JANUARY 23, 2011


Last August I managed to piss off Luis Cabrera, and in response, he ordered me barred from entering the City of Miami’s administrative center, known as the MRC Building.

Several folks tipped me off, and as a result, I was able to contact some new media folks, and we all showed up the following Monday morning, and the NBC Channel 6 video below kind of explains what happened when we all showed up.


In an after-the-fact effort to cover their asses, Cabrera prodded the City Attorney’s Office to draft a new series of Administrative Orders dealing with access to the building, and the way in which the news media and “social media” folks were supposed to be restricted in their access to the building, and in making public records requests.

It was all pretty much bullshit, and solely intended to harass me, but which in reality created a lot of problems for everyone else.

On a couple occasions, when I needed to go to the MRC, I managed to get in without much difficulty - in part because the guards at the desk at the time didn’t know what I looked like then - but the effort did create some craziness, like the time someone thought they saw me going into the building without signing in, and for 2 hours, Zayon had the security guards running through the building looking for me.  It reached a point that I was told that they were on the verge of clearing the building, before they realized I had never been there.

After that, I still managed to get in the building, but not without being harassed and made to wait as phone calls were made notifying whoever needed to be notified that I was at the front desk, and what were the security guards supposed to do.

On one occasion in November Frank Alvarado, from the Miami New Times, was with me and he joined the growing list of witnesses who watched how I was treated differently.  Later that afternoon he and I went to City Hall, where we ran into Luis Cabrera, and when I told him I had been stopped at the desk, he claimed that I was not being banned from the building, and never had been.

Even after I got in the building on the times that I succeeded, phone calls were made, and people were sent out to try and keep track of me.

Cabrera’s grasp of reality is often affected by the medication he takes, and even under the best of circumstances he’s a certified moron, with illusions of having intelligence, who has managed through his bullying tactics and his hold over His Ignorance, the Mayor, to in the time he’s been playing Acting City Manager/Deputy Police Chief, created havoc within the city with his tirades and tantrums.

Last Friday, no doubt in response to the stories I posted over the last week about Angel Zayon’s gross incompetence in failing to have any sort of website linked up to coincide with the announcement of the Believe In Miami campaign, and how I managed to buy all of the web addresses surrounding the sole MiamiBelieve.com address that the city had purchased, I mysteriously became a target of a cyber stalking campaign.

In the course of 72 hours there were 4 ads placed on Craigslist for cars I was supposedly selling cheap, one for my condo and it’s contents, and one for a parrot I was giving away for free.

Of course, whoever posted these ads didn’t realize that this a crime called cyber stalking, and I’ve filed since contacted the necessary authorities and filed a complaint.

To make the harassment complete, on arriving at the front desk of the MRC Building on Friday, I was once again denied entry.

So here’s how they did it this time. The security guard, after calling around trying to get instructions, finally told me that I could not enter the building unless I had previously made an appointment with someone in the building, and that person agreed to seeing me.

Fortunately, I managed to buttonhole a senior city official who in the course of debating this nonsense for over 10 minutes, was able to watch several dozen people walk in, sign in, show their ID, and merrily waltz into the elevators without a single person being asked if they had an appointment, or anyone being called to verify that such an appointment was scheduled.

Angel Zayon even walked by, and when I asked him, he stated I had to have an appointment.

To make it even stupider, after Zayon went upstairs, the security guards got a call, and I was informed that not only did I have to get an appointment before I was going to be allowed in the building, but even if I did all that, when I showed up, I would still not be allowed to go and see that person, but rather I would have to go the the Communication’s Department and check in with Zayon, or one of his people, and then, who knows what further bullshit restrictions would be placed on me.

It’s beyond obvious that all of this is nothing more than petty, vindictive harassment, and a clear violation of my constitutional rights not to be discriminated against.

On top of this is the fact of how all of this is impacting on city employees who are being made to feel that if they do agree to grant me an appointment that they will in turn come under pressure and scrutiny from Cabrera and Zayon as to why they are willing to meet with me.

This in turn becomes another way to try and thwart my ability to exercise my constitutional rights to seek information, whether verbal or written - as in public records - by creating an atmosphere of intimidation on city employees.

Fortunately for me, and unfortunately for Mr. Cabrera, Mr. Zayon, and Mr. Johnny “The Doormat” Martinez, the make believe City Manager who is ultimately responsible for the illegal behavior of his underlings, I have now acquired enough hard evidence, including numerous witnesses, to be able to establish beyond any reasonable doubt that these morons have been engaged in systematic, willful behavior to deprive me of my rights.

So, I believe that the time has come to introduce these folks, and anyone else that I can tag as being an accomplice to these actions to the wonderful world of a federal civil right lawsuit.

Cabrera and Zayon behave like the Cuban thug secret police in Havana because they are allowed to do so by His Ignorance Tomas Regalado, who is not only is the Mayor of the Worst Run City In America, but who has long behaved like a 3rd World politician that believes that the public’s money is his to do with as he wants, and who panders with the rhetoric of democracy while practicing the policies associated with what goes on in your basic Banana Republic .

There is no summation to this story today, but for my next step  please read WANTED, next to this story.


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