AUGUST 5, 2013


Last Friday, our pal, Commissioner “Ethics” Sarnoff sent out one of his periodic self-congratulatory newsletters, and made an issue about the Miami Herald recently claiming that he had voted for the Marlin’s Stadium.

Here is that portion of his newsletter

Now, Sarnoff is absolutely correct is saying that he and Tomas Regalado voted against the Marlins Stadium when the first proposal came up for a vote.

But after that he is absolutely wrong when he claims that 7 MONTHS LATER he voted for the bid waiver that allowed the stadium to be built.

The votes for both of these items took place THE SAME DAY, March 19, 2009.

Don’t believe me? Below are the minutes of the March 19, 2009 Miami City Commission Meeting, and it details exactly what happened. The first vote with Sarnoff and Regalado voting against the stadium is on pages 64-65. 

The 2nd vote, the one that waived the bid requirements for the contractor, and thereby authorized the stadium construction to go forward can be found on page 81-82. In between you can read the entire proceeding and how this deal really went down.

For Sarnoff to claim that he voted against the stadium and then 7 MONTHS LATER voted to support the Bid Waiver, when in fact he voted on BOTH of these issues ON THE SAME DAY and in LESS THAN AN HOUR, raises the specter that he is either suffering from a severe mental disorder, or that given the number of incidents of Sarnoff lying that I’ve documented on this site, he is a classic sociopath!

Here is a working definition of sociopath:

            “A sociopath is typically defined as someone

            who lies incessantly to get their way and does

            so with little concern for others.  A sociopath is

            often goal-oriented (i.e., lying is focused - it is

            done to get one's way).  Sociopaths have little

            regard or respect for the rights and feelings of

            others.  Sociopaths are often charming and

            charismatic, but they use their talented social

            skills in manipulative and self-centered ways.

You could stick Sarnoff picture next to this description and he’d be the poster boy for sociopaths.

Given how Sarnoff lies this brazenly as a City Commissioner, what could he be doing in a courtroom as a lawyer? I think that any lawyers who follow this website should pass the word along that Sarnoff is clearly a sociopath and most likely a habitual liar.

For now however, let’s focus on the issues and votes he cast. There were actually three votes on three separate Resolutions taken that day.  The first two are the important ones.

Resolution 09-00132 authorized the City Manager to execute all of the required documents related to the construction of the Marlin’s Stadium.

Resolution 09-00133 - requiring a 4/5th’s Affirmative Vote was to waive the competitive bidding process thereby awarding the project to Hunt/Moss the company selected by the County to be the “CONSTRUCTION MANAGER/CONTRACTOR.”

Resolution 09-00134 authorized an inter-local agreement with the County to increase the Convention development tax to pay for the construction of the Parking Garages.

The sequence was critically important because it was a step process. You couldn’t get to the next step without approving the previous step.

While the first vote was perceived as the vote that authorized the construction of the stadium, what it actually did in legal terms was allow the Commission to move on to the second and most critical vote which was to waive the competitive bid requirements thereby awarding the contract to the company that was to act as the construction manager/contractor: Hunt/Moss.

Without the waiving of that bid process everyone that I’ve spoken with has acknowledged that the stadium would never have been built.


So on that basis let’s look at the actual minutes of that meeting and see first what Sarnoff said in justifying his first vote against allowing the City Manager to authorize the documents related to the construction of the stadium.  You can find the original on page 47 in the attached City Commission minutes above and an additional 2 pages of comments he made prior to this final summation.

So much for “child abuse,” “passing on an obligation to those who have yet to be born,” “capricious desires,” and standing up for the community.

This supposed public servant of principle and courage took a hike and the hypocritical, weasel dick, lying politician that we’ve all come to know as Commissioner “Ethics” came out of hiding to show what his true intentions were.

If you follow Sarnoff’s reasoning, then anytime that 3 of the City Commissioners vote one way on an issue, his definition of democracy would require him to abandon his principles and cast his vote with them, regardless of the consequences.

That’s not democracy, and it’s not even commonsensical.  It’s the convoluted reasoning of a conniving, double-dealing, lying weasel dick politician attempting to cover his ass on a vote that he knew might come back and haunt him.

The truth of the matter is that I was told that Sarnoff was committed to the construction of the stadium all along, but in order to cover his ass, he went through the charade of voting against the stadium in the first vote because that vote would allow him to claim that he voted against the stadium, but it was the second vote - the vote waiving the contract bid requirements - that actually allowed the Marlin’s Stadium to be built, and on that vote, the hypocritical, Weasel Dick liar voted “YES!”

It’s Miami, Bitches!

PS:  Shame once again to the Miami Herald for caving in to Sarnoff’s demand for a “correction” on their claim that he voted for the stadium. He did vote for stadium by voting to waive the competitive bid process, and all of the evidence of that was available in the March 19, 2009 minutes of the Miami City Commission. Even one of the Herald’s summer interns could have figured it all out.

What the Miami Herald needed to do was write a real story with the context of what really happened, and not their bullshit, useless nonsense. This is a real story that has long been deserving of real coverage, because the whole house of cards that is now Marlin’s Stadium rested on one single vote, and it was Sarnoff vote that allowed the deal to do through!

Even at this late date, the Miami Herald has a journalistic and ethical responsibility to make that information known to all of the people of Miami-Dade County!

Pretty powerful stuff, right!?! “Child abuse,” “passing on an obligation to those who have yet to be born,” “capricious desires.”

These are words supposedly spoken by a man of principle, of character, of standing up and doing the right thing on behalf of the community and their yet to be unborn children!

Well, here is that same man an hour later on the issue of waiving the competitive bid requirements that actually allowed the construction of the Marlin’s Stadium to go forward.


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