MARCH 9, 2012



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It seems that the stress of waking up every morning and trying to figure out whether he wants to be the Acting Assistant City Manager or Deputy Police Chief - one requires dressing up in a uniform - has finally started to take a toll on the formally fun-loving Luis Cabrera.

On Wednesday afternoon, Luis lost it at City Hall and went all gangsta on me.  It’s all in the letter below that I was forced to write the City Manager and Chief of Police.

And here I was thinking that we had put our past differences behind us, after the City Manager made it clear I was to be allowed back into the MRC Building.

Not surprisingly, given that he probabaly realized as he was doing his crazy shit that he was out of line, Cabrera, according to Chief of Police Orosa, called him up on Thursday afternoon to complain that I had threatened HIM.

I love Luis and his delusions. I’m 70 yeras old, 2 bum knees, a shoulder that still give me trouble from rotator cuff surgery, and I’m going to threaten him, knowing that he carries a gun.

I was never that stupid when I was stupid.

Cabrera keeps making these claims that I go around threatening people, but he never details just what my threats are.  Am I threatening to beat up people?  Am I going to take their lunch money?  Am I going to tickle them? 

Cabrera uses the emails of someone who has threatened city employees, and tries to link me by association by including those emails in emails he writes about me.  Yes Luis, I have the GM emails. I know what you’ve been doing. 

The only “threats” I’ve ever made to anyone in the City of Miami is that I will sue them if they jerk me around on giving me public records, and those aren’t threats, they’re pointed warnings for folks to obey the law, because I have and will sue.

In any event, I don’t have video of our little confrontation, but here is the video of the first time Luis barred me from the MRC Building, and he and I had words that shows how quick he is to lose it, followed by my letter.

March 8, 2012


Mr. Johnny Martinez

City Manager

City of Miami

3500 Pan American Drive

Miami, FL


Chief Manuel Orosa

Chief of Police

City of Miami

400 NW 2nd Avenue

Miami, FL






Yesterday, on the afternoon of March 7th, I went to Miami City Hall to inquire of the City Clerk’s officer whether Mayor Tomas Regalado had filed the revised financial reports he had agreed to as part of the settlement of the Ethics Commission complaint I filed against him.


During the period of time that I was at the Clerk’s Office I was passed several times by Mr. Placido Diaz, staff to Commissioner Gort, who I have written about unflatteringly on my website. 


After I left the Clerk’s Office, I went to the Men’s bathroom, and while there looked out the window and saw Mr. Luis Cabrera’s Black SUV parked in a funny manner in the middle of the street in front of City Hall.  Mr. Cabrera within a short period of time, moved the SUV into a parking spot, got out and walked towards the front of City Hall.


I left the bathroom, and walked to the Lobby.  Mr. Cabrera entered the building as I was leaving and he gave me a dirty look.  In response I laughingly said, “You didn’t come back just for me, did you?”


The implication was, as we all know, that both Mr. Cabrera and Mr. Angel Zayon are constantly fixated on knowing my whereabouts whenever I’m inside a city owned building, and that Placido Diaz had called Cabrera telling him I was in the building.


Mr. Cabrera became angry and started telling me, ”I don’t have nothing for you, bro!” and “Don’t mess with me!”


I looked at him, and proceeded to walk out to my car.


Mr. Cabrera followed me, and as I stood trying to unlock my door, Mr. Cabrera stood in the open doorway of the Exit doors to City Hall and started telling me in a loud voice that I needed to start respecting him.


I responded by saying, “You want me to respect you?  Do you respect me?”


He responded by saying, “I don’t have to!”  After a couple more demands that I respect him, I replied that Mr. Cabrera needed to get over it because he was a public official.


I proceeded to get in my car, and he went back inside the building.


As I inserted the key in the ignition, Mr. Cabrera came out of the entrance doors of City Hall, and proceeded to gesture with both hands for me to get out of my car, and come stand in front of him.


It’s the kind of gangsta gestures so popular in music videos and movies about tough guys who want to everybody to think they’re tough.


My windows were closed so I didn’t hear what he was saying, but I basically laughed it off, started my car and drove away.


Given Mr. Cabrera’s well-known history of emotional instability and problems with anger management, it’s evident that I have to consider that Mr. Cabrera now represents both a threat to me, and to any citizens nearby if he, continuing to act in this manner, should on some occasion either attack me physically or pull out his gun and start shooting.

I must point out that I am 70 years old with physical disabilities, and that any attack on my person would be prosecutable under the statutes that protect Senior Citizens.


Therefore, this is a formal notice and complaint to both the City of Miami, and the Miami Police Department, that the Acting Assistant City Manager/Deputy Police Chief Luis Cabrera was acting in a threatening manner that I believe represents an overt threat to my safety.

I am the last person that he needs to concern himself with regarding his desire for respect.  Mr. Cabrera’s problems concerning his belief that he is not held in high respect starts and ends with his fellow police officers and the large numbers of city employees who see him as a subject of derision and ridicule as a result of his past behavior.

I’ve never made fun or ridiculed Mr. Cabrera on the Miami Police Bulletin Board site LEO Affairs like so many of his fellow officers have.  His problems with respect lies with the people who know him best, and who have worked with, or for him, during his career on the police force.

Therefore, please instruct your employee to refrain from any further threatening comments and/or gestures against me or I will go to Court and file for a Restraining Order against him. 


In any event, I believe that this incident reveals that you have a ticking time bomb on your hands with Mr. Cabrera, and I would suggest that you take the appropriate steps to protect the citizens of Miami, because if one day he goes off, the outcome could result in tragic consequences for all involved, and could result in taxpayers finding themselves with a humongous financial payout on their hands for his uncontrollable behavior.





Al Crespo