DECEMBER 12, 2012



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Coconut Grove Grapevine

From: "Reyes, Thomas" <Thomas.Reyes@miami-police.org>

Date: December 10, 2012 12:19:16 PM EST

To: "Ortiz, Javier" <Javier.Ortiz@miami-police.org>

Cc: MPD USERS <MPDUSERS@miami-police.org>, "Miamifop@gmail.com" <Miamifop@gmail.com>

Subject: Re: Endorsement of EDWARD LUGO For Fop Secretary

Dear Brother and Sisters;

It is with some disappointment, but not surprise, that I received this email from our soon to be appointed FOP President. The language in this email, sent to every member of the department, epitomizes the problems in our union. When our president attacks another member, slanderously stating mistruths, he degrades the reputation of the union. The lack of professionalism and maturity displayed should be obvious to all who read it and should only increase our participation in this election. If we continue to condone the intimidation, bullying, and infighting, we will never be able to counteract the attacks on our pay and pension.

It is for these reasons that I decided to run for the office of Secretary. I am an independent voice and I make my own decisions. I let my opinions be heard and I have never needed someone else to do the talking for me. If you are tired of the attacks, tired of the paycuts, and tired of these types of emails, vote for the candidate that can make the change. Vote for me, Tommy Reyes for the office of Secretary. Together we can make the change and bring our union back to the professional productive organization it once was.


Officer Thomas "Tommy" Reyes

From: "Ortiz, Javier" <Javier.Ortiz@miami-police.org>

Date: December 10, 2012 10:47:32 AM EST

To: MPD USERS <MPDUSERS@miami-police.org>

Cc: "Miamifop@gmail.com" <Miamifop@gmail.com>

Subject: Endorsement of EDWARD LUGO For Fop Secretary

Brothers & Sisters,

I have been receiving many calls this of who I am endorsing for the position of FOP Secretary. This decision is a very important one because in January, as your new FOP President, I have a comprehensive plan in order to improve the benefits in which our members receive. The position of Secretary is one of the FOP's top four positions. When I made my decision on who to endorse, I took into consideration the candidate's experience, training and drive over the years to help protect union members.

To start with, I have known Edward Lugo for about 15 years. Edward is a cop's cop. He has proven time and time again that when things get rough, he is one of those people that you would consider as an excellent "15". Edward has been actively representing our brothers and sisters in a variety of complaints and investigations since 2005.

In our career, we are judged harder than any other profession I can think of. Edward Lugo is a hard worker and continues to represent members of the FOP with extreme vigilance and passion. He fought hard when it came to protecting our pension benefits in our current contract. Edward fought hard to end the ridiculous fuel surcharge and to get all of our holidays back.  His #1 priority has always been to protect the member. He has gone to numerous schools in order to enrich his knowledge and provide the best defense for members when they are questioned on their actions.

When I made the decision of who to endorse, I based it completely on facts of what each candidate has done for our union.  The candidate running against him has never represented a single member, has no experience, and is not someone that I feel has the best interests of the membership. The candidate running against Edward for the position of Secretary testified against a brother (one of our own ex-FOP Secretaries) who had represented a member at an actual officer involved shooting. A police commander had ordered the FOP Secretary off a shooting scene and away from an police officer that had been shot at by a bunch of criminals. The police officer returned fire and was visibly shaken. How can I say this with so much certainty? Because I was on scene. Fortunately, the board saw through the misstatements and shenanigans that were placed against the ex-FOP Secretary and cleared him of any wrongdoing.

I think it's important to set the record straight. The Miami FOP needs a Secretary that understands that when the going gets tough, the FOP stance becomes tougher. And, when a member is in danger, it's the FOP representative  that is there to protect his or her rights.

That is why I am behind Edward Lugo 100% for the position of Secretary.

Thank you for your time,

Sergeant Javier Ortiz, Vice President

Miami Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge #20

Less than a month ago I wrote a story about Miami Police officer Edward Lugo, and the allegations leveled against him for unwarranted use of force over a traffic ticket in Coconut Grove.

This wasn’t the first time I had written about Lugo.  Last year I wrote about the incident of him sitting in the back seat of an FBI confidential informant’s car when he was pitching him on a deal that got his fellow officer Geovani Nunez, 10 years in federal prison.

Lugo is a classic fuck-up with 20 complaints, including 11 use of force allegations - including the latest incident -that included an incident where he beat on an 85 year black woman named  Hazel Mays, in the West Grove who Lugo claimed “tried to do a reach around and grab his gun when he stopped her from trying to walk around a tape barricade put up by police on her way home.”

None of these issues seem to be a problem for Javi Ortiz, the next President of the Miami Police Department’s Fraternal Order of Police, who wrote a letter of endorsement for Lugo that you would think was being written about a police officer who had been just been awarded Officer Of The Year for heroic service to the community.

To top it off, Ortiz seems to have sent the letter out on the City’s email system in violation of the FOP’s contractual agreement with the City.

Here is copy of Ortiz’s letter, followed by a response from Officer Tommy Reyes, who is running against Lugo for FOP Secretary.

If there weren’t enough problems within the Miami Police Department already, the notion that a “BAD COP” like Lugo is  being touted as “a cop’s cop,” is really an insult to the many hard-working cops in the City who put their ass out on the line everyday.

The endorsement of a cop like Lugo - and I never heard of, or know anything about Officer Reyes, who could also be a less than stellar candidate, so I’m in no way writing this as an endorsement for him - in any kind of leadership position in the FOP makes a mockery of the expectation that the Miami Police Department and it’s officers are looking out for the best interests of the membership and the citizens of Miami.

It’s Miami, Bitches!