MARCH 30, 2012


Ever since I broke the story about Ada Rojas being arrested on SW 8th Street on the night of the Obama Presidential motorcade, and dubbed her The Thuget,  and the subsequent story about how she managed to get a job with the City of Miami after she wore a wire to entrap the guy who volunteered to take her piss test for her, and the story about how His Ignorance rewared her by giving her $6000 in raises over a 3 month period of time when there was a hiring freeze and other city employees were being fired, she’s not been too happy with me.

But instead of toughing up and dealing with it, Ada on several occasions has started acting like a spurned lover and attempted to create situations that I suspect she thinks she can use to sue me for whatever, or maybe have me arrested or bared from City Hall.

The latest incident happened on Thursday afternoon after the MESA Board meeting at City Hall.

l was standing outside of City Hall gossiping with a couple folks when I pointed out that neither of the 2 cars parked in front of City Hall had BELIEVE bumper stickers.

This has been a semi-big issue because the cops were required to slap a bumper sticker on all the police cars, and many of them groused about it on LEO Affairs.

The fact that the cars were the City’s SUV that Ada Rojas got after the Obama motorcade incident, and the other car was City Manager Johnny Martinez’s BMW, was enough for me to comment to the guys I was with that I needed to take a photo to post on my website.

I figured the photo would be a good filler for a slow day with a little snarky comment about how not everybody in the city was a BELIVER.

So, I got my camera, took the photos, put my camera back in my car and went inside the building to talk to a couple folks that I needed to talk with before leaving.

Here’s the photo I took.

When I came back out, Ada Rojas was in the lobby, and she followed me out and stood behind me to my left for several minutes while I resumed my conversation. 

A few minutes later, another city SUV pulled up in front of City Hall delivering mail, and this one had a BELIEVE bumper sticker. I commented that I should take a photo of it as a reference for my first photo, went back to my car, got my camera and walked out into the street to take the photo.

Here is that photo.

As I turned from taking the photo, I saw Ada Rojas holding her trusty cell phone videotaping me.  Below is the series of photos that I took of her videotaping me.

What happened afterwards is spelled out in a letter I wrote to Ada Rojas’ attorney, and in a letter I sent to Miami Chief of Police Manny Orosa.

Here they are:

March 29, 2012


Ms. Lida Rodriguez-Taseff

Duane Morris

200 South Biscayne Boulevard

Suite 3400

Miami, FL 33131


Dear Lida,


I hope that by now you have had an opportunity to review the silly little video that “your client” Ada Rojas, sent you this afternoon, and determined the following facts.


1.     I was on public property when I took the photos.


2.     The subject of the photos I took were 2 city owned vehicles and the personal car of the City Manager that has been photographed and posted on other websites in the past.


3.     I was not breaking any laws, ordinances or engaging in any activity that could in any way be considered illegal, or even questionable.


4.      Your client, as evidenced by her video came up behind me and started video taping me while I was engaging in a lawful act, in some misguided effort to try and document that I was doing something illegal.


5.     Only because she stated that she was videotaping me in order to send it to you, and I thought you’d get a kick out of it, did I even bother to provide an explanation of why I was taking photographs. 

If she hadn’t been so blatant in coming up behind me and then stating that she was videotaping me for your benefit, trust me, I would have ignored her like I normally do whenever I go to City Hall.


I must at this point however get serious.  It is now evident, from previous incidents and this one today, that Ms. Rojas has become unhinged and is looking for opportunities to create a situation that she can use in some form or other to punish me for the things I have written about her on my website.


Today’s incident, where she came down from her office and loitered in the Lobby and in front of City Hall, first taking photographs of my car and license tag, and then standing  for close to 5 minutes within feet of me until I walked over to take the photograph of the Mini Van with the Believe bumper sticker, is evident that she had an agenda and at the point where her the video starts, it is clearly evident that she is initiated this incident by following me out into the street.


I did nothing wrong, and there was no reason for her to be away from her duties in the Mayor’s office to videotape me as she did. 


You and I had a previous talk about Ms. Rojas behavior last September after the Special Hearing to remove Chief Expositio, concerning her calling you from the lobby of City Hall to order me to remove some information from my website, which neither she, nor you had ever previously requested – even though it had by then been up for close to a year – and how I considered this to be nothing more than a stunt that she had concocted to create a scene and have me bared from City Hall.


It is evident from today’s incident that Mr. Rojas was looking for another opportunity to create a scene, and that by following me into the street and videotaping me while I engaged in a legally protected and lawful act is evidence that she is sliding deeper into the Vortex with her fixation about me.


As her attorney, I must ask you to inform “your client” that her behavior is becoming disturbing and threatening, and that if she engages in anymore of these staged incidents I will pursue all legal remedies available to me.


Other than that, I hope you’re well, and that life is good.


Yours truly,


Al Crespo

PS:  The evidence that what Ms. Rojas was doing was personal and not city related is her comment that should be on the tape that she was videotaping me to send it to you, and not because she was videotaping me to send to the City Manager, or Police or anyone associated with the city.

Just want to be clear about that.  This was a personal act on the public's dime.


Cc: City Manager Johnny Martinez

       Mayor Tomas Regalado

       Ada Rojas

       The Crespo-Gram Report

March 29, 2012

Dear Chief Orosa,

Earlie this afternoon I was involved in another incident with another city employee who chose to engage in behavior that is troubling.

That person was Ms. Ada Rojas, and the incident is described in the below letter that I originally sent to the City Manager, the Mayor, Ms. Rojas and Ms. Lida Rodriquez-Taseff.

Ms. Rodriquez-Tasefff expressed concern that I knew that Ms. Rojas had sent the video she shot of me to her, but, as I explained, Ms. Rojas openly called Ms. Rodriquez-Taseff in front of me to tell her that she was sending her the video. Ms. Taseff also indicated that she was forwarding my letter to City Attorney Bru - for what reason I do not know, since this isn't an issue that Ms. Bru can opine on.

Consequently, I am forwarding this to you, and because the only protecting I have against these people going postal and trying to make a stupid claim of "Hold Your Ground," I will be posting all of this, including a video I am making of a series of still photographs that I took of Ms. Rojas videotaping me in front of City Hall on my website tonight along with a story detailing this whole incident.

This letter therefore constitutes a formal request to open an investigation into why a city employee would come leave her office and city duties to come out into the street in front of City Hall to videotape me.

With all these videotapes we're getting enough footage for a reality show.

Thank you,

al crespo

At the end of the day, I was doing what I was legally entitled to do when I took all of the above photos, and Ms. Rojas, had not only walked away from her office and her duties to come out into the street to take my photo, but more importantly, her behavior, and her immediately sending the photos to her attorney all point to the conclusion that she was doing what she was doing as part of what has now become apparant is some half-baked scheme that she can sue me or try to get me in some sort of trouble for exercising my constitutional rights.

I guess this means that she doesn’t have a secret crush on me.

It’s Miami, Bitches! 


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