Armando Gutierrez, known to some as The Phantom Mayor of Miami, and to others as “The Whopper,” along with Jorge Salazar, co-owner of Cuban Crafters, look over the wheelhouse of a cargo ship seized bringing in 250 kilos of cocaine.  Gutierrez obviously has a sense of humor wearing an FBI tee-shirt.

For more about Cuban Crafters, and why they’ve become  popular, see the 2nd story below.


Last Friday, the Special Miami Commission meeting to determine whether to fire Chief Exposito started with a question from Michelle Spence-Jones, of  ‘Why now? What’s the rush?’

Thought out the day, as things started to unravel for the City and  Johnny Martinez, as he got more and more confused, that question continued to be raised in one form or other by several other Commissioners.

A great deal of speculation has been offered around that question.  Here is my take on what this is all about, and why it had to happen now, supported with more information than most people have.

The real reason that this meeting had to happen now is because Tomas Regalado and all of the people around him are aware that the odds are better than pretty good that he will be arrested sometime between October 1st and November 15th.

He would have probably already been arrested but the arresting authorities I believe did not want the responsibility of throwing the city into a complete tail spin had they arrested Regalado during the month of September when the city budget is  being hammered out.

That’s why it will happen after October 1st.  How soon after, I don’t know, but at some point it makes to sense not to continue to wait.

So, all the deals and all the promises and IOU’s that Regalado has outstanding need to be caught up by October 1st.

The deal tied to getting rid of the Chief, is first and foremost about the maquinitas.  Currently there are 480 video gaming machines in city warehouses that the owners have been trying to get the Police Department to release. The Police Department has been litigating this issue, arguing that the maquinitas are contraband, and even if the cases against the owners are dismissed, the maquinitas like any other contraband cannot be returned.

For those of you who read my series about Slumlord Placido Diaz, you will recall in PART III, I wrote about a gentleman named Orlando Cordoves, who had sued the Chief and Al Alvarez, for slander because they supposedly identified him as part of an organized crime family heavily engaged in the video gaming business.

Below is a Court Order, issued on December 22nd of last year where Cordobes is listed as the legal representative of Abdel Hamid Machkours, who was trying to get 4 of his maquinitas back.

Cordoves is the same gentleman who the Mayor and others have acknowledged played a part in the writing of the current gaming ordinance that led to the Lucky 7 raids by the Miami Police Department, and led to the fight between the Mayor and the Chief, which ultimately led to the Commission meeting last Friday.

Why is this so important?  Those 480 maquinitas are worth between $3000 to $5000 a piece.  That means that right now there are maquinitas worth anywhere between $1,440,000.00 to $2,400,000.00 sitting in city warehouses that the owners want before back before Regalado does his Perp Walk.

The only way to get them back is to get rid of the Chief, replace him with another “Doormat,” and then have Martinez order that Chief to release the machines.

It’s that straightforward and simple.  If the maquinita owners can get rid of the Chief, they can get their maquinitas back anytime before October 1st with a simple signature on a release signed by the Chief of Police.

That’s the behind the scenes fight that Chief Exposito has been waging against the maquinita owners, and they’re tired of the fight, because the Chief has been winning.  So far the City has destroyed around 4000 maquinitas as the result of this fight between Exposito and the maquinita owners.


If you didn’t look at the short video clip at the top of this post, you need to do it now.

First, I have to say that Alberto Milan is a very good lawyer. A number of folks have commented negatively on blogs and the Herald site about his tactics and behavior when he took over representing the City of Miami in the afternoon session.

For the folks who got upset, I got news for you, if you ever get in a jam, that’s the kind of junk yard, fight for your client lawyer that you’ll be begging for. 

Too many people think that lawyers in real life behave like the actors who read lines from a script in the TV dramas where everything is arranged for a predetermined end.

Far from it.  This Commission hearing has given those who watched an opportunity to see two really good lawyers with opposing styles go at it.

Having said that, Milan, was brought in to do nothing else but make sure that the Chief got fired.  All the piddle paddle chatter between Milan and Commissioner Sarnoff about future conflicts of interest and all the rest ,including the 5 year ban on representating clients against the City was, and is, all absolute bullshit.

In the clip above, Milan very clearly and succinctly spells out who he represents, what their interests are, and the fact that he cleared it with them before he showed up at City Hall.

When he says at the end of his statement that: 

        “Whether my representation of one client would

        be be adverse to the interests of another or vice

        versa, and I have taken all of the appropriate legal

        steps that I’m aware of to insure that I have no

        conflict, and I have gone beyond and sought wavier

        of no conflict from any client who that that

        representing the manager in that capacity would

        represent a position adverse to their interests.”

He told everyone the truth, but because you didn’t understand the players or the language, it went right over evryone’s head.

You cannot but walk away without understanding that the maquinita owners that Milan represents have given him their blessings to represent the City of Miami against the Chief, because both the owners and the City’s interests (i.e.: Regalado. et. al)  are the same.

They want their maquinitas back, and the City/Regalado, if they can fire the Chief, will give the maquinitas back to them.

From that vantage point, the question is not whether he’s doing this pro bono for the City, because he clearly is.  He can afford to so, because the question that no one ever considered asking him is how much are the maquinita owners paying him to represent THEIR interests in helping the City to fire the Chief?

What you have here is a crooked Mayor, who arranged to bring a hired gun for the maquinita owners in to ostencibly represent the citizens and taxpayers of Miami in an action to fire the Chief of Police, who has been conducting a long standing battle to keep the owners and their machines out of the City of Miami.

That’s what this is really all about and all the bullshit about retribution, and fair play and treating employees with respect, along with the arguments about police overtime and the differences over police staffing procedures was nothing but a giant misdirection play to provide the cover for this scheme by the maquinita owners to get their machines back!

Welcome to Miami, Bitches!








On Friday September 2nd, I predicted that one of the very first things that would happen with the appointment of an interim Chief of Police would be that he would waste no time in giving orders to start going through the IA and computer files looking for information on the pending criminal investigations that everyone knows are occurring.

Here what I wrote:

    “So, if Cabrera, or whoever else designated Acting

    Chief is immediately appointed upon the Chief’s firing,

    they would have all of Tuesday, all of Wednesday,

    and all of Thursday to root through the Chief’s computer,

    desk, files, as well as give orders for the Mayor’s cohorts

    to go through the building looking for all the documents

    related to any of these pending criminal investigations,

    and at the same time they’d also have 2 days to look

    for any evidence that they might be able to use against

    the Chief at the Emergency City Commission Meeting.

True to my prediction, Johnny Martinez in his own words, explains what happened right after Manny Orosa became interim Chief of Police.

Manny Orosa and his hand-picked guy acted just like out of work housewivers who had just won a 5 minute shopping romp through a supermarket.  First stop was the IA files.

Last week I revealed how Orosa had made a career on being a professional tattletale, and after being on the job less than 48 hours he was already providing Martinez with information, and the best part was that unlike the Feds, Martinez didn’t even need to give Orosa “use” immunity.

But that was just the appitizer.  It took till 2:10 AM, for the real blockbuster information to be revealed, when Major Al Alvarez stepped to the podium to be the last witness to testify.


Up until Alvarez’s appearance, no one had directly mentioned the name Cuban Crafters.  All the references as to what led to the Chief’s desire to demote Commander Roque and Perez, and about their disobeying a direct order referenced a cigar store on NW 7th Street.

It was riveting testimony that never made it into any of the Miami Herald coverage - although they update and refresh their on-line stories all the time - nor did it make any of the local Anglo TV stations coverage of the events, except for WFOR, CBS Channel 4, that reported what happened this way:

    “Former Internal Affairs commander Alfredo Alvarez

    also faced intense questioning about police department

    policy and procedure, at times arguing with Milian, other

    times declining to answer questions Milian posed.”

I’ll defer making any judgment on whether this qualifies as reporting, and direct you to the video below that includes a 6:10 portion of Alvarez’s testimony so you can make your own judgment.

I have also uploaded the complete 30:52 minutes of his testimony that you can view HERE.

This tape begings as Alvarez references the order that the Chief had given to Commanders Roque and Perez - 2 of the 3 individuals that were part of Count I of the City Manager’s reasons for suspending the Chief.

As Alvarez stated, Cuban Crafters is a popular place for politicians.  Here is former Miami City Commissioner Richard Dunn with Jorge Salazar, Kiki Berger and Al Gutman.

Behind Kiki Berger’s Left ear, you can make out a portion of our old pal, Armando “The Whopper” Gutierrez talking to the gentleman in the suit, who might be the former Lt Governor of Florida Jeff Kottkamp.

Here are Miami City Commissioners Willie Gort and Francis Suarez, with two folks who’se names I don’t know.

And then of course there’s FOP President Armando Aguilar and Vice President Javier Ortiz with a gentleman in the middle who’s name I don’t know.

And then here’s interim Police Chief Manny Orosa with Armando Aguilar to the left in the white shirt.

It’s a good thing none of these fine folks was around when a major drug bust was going down.

It’s also good to know that none of these folks have a problem socializing in an establishment co-owned by a guy who was involved in one of the largest Medicare frauds and became one of my lodge brothers.

Perhaps my next venture when I quit writing this stuff should be opening a fancy club. I’m sure all of these nice folks would gladly come and patronize my establishment.





In a vote that turned out to be largely anticlimactic, Miami Police Chief Miguel Exposito was fired by the Miami City Commission on Monday afternoon.

The Chief and the Mayor have been at loggerheads since late last year over raids that the police department staged to confiscate video gaming machines that had proliferated throughout the city after the passage of a new gaming ordinance that essentially gave owners card blanche in putting these machine anywhere as long as they obtained licenses that the Mayor argued would provide much need revenue to the city.

The Chief it must be said had contributed to his problems by sanctioning the filming of a pilot for a reality TV show that had him calling some of his officers “Predators,” and for the 7 killings of Black men over a period of about 9 months, most of which have yet to be ruled on by the Miami-State Attorney, Katherine Fernandez-Rundle.

In addition to the Chief loosing his job, perhaps the biggest loser as a result of this incident is City Manager Johnny “The Doormat” Martinez, who managed, as Commissioner Frank Carollo said, to give hope to morons (my word, not his,) everywhere by proving that anyone can become the City Manager of Miami.

I will continue to stand by my claims posted on Monday morning that at the end of the day, regardless of all the posturing, speech making, references to dictionary definitions and all the rest, that what happened today was first and foremost all about the return of the maquinitas, so that they can be spirited away to Hialeah out of harms way.

Tomorrow is another day, and with it will come new stories and new revelations that Miami today is at the epicenter of a corrupt political class that will only be reigned in when as many of them as possible are hauled off to jail.

As always, it’s Miami, Bitches!

SEPTEMBER 12, 2011


Major Al Alvarez and Assistant Chief Seiglie have submitted their resignations in the wake of the firing of Chief Miguel Exposito.

Additional senior staff are expected to follow suit.  In addition to the resignations, expect lawsuits to be filed challenging the decision of the City Commission firing Exposito.  Even last Friday evening the prospect of the Chief filing a suit against the city If they did not reach a decision on this matter within the 5 days established by the City Charter was discussed, and proferred by Exposito’s attorney Ruben Chavez, as a legal option they would consider.

This is far from over and while the Fat Lady might have been warming up her voice today, no one should think that the Fat Lady actually broke into song.  Remember this is Miami.

SEPTEMBER 12, 2011

SEPTEMBER 13, 2011



September 15, 2011


Award winning photojournalist, author and political activist Al Crespo, who writes about political corruption and abuses in the City of Miami on a website called The Crespo-Gram Report, was the subject of a racist attack following last Friday’s Miami City Commission meeting to consider the charges of insubordination of Chief of Police Miguel Exposito.

Sometime during the night on Friday, September 9, 2011, unknown individuals pasted crude flyers on metal telephone poles along NW 3rd Avenue from 8th Street to 19th Street.  A copy of one of those flyers is attached, and it reads:



“It has always been the case that when you can’t refute the message, cowards, thugs and bullies will resort to trying to destroy the messenger.” Crespo stated.  In addition, Crespo, who went to Overtown on Saturday and took down the signs, had this to say about how he intends to deal with this issue:

“Although this crime was committed inside the City of Miami, and I continue have confidence, and in turn have received great support and encouragement for my efforts from many of the rank and file members of the Miami Police Department, I do not feel that given my recent critical comments about the past behavior of interim Chief Manny Orosa, and the leadership of the Fraternal Order of Police, that it would be prudent to turn over these flyers to them for investigative analysis.  Therefore, I will be turning these fliers over to another law enforcement department in the hopes that these criminals - who demonstrated that they are just stupid racist morons - were equally stupid in leaving their fingerprints.”

The posting of these flyers with the message of racial hate constitutes a crime covered by Florida’s Hate Crime Statute 775.085, and the crime is acerbated by the fact that Crespo, who is 69, qualifies for senior citizen protection.


Al Crespo



SEPTEMBER 16, 2011


A new anonymous Photoshop wiz has joined the ranks.  Welcome Obie-Wan Kenobi.


When we last wrote about Assistant Fire Chief Veldora Arthur, she was hanging out at home on paid administrative leave, with a nice city car parked in her driveway, all courtesy of Chief Maurice Kemp.

This week Veldora’s mortgage fraud trial started, and our colleague at The Straw Buyer was able to dig up a document that could very well end up sending Veldora to some place where she won’t be needing that city car anymore.

It seems that one of her co-defendants turned state’s evidence a couple days ago and is now planning to testify against her.

Veldora, Veldora, you keep making bad choices about the men in your life. They break your heart, or they testify against you.

Sometimes when the deck is stacked against you the best thing you can do is quit pissing away money on lawyers who really can’t keep you out of jail, and go ahead and cop a plea and get it over with.

Always remember, no matter how much the lawyers talk shit, none of hem are going to go and do the time with you.

And by the way, maybe you ought to call up the Chief and tell them to come get the city car.  That car shit has really gotten old.


On Tuesday night there was some sort of candidate’s meeting at Legion Hall. It’s my understanding that sometime during that event, someone(s) went around and stuck copies of posts I have written about Commissioner Sarnoff on the windshields of the cars in the parking lot.

Whoever you are that did it, DON’T DO IT AGAIN!

First, it’s against the law, and secondly, I don’t appreciate you using my stuff to break the law.  If you’re upset and angry about Commissioner Sarnoff, then stand up at the meeting and tell him why.  If you want to use anything I’ve written, you’re free to do that, and quote from it, and ask him about it and anything else you want to do to his face.

But DO NOT print my stuff out and stick it on windshields like a thief in the night.  I don’t want to get any more calls asking me if I know about somebody doing stupid shit!



Jose Marrero, longtime flunky for His Ignorance, The Mayor, and subject of several Crespo-Gram Report stories having to do with the swale sidewalks outside the house in the photo above being built with city employees, and with his son-in-law Richard LaBelle getting an $80,000 city job that required both a waiver from the hiring freeze, as well as a waiver for lack of qualifications, seems to have moved in the last couple weeks.

The house above, where Marrero lived for the last couple years was the subject of a Code Enforcement inspection when Miami Police, investigating other activities, discovered that renovations had taken place without any permits being issues.

The owner of the house was served with a Notice of Code Violation, and from my understanding the renovations could not be corrected without substantial costs being incurred - a bedroom had been created where the garage had been, and the new floor had not been built to code - in any event, it looks like Marrero, who it turned out was not the owner of the house has now moved out.

I wonder if the owner forced him out for bringing all the attention to the unpermitted renovation?


SEPTEMBER 15, 2011

SEPTEMBER 15, 2011

SEPTEMBER 15, 2011

SEPTEMBER 15, 2011


Over on LEO AFFAIRS, the Miami Police Department bulletin board, there have been a lot of posts since Friday about the cosy relationship between Ortiz and the FOP, and Mayor Tomas Regalado.

There’s been a vocal minority within the department who for a while who have been chewing on both Ortiz and Armando Aguilar’s asses about how they conduct FOP business, and for some of those folks, seeing Ortiz so cosy with His Ignorance perked them right up when they saw the actions revealed in the snippet of video above.

If Ortiz did text the Mayor - he obviously texted someone - then what do you think that text might have been?

Here’s my smart ass text.  Send me yours.

    “Tomas.  Wish Milan had worn hat.  I forgot sunglasses.”


Like two kids horse playing behind the teacher, Assistant City Manager Alice Bravo and Luis Cabrera can be seen having a good time at today’s Special City Commission meeting to try and solve the outstanding disagreements with the various union’s positions going into tomorrow’s first budget meeting.

Notice Luis’s look when he realizes he’s probably on camera.  You cannot make this stuff up, especially when you got the video to prove it.

SEPTEMBER 15, 2011

SEPTEMBER 15, 2011



I haven’t had an opportunity lately to pay attention to my old pal, Commissioner “Ethics,” so I guess he decided he could pull one of his sleazy stunts and I’d l wouldn’t notice.

You know better than that Punky.  In my heart, you’ll always come first, although His Ignorance has been giving you a run for the money the last couple months.

Take Thursday City Commission meeting.  Late in the day, the Commissioner called Haydee Wheeler, the Director of the Neighborhood Enhancement Teams (NET), to address a question about the creation of a One Stop Permitting Process.

Here is the video.

Now, you might ask, what this was really all about.  Well, the night before the City Commission meeting there was a Candidate’s Forum at the Science Museum, and during that meeting comments were made about streamlining the permitting process for helping new businesses get started. 

Here is how Tom Falco in The Coconut Grove Grapevine described the complaints.  I’ve included the whole paragraph because the Commissioner always harps about things being taken out of context, and I’ve highlighted the relevant section.

        “Back to the general issues, Donna Milo said that

        there is lots of discontentment from the public and

        that is why so many people are trying to wrestle the

        Commission seat from Sarnoff. Michelle said that

        the new commissioner should be a "positive force

        to make things happen" and that we need civility,

        which many felt was lacking on that very panel last

        night. Kate feels that the commissioner should be

        in the job full time and not treat the commission

        seat as a side job. They all felt that DERM (Dept.

        of Environmental Resources Mgt.) needs to be

        reined in and that the permitting process needs

        to be made simpler to allow for new businesses

        to open without so much fuss.”

Now, Kaydee Wheeler’s response was not about streamlining the permitting process for new businesses, but rather streamlining the permitting process for “temporary permits,” required for “Special Events.”

That was not the issue that was raised at the Candidate’s Forum.  The issue there was about streamlining the process for someone being able to wade through the bureaucratic hassles required to open the doors of a new business.

Contrary to both Sarnoff and Wheeler’s comments THAT has not happened in the last 2 years.  What HAS happened is the streamlining of permits for “Special Events.”

But the most telling part of this charade is Sarnoff’s comments at the end where he says:

        “ I just wanted to clarify the records for anyone out

        there who was making fraudulent or false allegations.”

So questions raised during a Candidate’s Forum about the improvement of city services becomes, in Sarnoff words, “fraudulent or false allegations,” and he demonstrates his concern for a fraud being perpetrated by abusing his position as a City Commissioner to counter these claims during the course of a City Commission Meeting.

The irony is that Wheeler’s comment only bolsters the claim of Sarnoff’s opponents that there HAS NOT been any assistance provided in the last 2 years for new business benefiting from “streamlining” of the city’s bureaucratic process.

Sarnoff actions constitutes an abuse of power, and should earn him a complaint filed with the Florida Elections Commission for using a city commission meeting as a vehicle for purely political purposes to accuse his political opponents of  engaging in “fraudulent and false allegations.”

Guess what Punky, thanks for refocusing my attention. I’m back, and I’ll be sharing with all my NEW readers why you’re such a lying weasel scumbag that deserves to be voted out of office ASAP.