AUGUST 6/8, 2012


Madelin Pacheco, at right, with City Manager, Johnny “The Doormat” Martinez.


You can’t say that Madelin “Hotlips” Pacheco isn’t an enterprising woman.

For those of you new to the CrespoGram Report,  “Hotlips” was one of last year’s favorite examples of life behind the curtains in Regaladoland.

When she came to work for the City, it was because a job had been especially created for her in Grant’s Administration. 

And it wasn’t any old job, because the job was created just for her. However, when she found out that the salary was only going to be $55,000 a year, she started bitching, and before you knew it, the salary was raised to $67,000, even though as stated in the letter that sought the approval to hire her, that amount would screw up the budget:

        “Please note that this increase in salary will have an

        impact on OAG’s 2010-2011 approved budget.”

Hey, nobody in Regaladoland has ever cared about any impact on the city budgets. The only issue of importance has always been making sure that His Ignorance’s friends got jobs whenever they needed one, even if they had to be created.

Pacheco lasted about a month in Grants Management before she was spotted hanging out with The Idiot Of The City, Angel Zayon up in his Communications Office.

That made it easier for her to show up late and leave early, and for Zayon to squire her around to City Hall, where she would go up to the Mayor’s office for private meetings - perhaps to discuss the intricacies of the City’s budget process, or maybe to get on her knees with the Mayor for a little prayer session to the Baby Jesus asking him to kill Fidel Castro - but whatever transpired behind those closed doors happened on the City’s clock and the taxpayer’s dime, all while Zayon loitered in Commissioner Willie Gort’s office, conspiring with Placido Diaz and others on how to get rid of then City Manager Tony Crapp.

That lasted a few months, and then Pacheco started showing up back in Grant’s Administration where she was heard bad mouthing Angel Zayon for various character flaws. 

Gee, who would ever think that a scumbag who forced his then wife into applying for food stamps and welfare because she decided to divorce him, would have done something to upset Pacheco.

In any event, things settled down with Pacheco, and she lay low until recently when word got out that she’s going to replace Pablo Canton, forced to retire as Little Havana’s NET Administrator, with you guessed it, a pay raise.

So once again the plot thickens.

First, Pablo Canton - who was in the DROP - was forced to retire when his DROP ended, even though he supposedly pleaded to be allowed to stay, and offered to work for half of his salary, because Commissioner Frank Carollo refused to go along with allowing him to remain.

Canton, it should be noted is the husband of Mikki Canton, who currently hold’s the position of “Senior Public Policy Advisor to the Mayor of the City of Miami for Public/Private Partnerships and International Alliances,” a position that required a Conflict Of Interest Waiver from the City Commission.

Mikki Canton holds particular sway over His Ignorance, having gone with him and his daughter to Taiwan in 2010, along with doing other assignments, so the fact that His Ignorance couldn’t intercede to keep Pablo around says something.

Secondly, she doesn’t have the qualifications for the job.

I’ll bet that surprises a lot of you, right!?!

To get around the lack of qualifications, I’ve been told that the Human Resources Department had one of their top people sit with “Hotlips “and help her craft her application in a way to gloss over her lack of qualifications, with a few literary embellishments (See my letter to Human Resources below.)

Which brings us back to Commissioner Carollo, and the question of whether Pacheco’s appointment is a payback for his refusal to keep Pablo Canton on, or whether he’s okay with having someone unqualified to be the NET Administrator in his District?

Carollo, whose had several shinning moments, including last year when he stood up against a couple morons - then Assistant City Manager Johnny Martinez and Planning Department Assistant Director,Venessa Acosta - ready to give a billboard contract to a couple guys who were then trying to blackmail the City into the agreement, has used up all the Brownie Points from that incident, and has seriously begun trying the patience of supporters and constituents alike with his often confused arguments that often consume enormous amounts of time before he ends up voting for the position or issue he argued against.

So maybe Carollo has gone along with the deal in order to bank a little future reelection support, because even though I don’t live in his District and don’t speak Spanish, I think even I could beat him if he runs for reelection next year.

In any event, “Hotlips” seems to have parlayed her friendship with His Ignorance into a job that will really let her show up late and leave early, and her former employers, who own Eldorado Furniture on Calle Ocho, will no doubt will be happy to see her back in the hood.

It’s Little Havana, Bitches!



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The City of Miami responded to my public records request at the bottom of this story with this statement:

            “Please respond to the records request below that

            there is no record on file. Thank you.”

This doesn’t mean that the application that I described doesn’t exist, but rather that it’s sitting in someone’s desk drawer, now that I made an effort to get my hands on it.

If further proof was needed, here’s what a CrespoGram reader sent me that proves that “Hotlips” is now assigned to the NET Office, and will soon be doing a Samba along Calle Oche.