MARCH 18, 2013


For almost three and a half years, Tomas Regalado has been Mayor of Miami.  He has bumbled, stumbled and lied his way through those years, demonstrating that even a moron can be the Mayor of Miami, as long as he sucks up to the mostly old Cuban voters who are corralled every election year like cattle by the Absentee Ballot operators, and who always know to vote for Regalado because he gives them holiday turkeys and birthday cakes.

One of the biggest under-reported scandals of Regalado administration was how he allowed a guy “who had been charged in a federal racketeering case with Jose Miguel Battle” - the leader of what is called The Cuban Mafia - and who was a major owner of maquinitas, to sit in on the decisions that led to the crafting of the Ordinance to allow maquinita owners to get City licenses for these machines.

When the Chief of Police stood up against the Mayor, who opposed the Chief’s decision to conduct raids against these machines, it led to a battle royal that first resulted in an attempt to bribe the Chief to leave office, aided and abetted by the City Attorney who’s private settlement account was the source of the funds for the check that was issued, and when that didn’t work, to fire the Chief.

When it came time to present the case against the Chief before the City Commission, the City Manager, Johnny “The Doormat” Martinez proved so incapable of doing the job that out of nowhere, the lawyer Al Millian was brought in to represent the City Manager against the Chief, like a relief pitcher who had been warming up in the bullpen being brought in to save the game in the last inning.

Millan was a lawyer who represented the maquinita owners, and he made no bones about the fact that his “clients” had no problem with his being there, because they agreed with the City Manager’s decision that the Chief needed to be fired.

The video tape of what happened in City Hall during that hearing says a lot about the cowardly behavior of the City Commissioners allowing this charade to happen.  Even on drugs you’d be hard pressed to make up a scene in a movie like the one below in which a lawyer says he got the okay from his “clients” to do a good deed in representing the City Manager so they could get rid of a Chief of Police who had confiscated hundreds of  their illegal gambling machines.

Now, 18 months after that incident, and 2 1/2 years after the Ordinance was passed by this same cowardly City Commission, none of these machines have ever been licensed because one responsible city official all along said they were illegal and refused to issue any of them a license.

Yesterday, Tomas Regalado finally acknowledged to the Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald that the machines are in fact illegal.

But, as bad as that makes Regalado look after years of denying this obvious fact was his even more stupid claim in the Herald that when asked why none of these illegal machines had ever been ticketed for being illegal, he answered:

“It’s because we don’t know where these machines are. 

Usually they have them in back rooms, where we don’t 

go, unless it’s the police.”

Really?  He doesn’t know where these machines are?  In June of 2012, I wrote a major story about these maquinitas, called THIS IS WHAT CORRUPTION LOOKS LIKE

In that story I published a photograph taken by Mike Hatami, a fellow blogger who publishes The Straw Buyer, of 3 maquinita machines in a cafeteria located in the lobby of 330 SW 27th Avenue. The building houses the Latin radio station La Poderosa, 670 AM on the dial.

The Mayor’s daughter, Raquel does a radio show on that station every day.  The Mayor shows up at least once a week to get free air time.  Even if the Mayor claims that he doesn’t read this blog, everybody around the Mayor does, so the chances are that at least one person close to the Mayor - maybe even Hotlips - had to have told him about those maquinitas in the lobby of that building last summer.

Just this week, as part of a new story tied to what’s happening with the internet gambling machines I personally went to that restaurant and wrote another story which you can see below.  The Miami Herald story also featured that cafeteria.

If looking through the window of the cafeteria and seeing the maquinitas was too hard for the Mayor, he might just reach around and he’d probably find a maquinita sticking out of his ass, because that’s the same place that the maquinita owners have been sticking their campaign contributions for years.

The Mayor of Miami is a liar, he’s corrupt, and if the Legislature for some reason falters in the next couple weeks and doesn’t outlaw all the maquinitas and all the other internet gambling machines throughout the state, watch as see how fast this phony will rethink his opinion that these machines are illegal!



At Monday’s Florida Senate hearing on the gambling machines, Miami lobbyist Ron Book spoke on behalf of his clients, Magic City Casino, which has a vested interest in fighting unlicensed and untaxed gambling machines.   Much of Book’s testimoney was about the maquinitas in Miami, and at the end he cited how the Chief of Police of Miami was fired over these machines.  His testimoney starts at 89:29 on the tape.
THE FLORIDA SENATE HEARINGhttp://thefloridachannel.org/video/31813-senate-gaming-committee/


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