JANUARY 28, 2013


The last few days have felt like being in an episode of Law and Order.  First, there was Miami Chief of Police Manny Orosa admitting that he had illegally provided free police protection to an art gallery in Wynwood, that the owner, Gary Nadar, was all too happy brag was nothing more than a “gentlemen’s agreement,” between him, the Mayor and the Chief of Police. 

Then we had the episode of Reserve Police officer Placido Diaz pulling a gun inside a restaurant at Bayside, and a day later being given his weapon back without so much as a word of warning to the police officers assigned to provide protection at City Hall, where Diaz works as an aide to Commissioner Willie Gort, himself currently under criminal investigation for receiving thousands of dollars in free advertising from FUEL advertising during his last campaign.

At the same time the clock keeps ticking on the pending arrest of as many as 8-10 Miami Police officers for providing protecting for a Liberty City gambling establishment, as well as other officers involved in mortgage and credit card fraud.

On Wednesday morning the Miami Police Department announced the firing of Reynaldo Goyos, for the killing of Travis McNeil, and wounding his cousin Kareen Williams.  Before the shooting Goyos had been best known for his appearance in the pilot for a reality TV show about the Miami Police Department where he had referred to himself and his partner as the department’s Crockett and Tubbs, ala Miami Vice.

If that wasn’t enough, the afternoon ended with another press release announcing that Miami Police Officer Luis Hernandez had been arrested for Armed Sexual Battery and Kidnapping.

And then of course, there’s the story that I posted on Tuesday night about a falsified Arrest Report and possible planting of a gun. 

After being advised that the information I had posted was wrong, I took the story off-line in order to investigate further. Well, it turns out that the information wasn’t wrong - although the issue of planting the gun remains a little murky - and the documents I was originally provided turned out to be part of a larger package of documents sent to the heads of the various law enforcement agencies in Miami-Dade County by Miami defense attorney Rick Diaz, detailing allegations of wrong doing made against members of the Miami Police Department’s Crime Suppression Unit.

Diaz, this month represented Miami Police Sgt. Raul Ingleias, who was found guilty on 8 of 9 counts of stealing drugs and money. 

I’m convinced that I didn’t receive the information from Diaz - who I’ve never met - or anyone in his office, but the Ingleias case has created real friction within the police department, and my story, as well as the information in Diaz’s packet involved several members of Ingleias’ team of detectives, so again, as I stated in my original story, whoever sent me information had an agenda.

Agenda’s aren’t necessarily bad.  Anyone who does what I do, whether writing for newspapers, magazines or books is in someway dependent on people with agendas for information. I’m okay with being used, as long as the information is truthful.  It’s when I get fed untruthful information that I get a bad attitude.

Therefore, even before discovering that the information was part of a packet created by Rick Diaz, I suspected that I was being provided this information as some sort of “pay back” attempt against these detectives for testifying against Ingleias.

Pay back or not, the information that I was provided seemed both credible and plausible, and so I went forward with putting together story.

In order to deal with packet of information generated by Rick Diaz, I have created a PDF, and it will be at the bottom of my story. I decided against re-writing my entire story to incorporate parts of the new information I received, and instead, I’ve addressed all of that in an Afterword.

Finally, I would encourage all of you to take a step back and consider the current situation in Miami as it relates to the police department.  Things have been worse in the past, but what is occurring now could very well be a prelude to things getting as crazy and dangerous now as they were back in the bad old days.

Manny Orosa is an embarrassment as a police chief. He is grossly incompetent, and completely under the thumb of His Ignorance, Tomas Regalado.  I have no magic answers to how to solve this problem, but it is clear that what passes for the leadership of this community - the Chamber of Commerce and the other “civic groups,” who think of themselves as movers and shakers in this community, as well as the news media, starting with the Miami Herald - have failed miserably to either pay attention, or to step up to the plate and demonstrate any kind of leadership in protecting this community against the continuing assaults and abuses of power by what has become a gang of incompetent thugs masquerading as public officials.

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