JANUARY 30, 2013


03-12-2010  Robert Steward arrest

00:05 Al Matias: Hey Sarge

00:11 Sgt. Raul Iglesias: Go ahead

00:13 Al Matias: On this one we’re gonna have to wear our gear, we’re gonna have to wear our gear on this one.

00:19 Sgt. Raul Iglesias: “QSL” (acknowledgement), Hey you want to name a small little staging area close by so we can gear up and talk about this real quick?

00:27 Al Matias: Yeah come to ahh, 5 and ahh, 24 street.  Make it ahh, west of ahh, 5 avenue and 24 street.

00:41 Sgt. Raul Iglesias: QSL, alright guys, 5 and 24, staging area ahh, I guess Lui and Matias will brief us.

00:53 Willie B. Smith: Sarge you want me to lose control of the area?  I got a good setup here….(inaudible).

01:07 Sgt. Raul Iglesias:  “QSL” (Acknowledgement), if you got a good eyeball Willie please ahh, just ahh, stay put.  I call one of the units that’s there , I got ahh, there number.  I’ll call’em and tell them to clear, and ahh, everyone else bring your battle buddy and your battle rattle.

01:25 Luis Valdez: Hey guys, make it 546 24 street, 564 24 street, Al bring it over here we can pull in.

01:38 Luis Valdez: Al, Al.

01:42 Al Matias: Yeah, give me a second.

01:49 Willie B. Smith: Ok the target building is gonna be 1923 northwest 2 court, 1923 northwest 2 court is the target building, where the subject is supposed to be.  I got a good eyeball, whenever Al briefs you guys and you want to come in, I’m already here.

02:07 Suberto Hernandez: “QSL” (Acknowledgement) B.

02:14 Willie B. Smith: I got a guy walking passed the location with an orange hat, white t-shirt, white pants, he’s holding his waist like he’s got a gun in it and (inaudible) in the right front pocket, and he’s gonna walk westbound on 20th street.  Just advising.

02:35 Sgt. Raul Iglesias: “QSL” (Acknowledgement) Willie.

02:41 Willie B. Smith: (inaudible) a dark object.  Going westbound.

02:53 Willie B. Smith: He just served a fat guy, a big huge fat guy.

03:10 Willie B. Smith: This guy don’t match the description of the guy you guys gave me and he came from the building on the east side of the road across from 1923 and he’s gonna go back to the store, fat boy is.

03:26 Luis Valdez: I’m gonna take the school, I’m gonna take the school.

03:31 Sgt. Raul Iglesias: “QSL” (Acknowledgement)

03:37 Willie B. Smith: (inaudible)

03:41 Luis Valdez: No dude (inaudible) Al is pulling up to the store in a few minutes.

03:51 Luis Valdez: I’m gonna take the school cause that’s the way their gonna run.

04:00 Willie B. Smith: (inaudible)

04:11 Willie B. Smith: Al let me know something when you’re coming in.

04:22 Sgt. Raul Iglesias: Al, you heard B?

04:24 Al Matias: I got it B, I got it, I’ll let you know as soon as I pull off.

04:34 Al Matias: “QSL” (Acknowledgement)

04:41 Al Matias: Alright B, I’m gonna be on 6 avenue going westbound on 20 street, correction, eastbound on 20 street.

04:55 Luis Valdez: Alright guys they closed the gates now, I can’t get into the school, but I could see the whole, the whole basketball court from here.

05:07 Al Matias: Alright B, I’m going to be approaching third avenue and 20 street.

05:17 Al Matias: Ok ahh, there’s a patrol unit right on third avenue guys.

05:25 Roberto Asanza: Yeah, the sarge is going to get on the air and have them clear.

05:30 Al Matias: Ok I’m gonna have to give it about five minutes until that guy clears, then comeback.

05:42 Al Matias: Hey ahh sarge, you want to try 1740, same location we did yesterday?

05:49 Rossicia Allan: What’s up with 20?

05:53 Al Matias: There’s a patrol unit right there and they’re not going to serve him.

05:59 Sgt. Raul iglesias: Hey, I just cleared them ok, they, I just got on the air and (inaudible) just left.

06:08 Al Matias: Alright we’re probably gonna have to give it another five minutes ah, in order to go in there, cause they’re not going to serve.  You wanna try 1740 ahh, 1 place?

06:22 Sgt. Raul Iglesias: Emm, just, let’s not leave right now cause I’m in a good position, I know Willie B is as well, and ahhm, as soon as the patrol car left people started coming out of the wood works.

06:36 Al Matias: Alright “QSL” (acknowledgment) ahh, B just let me know when to go in, when the coast is clear I’m gonna give it about five minutes and I’m gonna start driving back.

06:52 Willie B. Smith: Yeah, just let me verify where the location is.  You’re going to 20th street or 21st street?

07:06 Al Matias: Alright I’m gonna give it ahh, three more minutes and I’m gonna start ahh, rolling.

07:12 Willie B. Smith: “QSL” (Acknowledgement) your point of contact is going to be the person with the cane.

07:23 Al Matias: B, according to my “Charlie” (C.I.), these guys are young.

07:34 Willie B. Smith: Alright, I don’t see no young people out there but ok, waiting on you guys.

07:40 Al Matias: Alright “QSL” (acknowledgement).

07:46 Al Matias: Alright guys, I just arrived at the store.  Ahh, “Charlie” (C.I.) is going to be getting out.

07:56 Al Matias: The “Charlie” (C.I.) got a white yellow and blue striped shirt with dark blue jeans.

08:08 Roberto Asanza: Yeah, we can see him Al, he just went inside right there in the first structure on ahh, right here on 20th street across from the store.

08:24 Willie B. Smith: He’s behind the car right?

08:25 Al Matias: He’s behind the, hold on, he’s walking now.

08:33 Willie B. Smith: (inaudible) northwest corner.

08:42 Willie B. Smith: This is the same parking lot Iglesias had his incident at.

08:48 Sgt. Raul Iglesias: “QSL” (acknowledgement) that’s the same spot.

08:56 Luis Valdez: Al, you got a visual?

09:02 Al Matias: Alright he’s behind the building, he’s behind the building.

09:12 Sgt. Raul Iglesias: North right? North building?

09:22 Sgt. Raul Iglesias: Hey Willie, you see the little guy also with the back pack?  White guy with a backpack just walked in he’s being led by some young guy.

09:29 Willie B. Smith: And the other guy is coming back out of the other parking lot (unaudible).

09:42 Sgt. Raul Iglesias: He got called back by that black skinny female.  She was hanging around inside the store.  Long, like a sweat jacket.

09:55 Willie B. Smith: The guy that’s calling them back had on a black skully, a light colored jacket, blue jeans pants, he’s picking up the stash from over by a truck in the next parking lot, he’s taking them back now to meet with the guy in back of 2030, wait 2030 something, that’s all I can see.

10:18 Sgt. Raul Iglesias: So Willie, we got to enter that first entrance when we go down 3rd, right?

10:24 Willie B. Smith: Come in the second parking lot and somebody gotta come in the first parking lot.  The seller just walked into the second parking lot and called everybody back, he called everybody, he got a black skully, a like gray in color jacket (inaudible) he got on blue jean pants.  He’s over there with everybody now in the back of the building.

10:50 Rossicia Allan: Remember sarge I told you so I’m gonna have to come in the second on entrance cause they can leap frog all the way back north going northbound or they can go out toward Lui.

11:01 Sgt. Raul Iglesias: OK “QSL” (Acknowledgement).

11:06 Willie B. Smith: He got served Matias, he’s running back to you now, everybody got served, everybody got served.

11:19 Willie B. Smith: He’s got the whole bomb in his hand, he got the whole bomb in his hand right now.

11:25 Sgt. Raul Iglesias: Ok “QSM” (repeat) description again, black skully, black male, gray jacket.

11:30 Willie B. Smith: Yeah gray jacket, if you go back there now he’s going to take off running.  He’s got the whole bomb in his hand right now.

11:37 Sgt. Raul Iglesias: Ok Al, Matias advise.

11:40 Al Matias: Send em, send em in guys, go in the first parking lot, first parkinglot, send em in.

11:49 Al Matias: Move in, move in, move in.

11:51 Rossicia Allen: I’m at 3 and 20, I’m at 3 and 20 doing the turn.

11:57 Sgt. Raul Iglesias: Alright we’re going to take the second.

12:00 Willie B. Smith: (inaudible) parking lot (inaudible) straight, straight, go head, go head, go head guys, go head, go head both of you guys.  Right to the back, the northwest and southwest.

12:19 Rossicia Allan: breezeway, he’s running, he’s coming back toward us.

12:27 Willie B. Smith: Suberto, he’s going towards the projects.

12:38 Willie B. Smith: He crossed 20th street, he crossed 20th street.

12:47 Rossicia Allan: He’s going to the store; he’s in front of the store.

12:55 Rossicia Allan: At 20.

12:56 Sgt. Raul Iglesias: Alright we’re pulling in.

12:59 Willie B. Smith: (inaudible) he took the hat off, he’s got on long dreads, he took the hat off.

13:09 Sgt. Raul Iglesias: Asanza, are you “QRU” (OK)?

13:13 Willie B. Smith: Asanza’s over here at the store, he’s in the back of the store.

13:15 Luis Vladez: We’re in the store, hold on a second.

13:19 Roberto Asanza: Dada, are you “QRU” (OK) in the back?

13:34 Sgt. Raul Iglesias: Suberto

13:36 Suberto Hernandez: (inaudible) checking the inside of the store in the back.

13:38 Sgt. Raul Iglesias: No, I think Dada got him.

13:41 Suberto Hernandez: (inaudible) the first guy that Dada got in the front (unaudible) but we’re double checking the rear of the store.

13:47 Sgt. Raul Iglesias: “QSL” (Acknowledgement).

13:50 Sgt. Raul Iglesias: Hey Willie can you stay in the rear of the location, my , I got my windows open on my vehicle.

14:02 Luis Valdez: We got him in the back; we got him in the back hiding in the bathroom.

14:06 Sgt. Raul Iglesias: We got him in the back.

14:17 Sgt. Raul Iglesias: Alright good to go, ahh, we’re bringing him out.

14:28 Al Matias: Guys, you guys need to re-track ahh, he was running through the parking lot and according to my “Charlie” (C.I.). He had the gun in his hand.

14:41 Al Matias: You guys copy?

14:53 Al Matias: When he went up to the “Charlie” (C.I.), he had the gun on him guys.

15:07 Roberto Asanza: Lui, where you at?

15:12 Luis Valdez: In the back, in the back of the Arab store.  He was hiding in the bathroom.

15:19 Roberto Asanza: You have ahh, (inaudible) where he was running so I can retrace the tracks just in case.

15:44 Sgt. Raul Iglesias: Hey ahh, Willie B.

15:52 Sgt. Raul Iglesias: Willie B, Willie B.

15:59 Sgt. Raul Iglesias: Willie B, we need you, we need you, Willie B.

16:07 Al Matias: Sarge I believe he was on the working channel when you guys were taking down the subject in the store. Ahh, to get ahh, one of the individuals stopped.  One of the white males that also ahh, purchased while I was in the hole.

16:19 Sgt. Raul Iglesias: Do me a favor Matias, can you come and park somewhere you can keep an eye on Lui’s vehicle cause me and Matias are going to go into the projects to backtrack.

16:39 Suberto Hernandez: Sarge.

16:40 Sgt. Raul Iglesias: Go head.

16:41 Suberto Hernandez: We got the gun, we got the gun.

16:43 Sgt. Raul Iglesias: Good job Suberto.

16:47 Suberto Hernandez: It’s actually Lui, ahh Lui spotted it, it’s a Dirty Harry special.

16:53 Luis Valdez: You’re going to like this one, it’s fully loaded.

16:58 Sgt. Raul Iglesias: Is it like the penguin special from the Batman where Michael Keaton plays Batman?

17:05 Luis Valdez: Actually sarge.

17:10 Luis Valdez: Actually sarge, it’s gonna be a Dirty Harry special, it’s a Colt 357 magnum.

17:18 Sgt. Raul Iglesias: Nice!

17:22 Sgt. Raul Iglesias: Hey, good job guys.

17:25 Al Matias: Hey ahh, do me a favor guys, ahh let me have the exact “QTH” (location) from ahh, where the firearm was recovered cause that’s where he sold to me and my “Charlie” (C.I.) and ahh give me the exact ahh, name of that development there.

17:48 Luis Valdez: It’s going to be a recovery, owner is ahh (unaudible), they don’t keep no weapons in the back.  (unaudible) next to the bathroom where the subject was hiding.

18:01 Sgt. Raul Iglesias: “QSL” (acknowledgement), ok lets ahh, wrap him up, hey ahh Matias its going to be 2252 northwest 3rd avenue, 2052 northwest 3rd avenue, Rainbow projects.

18:19 Al Matias: 22 correction, 2052 northwest 3rd avenue.

18:22 Al Matias: Correct?

18:24 Sgt. Raul Iglesias: “QSL” (Acknowledgement) and just put, in the parking lot.

18:34 Luis Valdez: Sarge, you want me to recover the weapon, or ahh wait for I.D.?

18:42 Sgt. Raul Iglesias: If you could ahh, if you could ahh, pick it up and we could transport it without molesting it that much, we’ll request I.D. and have them meet us at prisoner processing.  They’ll ahh, process the weapon there.

18:57 Luis Valdez: We could remove it without (unaudible).

19:07 Sgt. Raul Iglesias: As long as you don’t do the Suberto which is ahh picking the revolver up fully loaded with the pencil ahh where the trigger is.

19:22 Sgt. Raul Iglesias: That’s doing the Barnabe Jones special.

19:31 Al Matias: Hey ahh sarge, when you get a chance, can you “02” (call) me?

19:33 Sgt. Raul Iglesias: “QSL” (Acknowledgement)

19:41 Willie B. Smith: Hey sarge.

19:48 Willie B. Smith: Dada.

19:50 Rossicia Allan: “QSK” (Go ahead).

19:53 Willie B. Smith: You know the guy? He ahh (inaudible), he diarrhea, not defecated, he diarrhea all over the place.

20:08 Rossicia Allan:  Really? Where?

20:11 Willie B. Smith: You know the fat guy that bought that kept walking ahh eastbound that I asked them to go get?

20:19 Rossicia Allan: Boo Boo?

20:21 Willie B. Smith: Worse than Boo Boo.

20:28 Rossicia Allan: That means this fellow was (inaudible). 

20:32 Willie B. Smith: That was, he did it when I got out of the car and grabbed him, he thought I was a robber he said.

20:40 Rossicia Allan: (laughing)

20:46 Willie B. Smith: (inaudible)

20:51 Rossicia Allan: (inaudible)

20:57 Willie B. Smith: (inaudible)

21:00 Rosscia Allan: I’ve seen her before.

21:08 Willie B. Smith: I’ll head back over that way; I don’t need to be seen on this one.

21:18 Al Matias: Papo, you guys are bringing it.

21:25 Sgt. Raul Iglesias: Hey Suberto make sure you get the exact “QTH” (location) of the Arab store and ahh, and whatever “QTH’s” (locations) we need and times and lets ahh, take it to central so we can call I.D. and get the paper work started.

21:43 Sgt. Raul Iglesias: Hey ahh, call it out again Matias, you said ahh, Miami and 23?

21:47 Al Matias: Yeah Miami and 23.

21:52 Sgt. Raul Iglesias: “QSL” (acknowledgement), hey ahh Asanza, bring your “Charlie” (C.I.) to Miami and 23 ok, so we can ahh take care of them and we can cut them loose.

22:03 Roberto Asanza: Alright “QSL” (acknowledged), Dada will be driving my car, I’m going out with the 39 in the back on Lui’s truck.

22:12 Sgt. Raul Iglesias: Ok

22:13 Rossicia Allan: I’ll meet you at Miami and 23.

22:20 (inaudible)

22:27 Sgt. Raul Iglesias: Hold on brother.

22:35 Luis Valdez: Al, you on?

22:40 Al Matias: Go head.

22:43 Luis Valdez: Was I the only one or did you also say that he was running with the gun in his hand?

22:49 Al Matias: Papo, when I went with the “Charlie” (C.I.) he had the gun already, I saw it, it’s like one of those ahh, it’s like one of those umm Clint Eastwood long revolvers.

23:01 Luis Valdez: That’s what I recovered, that’s what I saw him running across 20th street with.

23:09 Al Matias: Alright, “QSL” ( acknowledge) you guys are taking him ahh to central right?

23:15 Luis Valdez: I thought we were gonna meet at the spot?

23:19 Al Matias: No negative, don’t bring him here.

23:21 Luis Valdez: Suberto, you behind me?

23:24 Suberto Hernandez: Yeah I am, I’ll turn around.

23:27 Luis Valdez: Let’s take it to central.

23:32 Suberto Hernandez: “QSL” (acknowledgement)