MARCH 31, 2014


In the Sunday  Bulldog Edition of the Miami Herald online, they did a story about the security guard that was injured at the Ultra Music Festival on Friday night.  This is the 3rd paragraph of that story:

            “She is disoriented and confused and nobody k

            nows how this will affect her future,” he said.

            Jackson Memorial Hospital did not release any

            information about the patient; Regalado said

            he got an update from Miami Police Chief Manuel


How’s that for violating this poor woman’s patient confidentiality rights?

The hospital rightfully did all it could to protect the woman’s rights, and along comes Miami Police Chief Manny Orosa, or as he’s known to his officers, The Snitch-In-Chief, and uses his authority to get this information, then tells the Mayor, who wastes no time in blabbing it to the Miami Herald.

These two morons are shameless when it comes to saying things that they shouldn’t.  But since the Mayor was so quick to reveal this woman’s medical condition, how about revealing your own medical condition Mister Mayor?  If you want to blab about someone else, blab about yourself too!


Fellow blogger Bill Cooke pointed out to me this morning that the original story that was the basis for my piece below of how Tomas Regalado, the Mayor of Miami and Maunel Orosa, the Chief of Police, had violated the Health Information Privacy Rights of the security guard injured at the Ultra Music Festival was still on line.

He is correct.  It seems that this story was posted by the Herald as it’s lead story on-line sometime Sunday afternoon, and then was replaced by another story later in the evening that included parts of the original story, and that was the story that appeared in today’s hard copy of the Herald.

The updated story, which is now the above the fold lead story in today’s B Section did not include the revelation of the Mayor’s recounting of the information on the security guard that the Herald originally reported that the Mayor got from the Chief of Police.

That was the basis of my original story, and remains my complaint in the update that I did last night.  I believe that the Herald had, and has, a responsibility to repeat that “information” in every version of the stories that they write, especially since the version that appeared in the hard copy did not contain this information.

This might seem minutiae to some folks, but it was the revelation by the Chief of Police under oath last year that he gave all of the City Commissioners his cell phone number so that they could call him directly when they had a problem or concern is what led to my filing an Ethics Complaint - now a criminal investigation by the corrupt Miami Dade State Attorney’s Office - over the alleged violation of the City Charter by all of these individuals for refusing to follow the law that prohibits these kinds of interactions between elected officials and department heads, thereby bypassing the City Manager. There are specific laws and rules for how elected officials and department heads in the City of Miami are required to obey and follow, that are routinely ignored and violated.

In this case the Mayor of Miami had no business revealing any information to the Miami Herald that he received from the Chief of Police, because whatever information that the Chief received has to be considered part of a criminal investigation involving the folks who illegally crashed through the fence to get into the Festival.

In short, the Chief shouldn’t be telling the Mayor any details about a criminal investigation, because he has no control over who the Mayor might decide to blab that information to.  In this case it was the Miami Herald.  In another case it might be the subjects of the investigation.  This is Miami, after all.

Here is my original update.

in a rewrite of the story about the incident involving the injury sustained by the Ultra security guard, the Miami Herald removed all reference to the fact that Miami Police Chief provided the Mayor with confidential information about her condition, that I quoted below.  Just another example of the lengths that the Miami Herald will go to manipulate the “news” when it comes to providing protection to politicians on their Family and Friends List.

This is how that paragraph now reads:

        “Miami Mayor Tomás Regalado, who has also called for the

        end of the festival, said Mack still had a “long road ahead of

        her,” and long-term affects were unknown. “She is disoriented

        and confused and nobody knows how this will affect her future,”

        he said.”


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