OCTOBER 3, 2012

Contrary to the rumors, the expectation that I was throwing in the towel, have been way off the mark.

So has the speculation on LEO AFFAIRS that I had sold out and agreed to take a job with the City of Miami, although wouldn’t that be great - me inside the city being able to waltz into the MRC building anytime I wanted with my own City ID badge!

Nope, I took a few days off, because quite frankly, I’ve been trying to write at least 3 stories a week, often times more, and as the stories get more complicated, it takes more and more time to try and do the research, write the story, and then make sure I haven’t screwed it up before I post it, and I needed a break.

Amazingly, you would have thought that after 2 1/2 years of the kind of digging and writing I’ve been doing about the antics of these weasels at City Hall, the stories would have started drying up.

No so!  I have more stories now than I have time to investigate and write about.

At the same time, the grind of spending 70-80 hours most weeks has become more of a chore than I care to continue doing, even though I recognize that my website has become a community service that is averaging around 50,000 page hits a month.

So, for the next couple months, I’m going to stop publishing on the Monday, Wednesday and Friday schedule, and start taking some time to pursue some personal projects that quite frankly I’ve allowed to linger far too long.

As evidence that I’m not going anywhere, my lead story about Commissioner “Ethics” below, should convince doubters that I’m here till the Fat Lady sings, or one of these corrupt weasels goes to jail!.

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