OCTOBER 17, 2012



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Last week, the Miami Herald reported that Commissioner “Ethics” Sarnoff was traveling in China with the Miami Heat, as their unofficial Jock Strap holder

The Herald article revealed that when asked, Sarnoff claimed that he had no intention of revealing any of the information as to how the trip was paid for, nor did the Herald article reveal whether the Commissioner had taken his wife, the lovely Teresa, along on the junket.

This trip to China is the 2nd foreign trip that the Commissioner has taken this year.

Last April, the Commissioner and his wife, the Lovely Teresa, flew to Brazil last April for a fun filled adventure related to the Volvo Round The World Yacht Race.

The folks in Brazil treated Commissioner “Ethics” and wifey so good that he came back proclaiming that he “had felt like a king,” what with the private helicopter that they flew him around in, and all the other perks that the Brazilians bestowed on our pointy nosed pal.  Here is “Ethic’s description of the helicopter ride made at a City Commission meeting.

In addition to the plane fare, we also have hotel costs, and the “gift” of the use of the helicopter which the Commissioner couldn’t resist gushing about at a City Commission meeting.

For the record, we went through this same issue several months ago when the Mayor went to Peru as part of a junket that was paid for by the Latin Builder’s Association.

At the time, I filed an ethics complaint against the Mayor, and the Ethics Commission responded by claiming that I had been premature in seeking an ethics complaint because the Mayor had till July 15th to file a FORM 9, reporting the trip as a gift.

The Mayor, realizing that he’d be tagged with a violation, wisely chose to go ahead and submit a FORM 9.  Here it is.

There is no difference between the Mayor of Miami going to Peru as part of a junket where he spoke a few welcoming words. where the trip was paid for by the Latin Builder’s Association, and the City Commissioner for District 2 going on a junket to Brazil, where he spoke a few words during the “Handover Ceremony,” for a private, for profit Yacht Race, and the trip was paid for by the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau, among others.

In addition, this time I made sure to wait until the time limit for the FORM 9 to expire, and now I’ve filed an ethics complaint, against Miami’s most corrupt City Commissioner, the one and only, Commissioner “Ethics” Sarnoff, because after the last go-around with the Mayor over his little trip, it’s clear that Sarnoff is just a weasel prick who figures that he’s beyond reproach.

Of course, we are dealing with the Miami-Dade Ethics Commission, so perhaps it will turn out that he is.  But, we’re going to find out because this is now the 3rd Ethics Complaint filed, and pending against Commissioner “Ethic’s.”

The Commissioner went to Brazil on a ceremonial junket for a “Handover Ceremony” between the officials in Itajai, Brazil and Miami, having to do with the various legs of the race.

The Volvo Yacht Race travels around in the world in legs, and like any for-profit venture, it plays communities off each other to get the best deals for sponsorships.  This year, Miami won the honors to be a host city.

As part of the show they have the manufactured “Handover Ceremonies” from one city to the next, and even though you would have expected the Mayor to be the one to go to Brazil for this event, Commissioner “Ethics” made sure that he and wifey were the ones who went to represent the city, and as a reward for being the Chief pitchman, Sarnoff wrangled the trip to Brazil.

Had no one gone, it wouldn’t have affected the race by so much as an iota, but it’s one of those junkets that public officials like to go on, because they get to pose and preen, and make themselves seem important for a couple days.

The important thing to understand is that this was a junket for “Ethics” and his wife, and it was paid for in part by the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau.

It’s Miami, Bitches!