NOVEMBER 29, 2012



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Yesterday the Miami-Dade Ethics Commission found probable cause in the complaint that I filed against Commissioner “Ethics” for failing to report his trip to Brazil earlier this year.

Here is what the Ethic’s Commission press release described happened at the meeting.

On April 18th, I filed an ethics complaint against Mayor Tomas Regalado for failing to report a trip he took to Peru, paid for by the Latin Builders Association.

In that complaint, I detailed how Regalado had previously requested an opinion from the Ethics Commission as to whether he had to report these trips, and I was able to obtain a copy of a letter that regalado had written to the Ethics Commission regarding this trip.

Even His Ignorance understood then when it came to seeking an opinion on whether or not a trip needed to be reported  the people you seek an opinion from are the people who make the decisions.

In the copy of the Memorandum of Probable Cause I’ve included below a reference is made to that trip and the complaint that I filed against Regalado:

In complaint C12-26, this Commission determined that    

a trip to Peru by the Mayor of the City of Miami paid for

by the Latin Builder’s Association (LBA) was a gift that

the Mayor was obligated to report.  In that case,

although the City had created the Mayor’s

International Council (MIC) with a process and

procedure in place to accept donations to fund travel

for the Mayor, the LBA bypassed the procedure and

paid for the Mayor’s trip directly, thus, removing

transparency from the entire MIC process.

In this case, Sarnoff turned to his pal Julie Bru, who with the pliancy of a rubber doll, wrote him an opinion that said because he was engaged in an “official activity” he didn’t have to report the trip, oblivious both to the ruling of the Ethics Commission in the Regalado case, and worse to the well known provision that when a public official takes his/her spouse along on a trip, their travel costs must be reported as a gift.

In the legal circles what Sarnoff did is called “buying a defense.”   in this case, a City Attorney who write you an opinion that you can then use as the shield to protect you against culpability.

As with the Probable Cause finding in the Carollo case, this case will go before the Ethic’s Commission for a final resolution, but don’t expect anything more to happen, like Sarnoff being fined.  The fact that they actually issued a Probable Cause ruling is about all you can expect in this case.  


In a story posted last evening after I had originally posted this story, Kathleen Mcgrory wrote about these Probable Cause findings and had several quotes from Sarnoff.

First, his claim that , I did everything I could do, including getting legal advice, to determine that the trip was not a gift.”

As part of his defense Sarnoff was quotes as saying: “I did everything I was supposed to do. I talked about it openly.” He described the trip as “105 percent work.”

Of course, that what he says now.  Below is an email that Sarnoff personally sent to Rolando Aedo about his schedule.

As part of my Ethics Complaint, I submitted over 100 pages of emails that I collected before I filed the complaint, and in those emails it shows that Sarnoff and his wife had their first day off in Rio for sightseeing, and a half day off in San Paulo, also for sightseeing, and the sightseeing trip in San Paulo was a freebie provided by the local government - another “gift that the Commissioner failed to acknowledge.

What’s really special in Mcgrory’s story is the ending:

       “Sarnoff also took a trip to China this year, where he

        watched the Miami Heat play a preseason game against

        the Los Angeles Clippers. In October, Sarnoff said the

        Heat paid for his flight and hotel. On Wednesday, he

        said the Shanghai Sports Bureau paid for him and his


        He now plans to declare that trip as a gift, he said.”

I keep saying Sarnoff is a lying weasel dick politician, and he keeps making me right by these revelations.

Now here’s my original story.