JANUARY 2, 2013



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Plaz Plaz Plaz,

What in the world convinced you that writing this self-serving: "I'm a good guy, " stuff on LEO AFFAIRS was a smart thing to do.

        “I have been trashed by many on this site. I am and will

        always be a City of Miami Police Officer. I never left

        under a cloud as a matter a fact I am still fully certified

        and a part of MPD. My MPD/FDLE profile shows a transfer

        within the department since 2003. I would not tolerate

        corruption and as such chose to explore other ventures.

        Don't ever be threatened by being successful. The culture

        within the department belittles anyone who makes it above

        the norm. All you young guys strive to succeed.. Do not

        let these haters and envious people detour you from moving

        ahead. I was a part of a great department and so should

        you. Exposito, Alvarez, and others lied to me to gain my

        support. Get an education, look ahead and have a plan

        B push for education and tuition reimbursement like the

        county has. You need to have something to fall back on.

        I know that we all love what we do as law enforcement

        officers but sometimes the career turns on you as it did

        to me. I trusted and was betrayed. My FDLE profile is

        clear and I am willing to talk to any of you who want too

        hear the truth. I was successful and human nature nurtures

        envy. Unlike others I have everything documented and

        date stamped. Don't become a victim nor an advocate

        of such feelings. We can all make our own lives. Please

        feel free to contact me. I can be reached at city hall where

        I fought to find over 17 million dollars to help reduce the

        impact on city employees.

        God Bless all of you for the Holidays,

        I needed to get this off my chest before the new year..

        Placido Diaz

Do you really think that the publication of this material on a bulletin board where people post all kinds of crazy shit anonymously was the smartest way to try to burnish your image?

Could it be that maybe you think your boss, Commissioner Willie "I know nothing, I was just the candidate" Gort, could actually be arrested and removed from office for all the free advertising signs that FUEL Advertising plastered in his District during his reelection run?

That would be bad for you because it is likely that not only would you would be out of a job, but worse, you would be cut off from all those nice, juicy documents you like to get your hands on as Willie’s Legislative Assistant.

The funny thing is Plaz, that after you posted your message some cops began to rip you a new asshole, and now you’ve gotten all butch and started making threats.

       “Get ur fact straight. If u claim I am corrupt.. Contact the

        authorities. If not then I will pursue an action for slander,

        defamation, and torturous interference with business. I will

        Persue all legal remedies....are you willing to do the same?

        I will have my attorney request all ip info and ur address

        as well.


        Govern yourself accordingly,

        Placido Diaz”

Really?! "Torturous Interference?" "Persue legal remedies?" "Govern yourself accordingly?"

Have you lost your fucking mind, Plaz? You're the idiot who started it all by posting on LEO AFFAIRS, and then when cops who know you and your past started ripping you a new asshole, you go and get all crazy and butch and start threatening everyone.

You had to be drunk, high, or having a nervous breakdown to think you could get away with writing this kind of crap to anonymous people on a message board without them turning around and bitch slapping you.

Let's be clear here Plaz. YOU WERE A SLUMLORD! Tenants, and housing advocates even staged protests with your name on protest banners.

How come you didn’t get all butch with those people and threaten to sue then for "Torturous interference," when they held that protest?

I also loved the threat that you will "no longer stand by while the cowards hiding behind false names attack me."

Well Plaz, I've never hidden behind a false name when I wrote about you. So far I've written five different stories about you, starting with your being a SLUMLORD.

Then I wrote about your antics when you were accused of breaking into an apartment in Coconut Grove - in uniform - to evict a guy named Michael James Billings.

Not just wrote about it. I posted the Memo that was written by one of the officers who thought your behavior was out of bounds, if not illegal.

After that Plaz, I wrote about some of your playmates.  You didn’t get all butch on me then talking about “Govern Yourself Accordningly.” 

Well, you did go around with a pout and looked at me all gangster-like whenever you saw me at City Hall. But really Plaz, stupid gangster looks from all you pretend gunsels at City Hall just makes me laugh.

Your recent literary efforts however makes me wonder Plaz?  Why would a cockroach like you who prefers to slither around in the dark decide to come out into the daylight like this?

Really!?!  What nefarious scheme do you have up your sleeve that would prompt you to start inviting young police officers to come visit you at City Hall or at your house on Venetian Causeway?

If any of the young cops do come over to visit you, why don’t you tell them about all the times you called me up and asked me to come over to your house so you could give me documents that you claimed were the smoking gun that would prove that Exposito and Alvarez were devious, underhanded schemers plotting against Regalado.

Tell them all about that. Then tell them about all the underhanded scheming that you, Luis Cabrera, Johnny Martinez and Angel Zayon were doing in Willie Gort’s Office to force Tony Crapp to resign, and to get Exposito and Alvarez fired.

Don’t be bashful Plaz. You want to be a standup guy that only speaks the truth, then tell those young cops the truth about your lying, coniving ass!

And since you claimed in one post that you were ready to debate, well, so am I.  You call it, how about a Special Meeting at the FOP headquarters,  You can even bring Ortiz and Lugo with you for moral support!

I’m willing to bet that you won’t do anything, because not only are you a pussy, but because whatever scheme it is that prompted you to start writing on LEO AFFAIRS, it’s probably a scheme intended to screw over those young cops you’ve suddenly become so concerned about.

So, while you’re not someone who I would normally offer advice to, this is a New Year and I’m feeling generous, so let me just suggest that the next time you get a madcap notion to start writing stupid shit on LEO AFFAIRS, walk out your back door and jump in the Bay. See if that will cool your fevered brain so you don’t embarrass yourself.

Oh yeah, if Willie Boy does get bounced out of his City Commission seat - not likely since Katherine Fernandez-Rundle is without doubt 100 times more corrupt than Willie is - and you need to go out and get another job, make sure to list me as a character reference. I’ll be happy to tell your prosecpective new employer what a double-dealing, back-stabbing cockroach you are.

It’s Miami, Bitches!