I’ve been covering protests for over 15 years, and in Miami, if the protest didn’t involve something to do with Cuba and Castro, the turnouts were always smaller than one would expect for a city the size of Miami.  Even at the height of the anti-war protests, Miami was never able to get much past 500 folks turning out.

So, it was refreshing to see the turnout Saturday.  I agree that it was at least a thousand folks who turned out, and like it’s been reported elsewhere - Miami New Times - the crowd had everyone from Ron Paul supporters to ultra-liberal Democrats.

The issues that face this country are serious, and until more and more people hit the streets to drive home to the politicians that they cannot continue to operate with their usual disregard for the needs of a population that has had it economic brains beat out over last couple decades nothing much will change.

i remember being in Buenos Aires the night in 2001 when the city came out at midnight - and there were tens of thousands out that night beating their pans - and marched to the Presidential Palace. The next day, the President resigned and there was a new government.

Nothing changes without the courage of the first few people who are willing to stand up when everyone else wants to stay seated.  So, if you click on the button below, you can see some of those people.  They don’t all agree on what needs to be done, but they agree on one thing, and that is that if you’re being screwed over you need to stand up.

If you don’t, the screwing you continue to get you deserve.


OCTOBER 17, 2011