JANUARY 25, 2013

January 25, 2013

Commissioner Francis Suarez

Miami City Commission

3500 Pan American Drive

Miami, FL 33130

Dear Commissioner Suarez:

I am writing to thank you for bringing up for discussion the issue of the City of Miami Police Department providing on-duty police to guard the art gallery of Mr. Gary Nadar in the Wynwood District.

I was actually surprised that Chief Orosa admitted that indeed he had ordered on-duty police to provide protection for this business establishment, and found his rationale for doing so improbable to say the least.

First, I have been led to believe that the actual decision for police to be provided came from the Mayor and not the Chief – the decision to provide on-duty police protection clearly speaks to a political quid-pro-quo - and secondly, the Chief’s effort to minimize my accusation that this activity has been going on 24-7, by attempting to infer that these officers are only on the property part time can be easily dispelled by having one of your aides request the tapes that record the call-in’s of officers when they arrive on their post.

Of course, any member of the news media could accomplish the same task even quicker by just driving over to 627 NE 27th Street; walking up to the officer parked in his patrol car and ask him directly whether he’s at that location for his entire shift.

It is a sad reflection on the acceptance by the Miami news media of the level of public corruption that occurs inside the City of Miami, that after I informed you of what was going on during your announcement for Mayor, not one single news organization there that day exhibited even the mildest curiosity to send a reporter to drive by Mr. Nadar’s gallery to see if my claim was true.  Nor for that matter after the three (3) separate stories that I’ve done about this issue – with photographs – since my first story on December 19th, did anyone of the 125 individuals on my media notification list think of this as an important story about the misuse of public funds and police resources.

The officers who have been guarding Mr. Nadar’s property I have been told by a number of officers who were the one’s who provide me with this information to begin with, always report in with a “43” signal with that address when they come on duty.  A “43” is the number for on-duty officers identifying the location where they are at.  A “49” is the number that off-duty officers use for the same purposes.

While I appreciate that you followed up on your promise you made to me at your announcement for Mayor, I have to say that I am disappointed in your fellow Commissioners, none of whom asked the most basic and direct of questions, which I believe should have been:

“Chief, when you say that Mr. Nadar approached you to ask for police

protection, given that you said that he had the money to hire private

security, why didn’t you tell him that he could hire off-duty Miami

police officers with their cars that could have accomplished the same

protective goals as having on-duty officers park in his parking

lot 24-7?”

I cannot calculate the actual costs for having on-duty Miami Police guard Mr. Nadar’s establishment, but it cannot be less than $20,000 a month, and that is a very significant gift to Mr. Nadar who is reputed to be a multi-millionaire, especially since in addition to protecting his gallery, the officers also protect his Ferrari and Bentley also parked in the parking lot.

That this revelation about using on-duty officers to protect an art gallery came during the same Commission meeting where there was a protracted discussion by you and your fellow Commission members with the Chief involving the continued failure of the Miami Police Department to effectively deal with the continuing problems related to the hiring of new police officers underscores a very serious management problem that I do not believe can be ignored without at some point – sooner than later – the members of the City Commission expressing their dissatisfaction through a vote of no confidence in the ability of the administration and the Chief of Police to adequately protect the citizens of Miami.

As to the personal aspersions that the Chief directed at me as part of his frustration at having to admit that on-duty police were being used to protect Mr. Nadar’s gallery, I hope that my comments after the meeting to everyone established that while what goes on outside of the Commission Chambers can be as rough and tumble as anyone wants to play, I fully expect the same respect as anyone else is entitled to expect when they bring an issue to your attention, or appear before you.

I will be dealing with the Chief’s comments next week on my website to make that point absolutely clear.

For now, I thank you for keeping your word, and I would urge you to find out exactly how much public money and the amount of police man hours have been spent in providing protection for Mr. Nadar, that he could have paid for had he used off-duty Miami Police Officers.

Finally, since we’ve started down this road, I would suggest that you dig a little deeper and you will find that Mr. Nadar’s art gallery is not the only private business that has gotten on-duty police protection.  Since you want to be Mayor, consider this a test on your skills to actually start protecting public money instead of just talking about doing so, and more importantly, a test on your willingness to discover just how much public money has being used to benefit private businesses in this manner. 

None of which would be happening without the approval of folks willing to tell the Chief what to do, and a Chief of Police willing to be a lackey to these individuals.

Thank you,

/s/ al crespo

Al Crespo


Since December 19th, I have written 3 stories about the misuse of public money and on-duty police officers being used to guard the art gallery of Gary Nadar at 627 NE 27th Street.

During the time that these police officers were taken away from patrolling their streets and parked in the parking lot of this art gallery 24/7, two young men were shots blocks away from this art gallery.

The first young man was shot off of his bicycle 2 blocks away and is now paralyzed.  The second young man was shot and killed about 9 blocks away.

There’s no way to say that if these officers had been doing what the taxpayers were paying them to do - patrol the streets  - that their presence would have made a difference, but we can say that the lack of their presence on the streets cannot be seen as a positive thing.

At last night Miami City Commission meeting, Police Chief Manny Orosa, in a petulant display over having to admit that on-duty police were being used to guard this art gallery, lashed out at me for bringing this issue to the attention of Commissioner Francis Suarez.

I will deal with the Chief’s unprofessional attitude next week.

Today, I have written a letter to Commissioner Suarez.  It is self-explanatory.


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