MAY 30 - JUNE 3


Last week, approximately 16% of the eligible voters in Miami-Dade County voted for a new Mayor, and against changes to the County Charter.

The run-off election in June is expected to see an even lower turnout.

At the same time, people complain, whine, bitch and curse politicians. The local news media only skims the most obvious examples of corruption, and figures there’s nobody who cares or is willing to spend time in understanding the deeper issues that make Miami-Dade County one of the most corrupt counties in America.

The State Attorney not only condones the behavior of politicians, but sets her own bad example by being the biggest beneficiary of gifts and swag from those seeking influence - in large part only because she actually reports the free tickets, party favors and the rest.

It’s this swamp of corruption and apathy that prompted me to go looking for some of George Carlin’s rants whose always been a critical observer of society. I offer you the above video as a partial explanation of why the fucking you are getting at the hands of your elected officials is one that is richly deserved, and why our fellow blogger Take Back Miami decided to call it quits.

When more people are excited about a bunch of rich, basketball players than the person who could actually make decisions that could impact THEIR lives - in very bad ways, if the wrong candidate is chosen - then George Carlin has a message for YOU!


Periodically I go through our files to look for stories that fell through the cracks, and over the weekend I found this one.

Last October, when the Mayor and his supporters - who wanted to take over the Miami Parking Authority through a referendum - and the folks at the MPA, who were understandably fighting off the attempt - were locked in a battle royal.  One of the things that the Mayor did to support his side of the argument was to  ask the State Attorney’s office to investigate the actions of the MPA.

He had justifiable cause, but unfortunately, the investigation would have been handled by none other than Joe Centerino, head of Public Corruption. 

Well, it’s now 7 plus months later, and obviously no investigation ever took place, although given the questionable expenditures of Art Noriega, the MPA’s Executive Director, and others associated with the MPA that were revealed at the time, along with the inability of Noriega to come up with the identity of over 50 people who received “City-Wide” parking decals over the last several years, this is certainly one agency that definitely warrants looking into.

Just the allegations that continue to swirl about how the MPA was complicit in arranging for Commissioner Sarnoff to get his hands on a “Green Car,” originally purchased by the MPA - which he didn’t keep after he milked his ownership of the car for all the PR value he could reap, is something that warrants looking into.

Access to mountains of cash, questionable junkets and lavish expenses, the inability to account for thousands - if not several tens of thousands of dollars in “freebie” parking decals, and even I have to side with the Mayor on this one.

Where’s the investigation!?!  Oh, that’s right, Joe Centerino’s still sitting on it.

MAY 31, 2011

MAY 30, 2011

JUNE 1, 2011

In a real American city, when the Mayor goes on a supposed economic development trip overseas, it would be considered news, and someone at City Hall would be expected to issue a press release announcing the trip, the destinations and who was traveling with the Mayor.

In the Banana Republic of Miami, Tomas Regalado slunk out of town late last week for Taiwan and other Far East locations - most likely including Communist China - like a deadbeat slinking out of a hotel via the back door to avoid paying the bill.

When I wrote the Mayor’s personal PR guy Pat Santangelo, and asked him, “I see the Mayor's off to foreign lands.  Do you have a list of his official traveling party?,” I got the following response:

              “Hello Al,

              I do not know who is travelling with him.

                                                  Pat Santangelo”

Imagine that!?!  The Mayor’s personal PR guy, who’s on the City payroll for $40,000 plus a year, and he’s clueless as to who’s traveling around the Far East with the Mayor on the taxpayers dime.

The next person one would normally turn to for this information would be the City’s Communication’s Director, but here too you’ve got problems. The Idiot Of The City Angel Zayon hasn’t posted any news of consequence on the City’s Media Center since May 10th.


However, since the Mayor believes in being one with the “peeples,” it appears that he’s forsaken traditional methods of communication for the quasi-official blog being published out of Zayon’s Communication’s Office.

Here, straight from the blog is a report on the Mayor’s activities in Taiwan.

    “During a press conference that was attended by many    

    important people in Taiwan, Mayor Regalado encouraged

   Taiwan to do business in Miami saying that our city is the

    "Wall Street" of the south.

    “We want to explore the possibility of increasing the

    Taiwanese presence in Miami," says Mayor Regalado,

    adding that Miami is very welcoming to all Asian peoples.

    The mayor is especially interested in the marine sector

    saying that "We have several marinas and facilities in the

    rivers of Miami."

    Mayor Regalado also promised the Taiwan government

    that he would use his great influence in the Congress to

    ask them to allow Taiwan people to visit the United States

    without a visa saying it is a "no brainer" and that he would

    contact his great friend U.S. Senator Marco Rubio to help


The Mayor never ceases to amaze.  Imagine, he went all the way to Taiwan to announce that Miami has more than one river.  I wonder when it was discovered, and what the river’s name is?

The best part is the Mayor’s pledge to “contact his great friend U.S. Senator Marco Rubio,” in order to get him to sponsor the easing of travel visas for folks from Taiwan.  This is the same “great friend” that last month had an aide send the Mayor a message saying, "Senator Rubio has decided not to introduce or co-sponsor CDBG legislation at this time."

Since the Mayor’s “great friend” was called a fag, by none other than the Mayor’s 4th son, the aforementioned Idiot Of The City Angel Zayon, the only “no brainer” is that Marco Rubio would support visa free travel to Cuba before doing Regalado any favors.

It will be interesting to learn who did go to China with the Mayor, and already folks on the blog came up with the names of Raquelita - Just call me Evita - Regalado, and Luis  - Consider me Chief of Police in waiting - Cabrera.

As always, even though the Miami Herald has the intrepid Chuck Rabin on the beat, he sitting in the Commission Chambers picking his nose and waiting for the next Commission meeting, clueless that the Mayor left town last week.

The real question that inquiring minds want to know is which girlfriend did he take?  The one for show, or the one for action?

Yes Tomasito, I know all about you and “Hot Lips” cavorting in your office.

JUNE 3, 2011 - 11:04 AM


On Thursday afternoon, rumors started making the rounds that Tony Crapp, embattled City Manager had decided to resign.

Crapp, who’s career as a public servant was devoted largely to serving as an assistant to Regalado, starting when Regalado was a City Commissioner, and continuing after Regalado became Mayor, culminating in Regalado rewarding Crapp by appointing him City Manager in January of this year.

Regalado, through a staff member denied the existence of a resignation letter when asked on Thursday afternoon, but then this isn’t the first time that Regalado and/or City Officials have refused to acknowledge information I have obtained. Those stories - like the recent Jose Marrero driveway story - all turned out to be true, and the Crespo-Gram Report believes that both the rumors and his sources are correct, and that Crapp has resigned and that next week’s Commission meeting will be his last.

The Mayor is understandably pissed at my revelations in the story of his going to Taiwan last week that he has acquired a new “girlfriend” who is reported to join him for intimate moments in his office, which no doubt influenced his judgement on denying the existence of a resignation letter.

This revelation led to an anonymous city employee going on the new We Support Regalado blog created by “4th Son” and Idiot Of The City, Angel Zayon, on city time and using city resources, to provide a name and details about this alleged “girlfriend.” This can only represent another headache for the Mayor and the city as more employees start using the site to vent their anger and frustration over what is going on at City Hall. As the saying goes: “No good deed goes unpunished.” So take a bow Angel, your devotion to Papi is about to pay unexpected dividends.


Tony Crapp became the subject of criticism almost from his first day as Manager for his refusal to fire Chief of Police Miguel Exposito over a number of issues including, but not limited to, the 7 shootings by police in Miami’s ghettos, choosing instead to defer any decision until after a report he commissioned by retired FBI agent Paul Philip, who Crapp hired as a consultant. (See that story below.)

With the release of the report on Thursday evening, which as predicted here on the May 11th Crespo-Gram Report,  provides the Chief with the cover to remain on the job until he is forced to retire at the end of his DROP next January, it would appear that Crapp has decided that this is about as good a time as any to resign and avoid even bigger problems coming down the road for him and the city should he remain as Manager.

The decision to resign should serve as a wake-up call to just how serious the problems inside the City of Miami have become, because Crapp, although leaving with a sizable pension, none-the-less could have had a larger pension had he hung on till next January.


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to appreciate that the city is in a very serious financial quagmire, and that nothing short of the city winning $100 MILLION or more in a Powerball Jackpot would begin to relieve the problems.

For Crapp, who has negligible financial experience, and surrounded by a staff also financially illiterate, the city’s finances have been a huge problem from Day 1.

When the smartest financial guy in the room is Three-Card- Monty scammer Chief Financial Officer Larry Spring, who’s managed to screw the pooch in almost every which way possible - from illegally transferring restricted funds into the General Fund as a way to “balance” the books, to all of the other slight-of-hand book keeping schemes and deals, anyone with even a modicum of sense would start looking for a door to run out of as the time grew near to deal with the coming year’s budget.

Among the problems that have no ready solution are the almost $7 million shortfall created by a Red Light Camera deal that failed to consider that drivers would smarten up and quit running red lights, and the soon to be revealed explosive news about the millions of dollars in unfunded expenses by the Miami Police Department.

As previously revealed in the May 18th Crespo-Gram Report story about Major Al Alvarez’s cashing in 300 hours of vacation pay, the Miami Police Department has incurred hundreds of thousands of dollars in unfunded Off-Duty police   services for any number of events that considered the City - and especially the Mayor - as their Sugar Daddy - when it came to providing free city services.

Worse for the police department are the millions in overtime paid to officers because of what many feel has been the mismanagement of resources in transferring so many officers from regular street duty to specialized units.

A number of financial projections from this current budget have turned out to be next to useless, and even the latest slight-of-hand bond deal detailed in a recent series of  Investigation Miami stories cannot gloss over the jolt that will come by late summer as new demands will be put on city employees to give up additional wages and benefits.


Crapp’s resignation makes him the 3rd City Manager to leave in less than a year and a half.  First to go was Pete Hernandez who was forced out in late March 2010, followed by Carlos Migoya, who although he came in claiming he was doing the job as a dollar a year volunteer, at the end of that year was doing his best to get the Mayor to allow him to remain, as long as he got paid, and now here we have Tony Crapp leaving after approximately 6 months on the job.

Whoever agrees to come in as the new City Manager walks into a calamity on the verge of becoming a catastrophe.  In the next month or two a new budget has to be presented to the City Commission, and its doubtful that anyone currently on the City’s payroll wants to be the one who does the honors.

No matter how it’s presented, the miscalculations from last year’s budget projections are like a telephone line full of demon crows waiting to fly in and peck the eyes out of the unsuspecting heroine in the horror movie.

Without question, the biggest roadblock to a qualified candidate taking on this job is none other than Larry Spring. 

No serious person with a reputation to protect would, even on a cursory examination of the city’s finances, willingly consider stepping up and assuming the responsibility for this Three-Card- Monty House of Cards constructed by Spring. over his tenure as Chief Financial Officer of the city.

This leaves an incompetent ass kisser or political putz as the probable next City Manager, and it’s not beyond possibility that given Regalado’s demonstrated ability to make bad personal decisions - consider Harry Gottlieb and Police Chief Miguel Exposito as the poster boys of what bad personnel decision making can lead to - and Regalado could very well decide to make either Johnny Martinez or Luis Cabrera the interim City Manager.

Martinez, whose most recent claim to fame as Deputy Assistant City Manager was his forced admission at the April 21st Commission Meeting that he, along with Asistant Director of the Building Department, and “Billboard Queen” Venessa Acosta all but attempted to give the farm away in the city’s negotiations with those billboard blackmailers Harkley Thornton and Santiago Echemendia.

Cabrera, a former Assistant Chief of Police who was transferred over to the City Manager’s Office last fall after a falling out with Chief Exposito is a career cop who is reported to have a master’s degree from a diploma mill.

Neither one of these guys has the kind of sophisticated financial education or experience to deal with a budget as large, complex and filled with land mines as that which awaits the next City Manager.

Of course, none of this deterred the Mayor from sneaking off on a junket to Taiwan with his daughter in tow, because he too is a moron when it comes to understanding the city’s finances and pretending he’s a foreign Head Of State - the Banana Republic of Miami, is like a separate state suspended in a parallel universe - beats having to actually function like a real, big city Mayor.

Unlike the rules of the sea, when it comes to getting off a sinking political ship, it’s every man for himself, and it looks like Tony Crapp has grabbed a life vest and commandeered a lifeboat.  

His resignation will have been the smartest thing he’s done since becoming City Manager.


In an absolute bullshit excuse for a report on the actions and management of the Miami Police Department under the direction of current Police Chief Miguel Exposito, retired FBI agent Paul Philip ought to be charged with fraud for attempting to represent himself as an expert in anything other than cashing the checks the city gave him for this cut-and-paste waste of paper.

On May 11th, I posted a piece about the pending release of this report which included the following:

   “The report, which was never meant as a real

    study of the department - had that been the goal,

    there are numerous national experts that City

    Manager Tony Crapp could have turned to - but

    rather as a vehicle to provide Crapp with the cover

    he needed NOT to fire the Chief...”

This observation has now been proven accurate.  Even the Miami Herald found serious fault with the report, by claiming that:

    “Instead, the former head of the FBI’s Miami office has

     written a five-page report that reaches few conclusions,

    makes slight recommendations and poses more

    questions — about officer training, promotion policies

    and public relations — than it answers.”

Contrary to the opinions of many, Crapp never considered firing the Chief, and between spending several months pretending to consider all the facts before hiring Philip as a way to buy more time, Crapp essentially made it possible for Exposito to keep his job until he’s forced to retire when his DROP expires in January 2012.

As for the quality of Philip’s report, the city could have saved $20,000 and gotten a more detailed view of the morale, management and problems within the City of Miami Police Department by just monitoring the Law Enforcement Online Bulletin Board (LEO Affairs.)

If you think I’m kidding, below is the report.  Read it, and then  go to LEO Affairs, and spend a little time reading some of the posts.

JUNE 3, 2011


The Crespo-Gram Report has just been informed by a knowledgeable source outside of City government that Larry Spring is also resigning from the City of Miami.

If true, this can only mean that Tony Crapp has secured a job as the City Manager of some other unsuspecting community and is taking Larry Spring along for the ride.

Spring, who has made no secret of trying to get a job elsewhere almost from the time he became a City of Miami employee is supposedly a fraternity brother of Crapp’s, and perhaps evoked the secret handshake and password to hook his wagon to Crapp’s.

There’s also that pesky SEC investigation to consider.  Maybe the only way the city can get a settlement is to get rid of Larry, and Crapp is doing everyone a favor by taking Larry with him.

JUNE 3, 2011

After denials from City Hall for most of the day that anything was amiss following the Crespo-Gram Report’s post on Friday morning about Tony Crapp and Larry Spring leaving their City of Miami jobs, the Miami Herald late on Friday afternoon supported part of our claim by confirming that Spring had resigned, and Crapp was considering resigning.

The Crespo-Gram Report stands by its claim that the news of Crapp’s departure is more than a rumor, and that while various city officials refused throughout the day to acknowledge to local TV stations on camera that Crapp had already resigned, inside City Hall, Crapp’s departure is considered a done deal.

On Monday the Crespo-Gram Report will provide more information, including the identity of alleged schemers inside City Hall who’s behind the scenes activities are now rumored to have helped convince Crapp that he was fighting a losing battle against a group who have their own agenda.

As the dam breaks, and more people are willing to provide inside information,  we will continue to try to flesh out the story of what was going on on the 10th Floord of the MRC building and at City Hall these last few months.

We have also been provided a new photograph from our secret Photoshop contributor that will reveal who these people are, and make you laugh at the same time

UNTIL MONDAY, check out the current Crespo-Gram Report that broke the Tony Crapp and Larry Spring story.