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Normally I would deal with one of Javier Ortiz’s tantrums by responding on LEO Affairs, but because this one includes copies of documents, and LEO Affairs doesn’t work well with my method of posting documents to support my claims, I’m having to do it here.

First, here is a copy of the email that Ortiz sent to all of the FOP membership today.

Let me go out of sequence.  First, Ortiz claims that I said he text messaged me, but that he didn’t and doesn’t have my phone number.  Gee, my phone number, my home address and my email address are all prominently displayed on this website, so if he doesn’t have it, he sure knows where to find it.

As for the text message itself, here it is. I received it yesterday afternoon, and it came from the FOP, which I believe Ortiz is organization that he is the president of, since it proclaims as being from him.

Secondly, Ortiz claims that I was given a copy of a policy directive signed by Chief Miguel Exposito in 2011.  I have no problem in denying that claim categorically.  In fact, I wish that it had been included in the documents that I did receive last last week.

The document however, was provided to me this afternoon after Ortiz sent his email out, and I’m more than happy to post it here.

I am also more than willing to point out that I did not receive a copy of whatever the actual policy was that Chief Exposito approved in 2011, but if you will look at the next document that I published at the beginning of the week that says, “Department Order 11, Chapter 19, is a new departmental order,” you will agree that signifies that a difference exists between whatever Exposito signed, and what Orosa signed.

The changes could be insignificant, or they could be major, but normally when I read “new departmental order,” I would take that to mean that whatever policy Exposito signed was superseded by this new policy, and it is this policy is the one that has upset so many members of the police department, including Ortiz.

I would think given Ortiz’s behavior back in January of 2011 when he and his then partner, Armando Aguilar, were doing everything in their power to help Regalado get rid of Chief Exposito, that if the Exposito Foot Pursuit Policy has been in place, and as bad as he now claims that this policy is, that he and Armando would have used that policy as a club to beat Exposito over the head with it.

Now, I want to be very, very clear, if you read my original story I did not voice an opinion on the merits or lack thereof of the Foot Pursuit Policy that Chief Orosa signed. I’m not a cop, and I’m not putting myself in harms way to go chasing somebody down a dark alley in the middle of the night.

Therefore, I clearly stated that it was Miami cops who were upset about this policy, and if the policy which Exposito signed off on was in place between March of 2011 and April of 2013, it couldn’t have been all that bad, or I would have heard about it before last week.

As for Ortiz’s claim that I put words in Chief Exposito’s mouth, well, why would I do that? I don’t need to put words in people’s mouths.  One of the biggest enjoyments I get from doing what I do is to just write down the words that actually come out of stupid people’s mouths.  If you think I’m kidding, wait till next week’s stories.

So, I didn’t put words in Exposito’s mouth, and until a copy of the policy that was instituted in 2011 is provided, then I have no reason to disbelieve what he told me when he said he would not have signed or approved the policy that Orosa did in April.

I’m sure that there are any number of folks on the force who can contact the Chief, and any or all of you can call him up and ask him if I called him, and whether what I wrote was what he told me.

As for my claim that there are open cases against him with reprimands sitting in the Chief’s desk, well, I think Ortiz record speaks for itself. 

When the President of the FOP has an IA and Civilian Investigative Panel record like Ortiz has, and which I have documented that includes his lying under oath, harassing defendants and brutality, I will let everyone draw their own conclusions as to whether or not he is being protected by Orosa because he is a useful stooge.

Even though I am “a felon,” “a criminal,” an “armed bank robber,” and any and all the other pejorative names that anyone wants to call me, no one can ever claim that I sold a union membership down the river and gave away their benefits to suck ass with the Mayor.

I might be a felon, but at least when I did bad things I had the balls and the honesty to put on a mask and say “stick ‘em up.”

I never said, “My brothers and sisters, there’s no one more vocal on protecting Miami police officers rights than myself,” while I did everything I could to screw them, lie to them, piss away their money, refuse to allow an independent auditor to look at the FOP books, beat and taser civilians, lie under oath and manufacture false documents in a way that has made the Miami Police Force look like it’s a department full of thugs!

All this by the President of the Fraternal order of Police!

Al Crespo