MARCH 16, 2012


In January of 2010, His ignorance held the First Annual Mayor’s Ball.  The event was billed as a fundraiser for the Police Athletic League (PAL), and the money was intended to help refurbish the old PAL Boxing Gym on Grand Avenue in the West Grove.

This is actually part of Commissioner “Ethics’” District, but he only goes West of 32nd Avenue about twice a year, so to his credit, it appeared that Regalado was doing more for the West Grove that it’s commissioner.

The event raised $55,000, and there was the usual press release and copy of the check that Angel Zayon, The Idiot Of The City sent out to the news media.

Nothing more was heard about the gym for the remainder of 2011, and in January of this year I got a tip that the mayor was putting pressure on Chief Orosa to have the Police Department pony up some money from the Department’s budget to help finish the painting and fixing up of the gym.

I was busy on other things, and by the time I decided to really start looking into the whole issue, I learned that His Ignorance, Commissioner “Ethics,” the Chief of Police, a couple boxing world champs, and the usual collection of folks who attend such events had held a big ribbon cutting to announce the Grand Reopening of the gym.

That was February 17, 2012.

Today it’s March 16th, almost one month later.

The photo at the top was taken by someone in the neighborhood on Thursday, who sent it to me.  In two short weeks the gym has gone from the center of one of your usual, blow smoke up the people’s asses kind of event to a place that has gone back to being plocked up and looking in some ways more decrepit than when it was decrepit.

But here’s the most astounding thing.  While all of this was going on, all of the people including His Ignorance, the cops, and everyone else at the Grand ReOpening of the place knew that the building was UNDER FORECLOSURE!

When I heard that, I said to myself, how can that be.  That’s a city building.  Its got the City Seal on the doors.

Foolish me.

The property actually belongs to some group called Groveites United To Survive, with an address miles from Coconut Grove.  So I can only assume that if nothing else they figured out that the best way for them to survive was to move away.

It turns out that Grovite United To Survive has a rich and all too Miami history.  You can read all about them HERE and HERE.


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At best its another tale of good intentions done in by incompetence, bad luck or whatever other motives you want to ascribe to it, but all underwritten by public tax money, up to, and including the new paint job that might serve as an inducement for someone to come in and buy the property.

That’s why the place looks so forelorn in the top photo.  Not even the vinyl mural wants to hang around this place.

Of course for His Ignorance, it doesn’t matter.  He got his photo op, Commissioner “Ethics” made his obligatory semi-annual visit to the West Grove, and the kids can go back to hanging in the streets because this is Miami, Bitches!, and shucking, jiving and striking a pose is what it’s all about!