JANUARY 30, 2012


Last January I did a story about how I caught Commissioner “Ethics” Sarnoff’s cousin and law partner - the unforgettable “Cousin Neil - the Stupidest Lawyer In Miami” - illegally using a City-Wide Parking Decal that the Miami Parking Authority had given to Sarnoff.

The discovery of Cousin Neil using this decal ultimately resulted in my filing a lawsuit against Art Noriega and the Miami Parking Authority, when he refused to provide me with a list of all of the folks that the MPA had given these City-Wide decals to, claiming that because the person who had been responsible for keeping track of this list had quit, and no one since then had been able to retrieve the list.

I eventually got the list - or as much of it as Noriega said was available -  and now, when January rolls around, I ask for the latest list of folks that Noriega thinks are deserving of these City-Wide decals.

It’s an interesting thing these City-Wide Decals, you can’t buy one, and only folks that Noriega decides can have one, get them.

Now, free parking isn’t necessarily a perk that comes with being a public official, but Noriega has more or less created these Decals as a way to ingratiate himself and the MPA with the politicians at Miami City Hall and elsewhere with people who he wishes to suck up to.  UPDATE:  I have leanred that the City Commission votes on the MPA’s budget, which supports the claim that the decals serve as tokens used to suck up to the Commissioners.)

Take the photo above. That’s City Attorney Julie Bru’s windshield and dash.  You see that she has the city issued placard that a lot of city officials get to use when they are engaged in city business and need to park within the city limits.

(Clarification:  The photo was taken in 2011, and the number on her decal is different that her number on the 2012 list below)

Then you see her City-Wide Decal above it.  The decal is a lot more discreet, and lets the people who have them park free at any city parking meter 24/7.

For folks who have a placard, having a City-Wide Decal is both a status symbol, and another example of how the big shots in the City of Miami get to screw the pooch at every opportunity.

When I first discovered the decal on Cousin Neil’s windshield, it was evident that he had gotten it from the pillar of ethics, his cousin Commissioner Sarnoff.

Every year it seems that Art Noriega slips in a name or two that makes you say WTF!  This year, it’s former Miami City Manager,, now Grand Poobah of Jackson Memorial Hospital, Carlos Migoya.

Carlos Migoya makes $590,000 a year, plus $107,121 in benefits, and stands to get as much as an additional $295,000 in bonuses.

Why would Migoya be deserving of a City-Wide parking decal from the Miami Parking Authority?  He doesn’t have a couple extra quarters to stick in a parking meter?

And how about Bert Gonzalez, Sarnoff toady who’s now one of 2 Assistant Executive Directors of the CRA?  Why him, and not also Clarence Woods?  And how come Pieter Bockweg didn’t get one?

And how come out of all the Assistant City Attorney’s was Victoria Xiques the only one to get a decal?  If she’s going anywhere on city business isn’t a city issued placard good enough for her?

In fact, isn’t a placard good enough for everyone who works for the city, including the City Commissioners?  They already get chauffeured city SUV’s to cruise around in, why do they need a City-Wide Decal?

As for the other folks in the Misc. List, who is Margarita Delgado and Tim Dodson, and what qualifies them to get a decal?

I believe that these decals represent little more than a form of payola, given to Noriega’s pals, not because they need them - because the dashboard placards demonstrate that they don’t - but just as another example that in the land of Miami, Bitches!, bullshit tokens like this represent a very clear example of rewarding your friends at the expense of the taxpayer.

To see a larger version, click on the list.


I believe that there are even more City-Wide decals floating around that aren’t on this list.  They are fairly easy to spot, and if you see one and can take a photo of it with your cellphone camera, please do and send it to me.  Any number above 44 represents a decal that was given to someone that Art Noriega didn’t want me, or you to know who benefited from his largess.

Look for the “City Wide” identification, and the decal #.


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