinion.  Here is that email.

This email was written and sent to me on December 21st.  If you scroll back up and look at the dates on the Request For A legal Opinion, it is dated November 19th, with a response date of November 30th.

Therefore, Henry Torre was either on mind altering drugs when he sent this email, or he lied to me because it’s evident that he had requested a legal opinion a month before.

Of course, being lied to by folks who work in Regaladoland is a regular state of affairs for me, so I continued to press Torre as to who, ad how he had decided that rewriting the contract between the City and Perricone was in the best interests of the City and the citizens, given the continual whining of folks like Commissioner “Ethics” about the lack of park space in the city.

So as not to appear to be unfair, I wrote Torre last Friday asking him to respond to the following email.

Torre did not respond. 

I would suspect that part the reason that he did not is that more and more, policy and management decisions being made within Regaladoland are being made verbally, with a specific intent of not generating or leaving any kind of paper trail.

Since Stephen Perricone is pals with Commissioner “Ethics: and business partners with Sarnoff’s confidant/landlord/client/lawyer for Sarnoff’s wife, and board member of his new Sarnoff Foundation, who do you think is pulling the strong behind the scenes to make sure Perricone gets to use a public park for private gain?

Which brings us to another collection of lowlife political schemers and the second city owned property that I’ve tried in recent months to get information about.


A couple weeks ago, on a drive around Miami, I cruised by Vero’s On The Bay, and discovered that the Vero’s sign was down, and that a new company appeared to have taken over.

Since my very first story about this place on February 17, 2012, it’s been evident that Bayside Hut/Vero’s On The Bay and now Atlantica Fish Market has been operated without proper supervision, without paying taxes, and without even paying rent for at least a year.

Last July, after it first appeared that the City would evict the holder of the “Revocable License,” the Facilities Management Department did an about face and instead extend the license after establishing that the current licensee owed the city $48,825.00.  This was money that probably never would have even been discovered had I not harped about the way in with the Lacasa’s had managed to screw the city over the bogus claims about the lack of an advertising sign on the Causeway.

Behind much of bullshit with this property has been the Lacasa family, that includes Armando Lacasa, a former Miami City Commissioner, whose claim to fame is that he quadrupled his net worth during the first 17 months he was a City Commissioner, and his son Carlos, who after leaving the State Legislator took over as the Chairman of the Citizen’s Insurance Company’s Board of Directors.

Citizen’s became the subject of numerous critical reports in newspapers throughout Florida last year over the misuse of public money and sloppy as well as vindictive personnel polices when it came to employees on the Friends and Family Plan, and employees whose job it was to report on the abuses going on.

And now, at the beginning of 2013, a new company incorporated on July 6, 2012, and listing the address 3501 Rickenbacker Causeway, which is the address of Bayside Hut/Vero’s On The Bay,  as it’s principal place of business has shown up on the scene, and Henry Torre, whose job it is to know whose doing business on city owned properties claimed to me in person that he knew nothing about it, and could not provide me any information.

Of course I do not believe  him, because if he was completely clueless he’d have to be a bigger moron that all the other morons that loiter in the MRC building waiting for their next bi-weekly check to cash.

No, I suspect that henry Torre knows exactly what’s going on at Bayside Hut/Vero’s On The Bay/Atlantica Fish Market, and that whatever the deal is that allowed this new company to slap a sign over the front door is just another nasty, corrupt scheme authorized and approved by His Ignorance Tomas Regalado, and his devious little sidekick, Assistant City Manager Alice “In Regaladoland” Bravo.

Bravo is Torre’s boss, and it’s common knowledge all over the MRC building that Torre won’t even go take a pee without asking Bravo for her permission.

So this is the dynamic duo who are responsible for protecting and making sure that the taxpayers are getting the best value for their property: A spineless moron who can’t remember from one day to the next what he tells people, and a devious little control freak whose all too happy to screw the taxpayers while she sucks up to Regalado and Sarnoff.

When you add these latest events to Torre’s incompetence in managing the RFP process for Grove Key Marina/Scotty’s Landing that resulted in the whole thing being shitcanned, and then look at the latest RFP for this project, you know that either Torre is too stupid to understand what is going on behind his back, or that he’s a party to this scheme to rig the process.

Either way, every day he shows up for work at the MRC he’s taking money under the false pretenses that he knows what he’s doing, and protecting the taxpayers interests in the process.

It’s Miami, Bitches!



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