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JUNE 7, 2011


From left to right, Commissioner Willie Gort’s Executive Assistant Placido Diaz, Deputy Assistant City Manager Johnny Martinez, Assistant City Manager Luis Cabrera, Director of Communications Angel Zayon, Communication Department employee Madelin Pacheco and Sgt-At-Arms and Mayor’s chauffeur Robert Carvil. For a large copy that you can print out, click on the photo.

A PERSONAL NOTE:  The piece that follows is in some ways an attempt to make sense out of chaos.  It begins in January  of 2011 and does not end today. Like all such narratives, this story is like a kaleidoscope, whose pattern changes with every twist of the tube. Can there be an alternative narrative?  Perhaps, but not likely. There are too many witnesses to this version who have watched and remembered the players and their actions. Even though I can’t reveal all I know, or provide many of the details and/or the documents I have collected, this is the rough outline of the schemers who’ve been plotting, with the Mayor’s support, against Tony Crapp.

I am indebted to the anonymous Photoshopper for the above  image, that helped me structure this story.


      “But if I'm ever in a position that I feel like I'm not the

      manager who makes every decision, then that will be

      my last day as manager."

                                                        - Tony Crapp

It all started with the draft of a letter.

Tony Crapp was sworn in as City Manager on January 3, 2011.  Three days later, two Regalado supporters sat in an office at City Hall drafting a 2 page letter they expected Tony Crapp to use as the basis for firing Police Chief Miguel Exposito.

A lot has happened since that first week of January, and most people have probably forgotten just how crazy that time, and especially that week, was. 

The Miami Herald had by then done several front page stories about the battle between the Mayor and the Chief over the Chief’s allegations that the Mayor had attempted to tamper with the department’s actions against video game machines, and on January 6th, I had broken the story that the Chief and his sidekick Major Al Alvarez were trying to get someone - anyone actually - to sign an arrest warrant so that they could go to City Hall and arrest the Mayor.

It was against this backdrop that the draft letter was written, and because Tony Crapp was then considered little more than Regalado’s errand boy, the two people who drafted the letter - along with the Mayor and others in the Regalado camp - fully expected that Crapp would use the letter to fire the Chief.

He didn’t.  The days went by, and Crapp didn’t move against the Chief.  As it finally dawned on them that Crapp was not going to move against Exposito, Regalado’s supporters decided to fight fire with fire.  The same two individuals who had drafted the letter became the ones who started providing information to the news media in an attempt to fan the flames against Exposito and in the process put pressure on Crapp.

This did not sit well with Crapp, who didn’t need a Weatherman to tell him what these guys were up to, and it certainly didn’t sit well with Exposito and Alvarez, who  mounted their own media campaign, appearing on several Latin TV talk shows - most notably TV 41’s A Mano Limpia - where they, along with former Mayor Joe Carollo, who was happy for an opportunity to take a couple whacks at Regalado, pretty much called Regalado a crook in bed with the gambling industry.


While the efforts to fan the flames through the media was a free-lance affair, a more organized effort was begun by Luis Cabrera, Johnny Martinez, Angel Zayon, Placido Diaz and several others. who soon became identified as the Cabrera Clique.

Cabrera, who had been transferred from the Police Department to the City Manager’s office, was touted by some as a possible replacement for Exposito, and as more people soured on Crapp for his refusal to fire Exposito, there began a focus on backstabbing Crapp as a way towards possibly maneuvering Johnny Martinez, the Deputy Assistant City Manager in as Crapp’s eventual replacement, and Cabrera as Exposito’s.

Cabrera is often referred to as Regalado’s “Godson,” and Angel Zayon, I have revealed previously, is referred to by Regalado as his “4th son.”  Both of them owe their allegiance, and their jobs to Regalado.

Both of them came to the table with baggage.  I have written repeatedly about Angel Zayon, and those stories can be viewed by clicking on his name on the Crespo-Gram Series to the right.

What’s become interesting about Zayon is that after being fired from most of his TV reporting jobs for being a rabid, right-wing anti-Castro zealot with minimal talent and a bad attitude, he’s pretty much appropriated the same tactics as any communist apparatchik in the way in which he has created his new blog WE SUPPORT REGALADO, using city time and resources.

In less than 2 weeks, the blog has been revealed to be nothing more than a vehicle for cultivating a cult of personality for both Regalado and his daughter Raquelita - who’s being groomed to take over Daddy’s job - and employing the same kind of fawning, semi-literate propaganda tactics so common in what passes for the Cuban news media.

Zayon’s contribution to the clique’s efforts is attempting to shape and manipulate Regalado’s image in a positive manner while attempting to influence the Latin news media through his contacts - even though considered a buffoon by many, he’s still the City’s Communications Director - to report negatively on Exposito and any other Regalado enemies, which given the doormat behavior of much of the local media will probably not be that hard to accomplish.

Cabrera’s baggage comes from his time in the police department, where as a Lieutenant, he bragged to everyone that when Regalado became Mayor he would become an Assistant Chief.

Once he became an Assistant Chief - an unheard of step promotion that would not be allowed in many, if not most major police departments around the country - he ran into a wall of resentment and hostility over this blatant exercise of cronyism, which in turn led to running arguments with several of his fellow Assistant Chief’s, especially Assistant Chief Blom, who Cabrera felt didn’t treat him as an equal.

Their arguments became the talk of the department, and fueled numerous postings on LEO Affairs where he was ridiculed mercilessly with photos of crying babies. The friction finally led to one confrontation with Exposito which was recently recounted on, of all places, Zayon’s new WE SUPPORT REGALADO blog, where someone from the police department had this to say in an anonymous comment responding a puff piece that Zayon did promoting Cabrera last Friday:

      “Its a proven fact that Cabrera got into an argument

      with Exposito and ended up crying uncontrollably

      and had to be driven home.  No one in the department

      respects him and that will be the norm if he is made

      chief by the great buffoon.  Some believe that he is

      mentally unstable.”

My sources inside the police department tell me that this incident not only occurred, but that Cabrera at one point removed his stars and badge saying he didn’t want them anymore, which led to Exposito demoting him - although in usual Miami fashion, Cabrera is still carried on the Police Department’s budget as an Assistant Chief - which then led to his transfer to the City Manager’s Office under the Mayor’s protection.

There’s nothing like a blog created on the public’s dime intended to spew Regalado propaganda turning out to be a vehicle for anti-Regalado people to exploit for their own uses.


Since he’s been Assistant City Manager, Cabrera has attempted to become the administration’s enforcer.  He was behind the current efforts to limit my access to emails after I revealed how Ada Rojas used her official position to demand free tickets from a number of venues - with a number of her emails as evidence -  that made everyone in City Hall realize that I had obviously been collecting more than an occasional email on my trips to the MRC building. 

The Thuget was so upset that she filed a public records request demanding copies of all the requests I had made for her emails:

This has now led to the imposition of new procedures for responding to email requests citywide - clamp down is more like it - and it also led to Cabrera ordering that my website, and the others, be blocked by the city’s IT Department. 

This is also what led to the wholesale efforts by many top officials in City Hall to break the public records law and start conducting most of their real public business on private gmail accounts...but I digress, and that’s another story for another day...

Besides Zayon and Cabrera, the other two principal members of this gang are Commissioner Willie Gort’s Executive Assistant Placido Diaz and Deputy Assistant City Manager Johnny Martinez.

Diaz is a former City of Miami cop, who many claim retired suddenly one step in front of an IA investigation over allegations that he used his position as a Sargent on one of the first Problem Solving Teams (PST) assigned to Coconut Grove in an effort to provide more community policing into actually providing the muscle that helped him collect rents from rental units that he owned in the area.

The allegation, which has followed him to this day is that on occasion tenants who fell into arrears would come home and find all of their property gone, and that it was a pattern that happened to Diaz’s renters far more frequently than to others.

Diaz also managed to acquire the title of slumlord, as evidenced by this homeless housing protest where one of the protesters has a sign with his name on it. (To see a larger version, click on photo.)

When they discovered I was getting emails by the hundreds of thousands on hard drives I provided, the shit hit the fan and when they further discovered I had a pending request, Cabrera leapt into action:

Diaz denies all of these allegations and claims to be a successful real estate investor with a commitment to public service who has never done anything unethical or illegal.

What he cannot deny is the wrath and alleged threats of payback from Exposito and Alvarez, who Diaz acknowledges consider him to be their foremost enemy as a result of his activities by using his position in Gort’s office to look for evidence of wrong doing inside the police department that can be used specifically against them.

Why would a “successful real estate investor” involve himself in the snake pit he on occasion claims to find himself in?  Rumor has it that Diaz has long harbored high political ambitions - he did run for District 2 Commissioner once -  and figures that becoming a co-conspirator in the efforts to oust Exposito and Alvarez is his best, if not only option to becoming a real player.

In addition to being a co-conspirator, Diaz often serves as the host to the gatherings of this clique in Gort’s offices at City Hall.

This is convenient for Robert Carvil, Regalado’s long-time Sgt-At-Arms, and auxiliary member of this clique who is used by both Regalado and the other members of the clique as the messenger and go-between.

The penultimate member of this clique is Madelin Pacheco, who was hired on January 24, 2011 as a $67,000 a year Special Projects Assistant in the office of Grants Administration.

The only problem is that she doesn’t actually work in Grants.  She hangs out in the Communications Department where every two weeks she sends the folks in Grants her timecard.

Pacheco is rumored to spend a fair amount of time in the Mayor’s Office, sometimes driven to City Hall by Angel Zayon, and sometimes in her sporty little Mercedes.

This leaves Johnny Martinez, Deputy Assistant City Manager who was lured to the city by Carlos Migoya, supposedly on the promise that when Migoya left he would make sure that Johnny became the next City Manager.

Unfortunately, by the time Migoya left he had managed to piss Regalado off, and instead of appointing Martinez, Regalado appointed Crapp.

Martinez came from the county, where he had been the Capitol Improvement’s Director, and where he had managed to acquire a reputation as a passably pliant doormat who would not ruffle feathers, and would suck up to the power brokers.

He managed to fit right in at the city, and soon started demonstrating that he was more than willing to go along to get along.

The best example of this is revealed in the following video tape of a portion of the April 21st City Commission meeting where Commissioner Frank Carollo, in his finest hour as a commissioner, forced Martinez to concede that he, along with Vanessa Acosta, the City’s “Billboard Queen” and Assistant Director of the Building Department - another bullshit appointment of someone with negligible experience, making $100,000, but with a mother who’s a “pal” of  Willie Gort - had pretty much attempted to give away the store when they negotiated a settlement agreement with Harkley Thornton and Santiago Echemendia.

Thornton is best known for getting Florida House Speaker Dean Cannon to insert the now infamous poison pill amendment into a piece of legislation that would have limited the city’s ability to collect fees from billboards to $500 unless the city agreed to go along with his settlement agreement.

It is a pretty amazing piece of video, and anyone who has read to this point should definitely look at this video, first because it illustrates  just how grossly incompetent Martinez is, and more importantly, because it underscores how so many deals involving the City of Miami have turned to shit as a result of the incompetent morons entrusted with protecting the city’s money and property.

The clip below is 9:26 minutes long.  I urge you to take the time, or come back when you have the time to look at the whole thing.  At the very least, I urge you to look at the first 5:53 minutes now.


In Johnny Martinez’s mind, if the Cabrera clique and others have their way, he could very well end up as the next City Manager of the City of Miami when Crapp leaves, as he will announce this week.


Not so fast, this is Miami, Bitches!, and no deal is ever done without the possibility of a double-deal.

Unfortunately for Martinez, he’s hooked his wagon to this clique believing that he will come out on top.  There is at least a 50/50 chance he could end up being nothing more than a bride’s maid when the big day arrives.

The one undeniable thing that has driven these people has been the effort to get rid of Chief Exposito and Major Al Alvarez. So far, Exposito and Alvarez have managed to thwart those efforts, and pissed on the Mayor’s shoes at every single opportunity that’s presented itself.

So, if what has driven all of these people is getting rid of Exposito and Alvarez, then the only two possible candidates who could absolutely, positively be depended on to follow through on doing the deed would be Cabrera and Diaz.

It’s not beyond reason to think that Martinez wouldn’t do the deed, but he’s also tied his wagon to Commissioner “Ethics” Sarnoff, and Sarnoff is Exposito’s chief supporter on the Commission, as well as having become someone who Regalado hates almost as much as Exposito.

Cabrera on the other hand would love nothing better than firing Exposito, but once he did the deed, he’d be left with having to manage the city.

With a Master’s Degree from a mail-order diploma mill however, he’d soon be floundering like that goldfish in the TV commercials. Besides, after being ridiculed and harassed as much as he has by many in the police department, returning as the Chief of Police is probably something that Cabrera falls asleep most nights having wet dreams about.

Placido Diaz on the other hand fancies himself as not only the smartest guy in the room, but also definitely the slickest.  It’s easy to believe that he could have played on Regalado’s obvious needs to be placated and assured of undying loyalty as a way to position himself into a viable contender for the job.

For Diaz, who on numerous occasions has lamented over the fear he has about possible paybacks from Exposito and especially Alvarez over his actions in trying to get them fired, getting rid of those two guys would be considered an act of self preservation.

The one constant in Regalado’s track record of hiring people is that he does not believe or conduct searches looking for truly qualified people when he needs to hire someone. As an old-time ward healer type of politician, he has always placed personal loyalty at the top of the list of requirements that he expects from those he hires.

Both Cabrera and Diaz - for their own reasons - could assure him of their loyalty, although the costs to the city could end up being disastrous.

So, in the end it will be Martinez, Cabrera or Diaz.  Who it won’t be is a highly qualified, educated and experienced individual capable of dealing with the crisis that’s coming down the road like a train on rocket fuel driven by an engineer on crack cocaine.


And there you have the Cliff Notes version of why I believe that when it was all said and done, Tony Crapp decided that it wasn’t worth the aggravation to continue hanging around the City of Miami.

Of course, this still leaves THAT MORON Larry Spring’s departure to deal with, as well at the possible departure of other top staff in the city who, rumor has it, have finally wearied of the continued craziness of the Regalado circus.

But, all that shall to come to pass, and I’ll do my best to stay on top of it all!


If there is one document, of all the documents that I’ve collected in recent months that would illustrate just how wide the chasm became between Mayor Tomas Regalado and his personally appointed City Manager Tony Crapp, it would be this email that the Mayor sent Crapp on learning that Police Major Al Alvarez, the head of IA had cashed in $19, 618.56, of vacation time.

The information that Regalado requested could have easily been handled by an informal, “Hey Tony, I got a question,” phone call.  Instead, Regalado sent this email which both revealed his almost persistent cluelessness with what goes on in his city, but more importantly, his tacit acknowledgement that Crapp might very well ignore his request.

From:  Regalado, Tomas (Mayor)

To: Crapp Jr., Tony

Cc: Spring, Larry

Sent: Fri Apr 29 11:35:19 2011

Subject: Buying vacation

Mr. Manager, it has come to my attention that the City may have bought unused vacation time from Major Alfredo Alvarez, the head of Internal Affairs of the Miami Police Department.  First, I would like to know if this is true.  If this information is true, I would like to know how much he received and what is the criteria used, since I understand that this is done when there is a hardship on the employee.  The reason I am asking is because by charter, I am in charge with presenting the budget and I would like to know if decisions like this impact the budget of a department or the general budget.  I respectfully request that you answer via E-mail since this is a simple question.  If I don’t get an answer, I will initiate a public records request under Florida Statutes.

While I’ve not been - and continue NOT to be - a fan of Crapp’s, it is pretty evident, both from observation and perusal of thousands of emails, as well as from the shared confidences of people both in City Hall and the MRC building, that Crapp, on top of his own shortcomings has also been the target of an orchestrated effort by a small clique determined to undermine him, originally as a way to pressure him to do what they wanted - fire Exposito and Alvarez - and more recently to try and pressure him to resign.

The rumor I reported on Friday that Crapp had resigned - which were first categorically denied, and then qualified into an admission that, “Crapp himself is considering an outside job offer, but the city manager declined comment on Friday.,” in an afternoon article in the Miami Herald only serve to point to the truth of my original claim that he had resigned, and that the news of Larry Spring, the embattled City’s Financial Director also resigning was too much bad news for one day.

I’ve now been told that the original plan was to stage manage Crapp’s departure at next Thursday’s Commission meeting, along with the Mayor’s announcement of his replacement.

So much for the best laid plan’s of an amateur.

As we enter the new week with an expectation of more surprises and bad news, I figured that I’d take this opportunity to provide some background and context to what’s been going on the last few months, and especially who the players were in the plot to stick the proverbial knife in Tony Crapp’s back.


Some folks have always been upset that there is no way to write responses to the stories I publish.  I think we have a solution.

Thanks to Angel Zayon, that blog he created, WE SUPPORT REGALADO, is being operated using taxpayer resources.  That means it’s YOURS!

So, since it’s YOURS, why not use it.  Starting today I think that anyone that wants to write a response or comment on my stories should do so using the comment section of Zayon’s blog.

Just click on the comment section of the first post on that blog and write anything you want!  It works for me, and I’m sure that Angel and the Mayor won’t mind, since according to the Mayor - as quoted on the blog:

    “As a former journalist, Mayor Tomas Regalado is

    committed to free speech and the rights of the people

    to say what they want and not to be censor like

    Communists. That is why this blog allows for the

    comments and does not censor the comments even

    if you disagree with us. This is America.”

Don’t you love being in America. Just click on the button below and tell me what you think!

JUNE 6, 2011

JUNE 6, 2011


First, my post last Friday that Tony Crapp had resigned was denied outright.  Then, by Friday afternoon it had become a conditional maybe.  Now on Monday evening the Miami Herald published a story acknowledging that Tony Crapp had been offered a private sector job in Broward County several weeks ago and would reveal by Friday whether he would take it.

“I got offered a job, and I’m thinking about it,” Crapp said, without offering further details.

The laugh line in the article was the “news that Crapp is entertaining a possible move seemed to take commissioners, even the mayor, by surprise.”

The only thing that took people in City Hall by surprise was my story last Friday. Crapp’s leaving, as revealed by new emails and phone calls I received today from a handful of senior officials inside city government, not only revealed that the news was far from being a secret, but that Crapp might have started looking for a job because Mayor Tomas Regalado put pressure on him to leave.

To further support my post today about the antics of Crapp’s two Assistant City Manager’s, Johnny Martinez and Luis Cabrera, being part of a clique who had been scheming behind his back, the Herald story quoted Commission Chairman Willie Gort as saying thathe was disappointed that he didn’t hear the news directly from Crapp. “He said there was too much pressure,” said Gort, a contention Crapp would not address Monday.

The big problem for Mayor Regalado is not just that Larry Spring and/or Tony Crapp are leaving, but that there are rumblings inside the MRC building that a handful of other senior officials are fed up with Regalado’s incompetence and continual injection of unqualified individuals onto the city’s payroll, often at exorbitant salaries and benefits at a time when city workers have been forced to take salary cuts and forced time off, and that they too are looking to get off the sinking ship.

The city has been loosing money left and right, and at the same time spending money like a drunken sailor, one example being Commissioner Marc Sarnoff’s using every trick, and dollar on the books to further his re-election campaign.

The Crespo-Gram will have a story, straight from the files of the Miami Police Department about their financial problems  on Wednesday.

In usual Miami Herald fashion, they refused to acknowledge the basis of their story for Crapp’s departure, and pretended that the news dropped out of the sky.


JUNE 6, 2011


For a wrap up of the disaster that Larry Spring leaves in his wake - and something you’ll never see in the Miami Herald nor any of the business press - go to Investigation Miami and marvel at what real financial reporting is all about.

INVESTIGATION MIAMIhttp://investigationmiami.blogspot.com/

The Straw Buyer has his own wrap up of how Larry Spring supposedly engaged in a little mortgage fraud that led to a foreclosure.  To read all about it, click on the bar.


 THE STRAW BUYERhttp://thestrawbuyer.blogspot.com/

JUNE 8, 2011


In April, Mayor Tomas Regalado sent the following email to Tony Crapp:

It is my understanding that the $450,000 DOJ grant was in fact lost, and more importantly, as the following two emails from the Chief, and Assistant Chief Blom indicate, the police department incurred significant overtime costs this year.

The issue of the free Off-Duty services provided the friends of Mayor is a subject that I have addressed on several occasions, most specifically on May 18th, in my story: CASHING IN VACATION TIME HAS OPENED A PANDORA’S BOX OF MISSPENT FUNDS.

It’s a legitimate issue impacting on the budget of the police department, and the Chief is right to point the finger at the members of the City Commission for refusing to act responsibly - but then again, they too benefit from these freebies - by stopping this practice.

At the same time however, the far bigger question is why hasn’t the police department moved to fill the loss of the 49 officers?

If the budget has the money to cover the costs for 49 officers who have quit or resigned, why hasn’t the department recruited replacements?

To say on the one hand that the department has been forced to spend a couple million in overtime because of a loss of 49 officers, yet it’s not that bad because there is an overall savings due to those officers not being on the payroll is a crazy kind of circular argument.

More importantly, there are costs not necessarily calculated in dollars associated with police on the street having to put in the kinds of overtime required to cover the loss of the 49 officers:  A number incidentally which is bound to continue increasing, both through natural attrition, and through the possibility of further staff cuts if the police department, like other agencies in city government are asked to cut their budgets further next year.

Having officers on the street putting in serious overtime hours is not necessarily a guarantee that the citizenry is being better protected.  There’s enough stress on the job of a policeman during a regular shift without compounding it with forcing some officers to work a double shift.

There’s also the internal management problems associated with the orderly advancement of promotions and other management issues tied to having a full compliment of police officers.

Given the controversies that the police department has faced, the notion that they are also loosing a significant number of officers  is not a sign of good management no matter how it’s spun.


The real problem for most citizens who try to keep track of what’s going on with their government - especially city and county - is that government tends to run on a treadmill.   Everything is always moving forward.  Every 2 weeks there’s a new commission meeting.  In between, there are other meetings, and just the normal processes involved with the operation of government.

So, try as some will, the weasels like Commissioner “Ethics” Sarnoff rely on that momentum to try and keep ahead of folks like me trying to chase them down.

Sometime though, there is an opportunity to freeze frame a particular situation to provide a clearer understanding of just what kind of unprincipled, underhanded weasels these people are.

Last year the Miami City Commission passed an ordinance allowing for a Commission member who had questions or qualms about an ordinance under consideration to invoke the “5 Day Rule.”  This rule was intended to stop any further action or discussion on the ordinance for at least 5 days.

On April 14th, Commissioner Carollo was the first Commissioner to invoke the rule when he challenged the attempt by the Regalado administration, being led by Commissioner “Ethics” Sarnoff, to give  Harkley Thornton and Santiago Echemendia a questionable settlement agreement over their attempts to get in the billboard business through the use of questionable activities.

Here is how we’re freeze framing this incident so that you can appreciate what Frank Carollo, did, why he did it, and how Commissioners “Ethics” and Willie Gort - both in the bag to the billboard/mural industry - tried to thwart Carollo’s efforts to do the right thing for the citizens of Miami.

This first video is 9:58, and like the video I posted on Monday of Johnny Martinez shucking and jiving this video warrants you watching it all.  So please, if you can’t watch it now, come back.

This second video is only 1:20 long, and the exchange between Commissioner “Ethics” and Suarez came within moments after Commissioner Carollo invoked the 5 Day Rule.

The 3rd video is what happened towards the end of the meeting.  In between the 2nd and the 3rd videos, Sarnoff, Gort, Dunn and Suarez to a lesser degree attempted to try and talk Carollo into changing his mind - something that they should not have attempted.  The invoking of the 5 Day Rule should have end ALL discussion on this issue, but Sarnoff, Gort and Dunn tried their best to get the settlement approved.  As Chairman, Gort had an obligation to stop all the discussion, and move to the next item. He didn’t!

The settlement by the way, is the same settlement that was voted down at the April 21st meeting when Carollo finally demonstrated that it was a bad deal, and that Deputy Assistant Manager Johnny Martinez and Venessa Acosta had all but bent over and grabbed their ankles in an effort to give Harkley Thornton and Santiago Echemendia everything they wanted in the settlement agreement.  This video is 1:29, and pay close attention to Commissioner Dunn at the end as he turns to the City Attorney and asks for an explanation of what the 5 Day Rule means because the idiot voted for something he didn’t understand.

Having gotten you this far, I now refer you to the copy of the proposed ordinance modifying the 5 Day Rule that will be introduced at Thursday’s Commission meeting by none other than Reverend Commissioner Dunn.

That’s right, after the bullshit about congeniality on the dais, Dunn, acting once again as the sock puppet for Sarnoff is introducing an ordinance that will all but make the 5 Day Rule useless.

This is the kind of unprincipled, underhanded, devious, backstabbing bullshit that goes on at the City Commission meetings of the City of Miami, where, when a scumbag like Sarnoff doesn’t get his way, he invokes the Sock Puppet Rule and get’s the idiot Dunn to do his dirty work for him.


I’m going to let other folks deal with this rebuttal by Chief Miguel Exposito to the bullshit report that was issued late last week by retired FBI agent Paul Philip, but there is one thing that I must highlight because, while this will seem vulgar, it seems that the pissing match between the Chief and the Mayor has not abated in any way.

This is how the Chief addresses the Philips comment about the City Manager needing to start looking for a new Chief.

    “Mr. Philip stated that according to Employee Relations

    Department, I must retire by 01/12/2012 since I am on

    the deferred retirement Option Plan (DROP).  He

    therefore recommended that the City Manager consider

    advertising for a new chief, that the recruitment period

    should last no more than 45 days, that a thorough

    vetting process should take place, and that if I do not

    have a performance plan in my personnel file, the

    Employee Relations Department should address

    the issue with the next chief.

    Response:  At the present time, I have not made any

    arrangements to retire.  I will address this matter on

    January 12, 2012.”

Looks to me like the Chief pulled out his weenie and told the Mayor to kiss it.  Sorry, if I offend, but somethings need to be described as what they really are.

Below is a copy of the report for you to read.  I’m sure the Miami Herald apologizes for not making a copy available on their website, but then again, when you really want to know what’s happening in the City of Miami, you know where to come to.

JUNE 8, 2011

JUNE 8, 2011

JUNE 10, 2011


Madelin Pacheco, at right, with Ada -The Thuget - Rojas, at a City event in Little Havana.

Madelin Pacheco has caused quite a stir in recent weeks.  Rumored to be one of the Mayor’s girlfriends, and much worse, on of all places the blog WE SUPPORT REGALADO, created by Angel Zayon and a couple of his little ass kisser pals in the city’s Communication Department, Ms. Pacheco has managed to demonstrate it’s not who you know but who you......... to get a head in the City of Miami.

The Crespo-Gram Report always endeavors to get to the bottom of these kinds of stories, and, sure enough Ms. Pacheco - a former Miami Carnival Beauty Princess 25 years ago - has benefited from new levels of hocus-pocus committed by city employees in order to give her a job.

First of all, Ms. Pacheco turns out to have been hired for a job in City’s Grant’s Administration Office that didn’t even exist when she applied for a job. The job was specifically created just for her. 

(As always, click on the documents to see larger version.)

How sweet is that. In the midst of a major financial meltdown in the city, when employees are being told to tighten their belts, hundreds were being laid off, and everyone was taking a pay cut, Madelin Pacheco not only gets a waiver to be hired, but they go out and created a job just for her.

Sadly, Madelin wasn’t happy with that level of special treatment.  She didn’t like the pay.  The job only paid $55,000, and she thought that her “Special Talents” - whatever they might be - were worth more than that.  By the time that the arm twisting, email exchanges and all the other bullshit required to get Pacheco what she wanted was done, the salary went from $55,000 to $67,000.

As the portion highlighted in RED indicates, this increase in salary put a whack in the Department’s budget, but then, when you’re told to take care a one of the Mayor’s “Special Friends,” you do what you need to do.

Less than a month into her job, Pacheco asked to go to West Palm Beach to visit the opening of a new El Dorado Furniture store - She used to work for Eldorado.

A few days later, Pacheco wrote the following report of her trip - made on the taxpayer’s dollar - to visit the El Dorado store.

One is left to wonder why she had to go all the way to Palm Beach to write the above skimpy “report,” but it wasn’t long afterwards that Pacheco left the environs of the Grant’s Department and started hanging out in the Communications Department.

And hanging out is what she’s doing because no where in the city is there a single piece of paper that I could find that  authorized her transfer from Grants to Communications, and moreover, any such move would raise serious questions as to the claims made by Carlos Migoya in his above letter authorizing the job to be created where he wrote:

        “ Without a staff person in this position, the

        possibility exists for falling short of the Office

        of Grants  Administration’s goals and objectives

        for grants compliance from external funding


One grant that the City has managed to lose since Pacheco became an employee is the $450,000, Department of Justice Cold Case grant.

But then again, it would be unfair to link that loss to Madelin Pacheco’s antics of hanging out in Communications, or cruising with the Idiot Of The City, Angel Zayon, or paying her little visits to the Mayor’s Office.

No, Madelin has been a busy girl, and like I said at the beginning, she’s caused quite a stir since she’s been hanging with Zayon.  In fact, she’s become a major staple of the comments on the WE SUPPORT REGALADO blog, where one anonymous poster went so far as to write:

        “oh, my. one of the mayor supporters has just

        admitted that the mayor is fucking madelin

        pacheco's brains out...hey crespo, are you

        reading this stuff..when are you going to publish

        this news? this is hot stuff”

These blogs with all these anonymous postings, it’s enough to make you wonder why the Mayor of Miami would allow something so detrimental to his name and image to be maintained with taxpayers dollars, and on city time.

At the end of the day it matters less what happens behind the closed doors of the Mayor’s Office - maybe he and Madelin Pacheco play checkers, discuss cooking recipes or look out the window and watch the sailboats go by - as much as what is happening to the City of Miami when a blog supposedly intended to promote the Mayor’s image is instead a receptacle for anonymous scatological comments about the Mayor, his daughter, Pacheco and even me.

Worst of all, is how people in his administration were forced to create a job for this woman that pays her $67,000 from the hard earned money of Miami’s taxpayers for coming in late, leaving early and not even showing up for the job that they jiggered the paperwork to create.

Somebody should be fired over all this bullshit!