JANUARY 2, 2013


Coconut Grove Grapevine

Last month I wrote about the latest allegations involving Miami Police Officer Edward Lugo’s bad temper and misuse of force involving his putting handcuffs and sticking a guy in the back seat of his squad car for an hour who had parked on a side street in Coconut Grove to pick his daughter from school.

I followed that story with a couple stories about Lugo’s best friend, Sgt. Javier Ortiz’s efforts to get him elected as the Secretary on the to the Fraternal Order of Police Board of Directors.

On December 19th, the membership of the FOP resoundingly voted against Lugo, 351 to 285.

The big question is whether that number would have been even larger, or would the FOP have allowed Ortiz to become the FOP President without a challenger, had the following information been available.

Last April 17th, the Miami Civilian Investigative Panel heard a case filed against Ortiz and Lugo by a guy named Carlos Sosa.

Here is the allegations that led to the April 17th CIP hearing.

It’s Miami, Bitches!

These weren’t the only allegations. The two Public Defender’s who handled Sosa’s case, also had their own tale of about Ortiz and Lugo.

And if that weren’t enough bad news about these guys, I’ve learned over the holidays that Ortiz and Lugo were 2 of 4 cops just named in an civil lawsuit by attendees at one of the music festivals where they allegedly used unnecessary force in some arrests.

Below I have posted Ortiz and Lugo’s IA Profile Cover Sheets that list all of the complaints and cases that have been lodged and investigated against each of these guys.

Below that, I have posted the complete CIP Investigative File on the Sosa Case.

Several additional points of interest need to be raised. First, the Sosa case took place when Lugo and another police officer were out campaigning for Tomas Regalado, and remember that we’re now at the beginning of Regalado’s reelection campaign.

It will be interesting to see with which candidate Ortiz, Lugo and the rest of the FOP decide to go with this year. 

Secondly, take a look at both of their IA Profile Cover Sheets and look at how many “Inconclusive” findings were reached by IA investigators, and then read the Sosa file where the claim of “Inconclusive” was filed based on the claim that the investigators couldn’t contact the Public Defenders involved.

Even though many officers have no use for either Ortiz or Lugo,  the institutional “Blue Line” protects guys like this from being fired for the kinds of behavior that would land a civilian in jail and/or prison, especially considering the multiple offenses that they’ve been accused of.

Thirdly, and far more interesting point is that both of these guy are assigned to Coconut Grove, and that raises the question of why Commissioner “Ethics” Sarnoff, who both fancies and constantly tries to portray himself as the Grove’s Guardian Angel would allow these two guys to continue to be assigned to the Grove.

It makes you wonder what motives Punky might have to keep these two bad, and violent cops inside his District.


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How fucked up and childishly stupid is this kind of behavior, especially by Ortiz who is now the President of the FOP?

Imagine how any of you would feel - man or woman - if two cops behaved like this with you?

The CIP report also revealed that Ortiz and Lugo are also on their Monitoring List of bad cops that they keep an eye on.