JULY 8, 2013


Last week, Michael Miller over at Miami New Times wrote a story about Aleric “AJ” Constantin, (above) who was put in jail by Miami cops - let me repeat that - he was put in jail by Miami cops, for selling ice cream without a license at the end of the last Critical Mass Bike ride.

Also last week, Melissa Sanchez wrote a story for the Miami Herald about how Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado and City Commissioner Francis Suarez are plastering the poorer parts of Miami with oversized, illegal campaign signs. Signs that you’ll not find in Coconut Grove or the upper Eastside where they might upset the visual sensibilities of Miami’s wealthier folks.

Unlike Constantin, who’s ass was put in jail for selling ice cream from his bicycle, Sanchez’s article explained why nothing has happened to Regalado and Suarez, or to the illegal signs they have been putting up.

            “Orlando Diez, director of the Code Compliance Office did

            nor respond to several messages left on his cell phone,

            email and with  the city spokesman this week.  Sources

            at City Hall say that Diez’s office has received several

            complaints in recent weeks about the illegal signs but

             has avoided the issue to avoid getting drawn into politics.”

So one guy gets thrown in jail for supposedly selling ice cream to his fellow bikers without a license - can everyone remember all of the maquinitas that I and others wrote about for the last two years that operated illegally without anyone going to jail, much less being seized for not being licensed - while the Mayor and a City Commissioner get a free pass on multiple counts of violating the law because the Director of Code Enforcement is a pussy, afraid of getting involved in “politics.”  How did he get his job as the Director of the Department, if not through politics?

As unfair as that appears, things are actually a lot worse in the City of Miami’s Building, Planning and Zoning Departments, because under the Regalado administration key people with both the institutional memory and the courage to say “No” have been fired and/or forced to resign so that more ass kissers and morons like Diez can be put in their jobs.

If you think Diez was a pussy for refusing to enforce the law over some dinky illegal campaign signs, how do you think he might be behaving when confronted by some developer or contractor whose part of the Regaladoland “Family and Friend’s Plan.”

It’s getting so bad in these departments that the following comment was recently posted on the website Curbed Miami.


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