FEBRUARY 22, 2013



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While the settlement discussions remain confidential, the Crespogram Report has learned that no settlement was reached as a result of the mediation session held recently  between Grove Key Marina/Scotty’s Landing, the City of Miami and the Miami-Dade County Tax Collector, and therefore all of the lawsuits will go forward to trial.

On another front, it seems that in addition to not paying a dime of the $3,182,099.27 in property taxes that Scott Wessel allegedly owes for all the years that he’s had control of Grove Key Marina and Scotty’s Landing, he has also failed to satisfy the outstanding $333,492.00, that the Marina failed to pay the City over a 5 year period as part of their profit sharing plan for fuel they sold on their dock.

The Crespogram Report has learned that in a slick double-dirty deal being orchestrated by none other than Commissioner “Ethics,” the City of Miami will soon sue Wessel for this money so that he is forced to put that amount in an escrow account, and all with the expectation that the City will “lose” the lawsuit, thereby letting Wessel get his money back.

In the interim, having that money in an escrow account will eliminate the claim that Wessel owes that money and thereby thwart any efforts to protect him and his latest financial backers from being disqualified from submitting a bid on the new RFP, which was conveniently gutted to remove any language having to do with bidders owing property taxes being disqualified.

You got to hand it to Commissioner “Ethics,” he sure works hard for his pals. Too bad that he always manages to screw the taxpayers in the process.

On another front, His Ignorance, Mayor Tomas Regalado sent the moron, City Attorney Julie Bru an email a couple weeks ago suggesting language - language that someone else obviously came up with for him to submit - that on first reading might make you think that Regalado was looking out for the taxpayers.

That is until you realize that given the time that lawsuits take to make their way through court, and then appeal, it could be years and years before this language could be applied.

Of course, to be applied the language first needs to be inserted into the RFP language, and again, the Crespogram Report has learned that this is something that the moron, City Attorney Julie Bru is refusing to approve.

It’s all basically a game of smoke and mirrors with these people.

Scott Wessel pays Steve Marin a hefty monthly retainer, and in turn, Marin sticks his hand up Sarnoff’s ass, and Sarnoff wiggles a little bit and then does what Marin wants, and if another sock puppet is needed, either Sarnoff or Marin sticks their hand up Francis Suarez’s ass, and he does and says what is required to make sure that Scott Wessel continues to laugh all the way to the bank on the backs on the City of Miami’s taxpayers.

Here’s the email that the Mayor sent Julie Bru.

It’s Miami, Bitches!