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Derrick Arias, the recently fired interim Director of the City of Miami’s IT Department will be on the Joe Sanchez/Joe Arriola radio show on Caracol 1260 AM at 1:00 PM.

It will be in Spanish, but, if you can understand even a little Spanish, I would urge you to tune in. The show was taped on Thursday for Sunday broadcast and I have been told that Arias makes some amazing revelations about the inner-workings at the city’s MBC Building, and about how screwed up things really are with Luis Cabrera as the “real” City Manager. This is a show really worth listening to!


In PART II of this series I revealed that Placido Diaz had been working as hired muscle for an attorney named Julio Marrero back in 2002, when he allegedly broke into the apartment of Michael James Billings to try and forcibly evict him.

Sometimes, I figure that these stories are so good that I get lazy and don’t go that extra mile to see if there is even crazier stuff about these folks, because what I write about seems pretty crazy as it is.

I should have gone looking, because when I got a tip that I should, I ended up spending part of an afternoon at the Federal Courthouse, and then, laughed my ass off, as I’m sure you will to when you read this story. It was not necessarily a ha-ha laugh.

Julio C. Marrero, is an attorney that almost needs to have an attorney at his side to keep his ass out of trouble.

Back in 1997, when he just just getting his feet wet in the games that shysters play in Miami, he got tagged as part of a multi-count mortgage fraud indictment that headlined Humberto Hernandez, arguably the craziest Miami City Commissioner ever.

Humberto Hernandez being sworn in as a Miami City Commissioner in 1998, as his lovely wife Ester looks on.

Humberto is probably best known not so much for the mortgage fraud, or being suspended from office or all the other crazy stuff that happened including a trip to the federal pen, but for the revelation that the lovely Ester was putting horns on him with his attorney Jose Manuel Quinon, during Humberto’s trial.

Quinon by the way is reported to be representing Regalado this time around. With all the “girlfriends” that Regalado seems to have, perhaps he’ll share one with Quinon just for old times sake.

Here is a PDF of the indictment that included Marrero.

Marrero managed to cut a deal and pled to a single misdemeanor count, and saved his law license. The conviction netted him a 30 day suspension by the Florida Bar. (It was a busy time for suspensions, Marrero’s mention is about halfway down the page.)

In 2003, Marrero was implicated in a massive civil RICO
lawsuit filed by Miami-Dade County against 85 defendants, including 70 lawyers involving fraudulent personal injury claims.  There is no record I could find as to the outcome of this lawsuit, so I’m assuming that Marrero was successful is defending himself against whatever claims were lodged against him. Throughout it all he continued to practice law and he also continued his activity as a real estate investor. His biggest deal during that time was being a partner in  the 3031 Investment Corporation, that built a 10 story condo office building at 3850 Bird Road with a $28.5 million loan from Ocean Bank. 

His partners in the deal were Jorge Galceran and Juan Puig, a one time big name in the condo conversion business, who Marrero and Galceran claimed, when the deal went sour,  to being a deadbeat forced on them by Ocean Bank. Ocean Bank has it’s own long and seedy history of bad loans and  insider dealings with board members, etc.

The long and the short of it is that Ocean Bank filed a foreclosure action on them in 2007, which resulted in some pretty serious allegations being made in the receivers report. (You should really take the time to read this article about this deal to appreciate how creative financing really works.)

Somehow things were settled, and Marrero ended up owning a penthouse office on the 10th floor.  On August 19th, things fell apart again when Wells Fargo filed a new foreclosure action against him and several others. 

Now he’ll really be able to claim that he’s a foreclosure expert when he advertises and appears as an expert on Latin radio and TV shows.!




Sometimes you can tell when the shit is going to hit the fan when the folks who are about to get jammed up just quit pretending to even bother following the rules.

Take what happened last week. When Johnny “The Doormat” Martinez decided that it was a good time to take a week’s vacation, he would have normally appointed Alice Bravo, the Deputy City Manager as his stand-in. But Luis Cabrera would have none of that.

As usual, Luis zipped over to City Hall where His Ignorance signed the memo making him acting City Manager.

The City Charter requires the Mayor to be the one to appoint an acting City Manager, even if only to take the place of the manager during vacations, but as the Mayor and the members of the Commission discovered at the June 24, 2010 Commission meeting such an appointment also requires a vote of approval by the City Commission.

Here is the portion of the video from that meeting.


Whether you think Chief Of Police Miguel Exposito is a good guy or a bad guy or whether you think he deserves a medal or needs to be run out of town on a rail, the one thing that every single person, and most especially every single person in the news media in South Florida should believe is that Chief Exposito is being treated no better than a political prisoner in a country like Cuba by the way in which the Mayor of Miami and his City Manager have placed a gag order on him and Major Al Alvarez, barring them from speaking to the news media.

It is beyond shameful that the Miami Herald, El Nuevo Herald, Miami Today, all of the rest of the business papers, along with every single TV and radio station in South Florida has passively sat by watching this travesty take place, especially since on Tuesday after the Chief is suspended he will still be denied the right to speak to anyone about his suspension.

Yes, on Friday several of the local TV stations mentioned that the Chief was not being allowed to respond to the rumors and allegations being circulated by those close to Mayor Regalado, but that is woefully short of the response that should be coming from the Editorial Boards and station managers, who ALL should be taking to the air demanding that this stupid gag order be rescinded immediately.

Are we in America, or are we really in some jerk-off Banana Republic where a corrupt Mayor and his doormat City Manager can abrogate the basic rights of free speech and the ability to defend one’s self against accusations because the people who should be screaming the loudest to challenge this craziness are standing around with one thumb stuck up their ass and the other in their mouth, wondering whether anyone will notice their cowardliness.

Shame on everyone with the ability to stand up and speak against this gag order - and most especially the Miami Herald who today published an attack piece against Major Al Alvarez - knowing full well that he is powerless to even say, “I disagree with what you’ve written.” No matter what you might think about Alvarez, it’s both duplicitous and slimy to write an attack piece full of blind quotes when the subject is prohibited from responding.

This is not the American Way, and all of you who have the power and the voice to stand up against this nonsense and have refused should be ashamed to the very core of your souls for your silence!



It would be one thing for such an appointment to occur as a result of some sort of emergency, but for Johnny Martinez to take a week off 68 days into his term, and to do so at the last minute when the Commission was in it’s August break only serves to illustrate how clueless he really is.

Carlos Migoya, who was a novice at the workings of the City knew how to do it right, and because the City Commission didn’t approve Regalado’s appointment of Luis Cabrera to be the acting City Manager, any and all actions he undertook this last week are at best questionable, and at worst illegal.

So to I believe is that memo I published last week where “The Doormat” signed over his responsibility and rights to discipline and fire all city employees.

These are the overt signs of a city administration doing whatever it wants, when it wants, and basically saying, “Screw You.”

Aren’t these new digital cameras something.


So we start out 9 years ago with Placido Diaz taking a little time off from his police duties to provide a little strong-arm action intended to evict one of Julio Marrero’s tenants.

This is about the time that Julio Marrero, fresh from his suspension by the Florida Bar, is lining up his big deal to build the condo office building at 3850 Bird Road.

We fast forward a few years and take the elevator at 3850 Bird Road down 2 floors from Marrero’s penthouse offices where we meet Tomas Cabrerizo, who seeing the error of his ways in hanging out with the Cuban Mafia, has done his 3 years probation and becomes a real estate mogul - benefiting from Julio’s legal assistance - and pillar of the community.

Unfortunately for him, and for his pal Orlando Cordoves, their past associations unfairly get them tagged as Cuban mobsters and talked about on TV by Miami’s Chief of Police and the head of Internal Affairs, as being part of the problem that the city is facing with the illegal video gaming machines.

Understandably, these gentlemen don’t like being unfairly associated with such dastardly acts and one sends a cease and desist letter while the other gentleman just goes ahead and sues.

This in turn leads us back to Placido Diaz, because in the 8 years since he was working as hired muscle for Julio Marrero, he’s now managed to become a multi-millionaire - owner of a big waterfront mansion, with a boat at the dock - but yet, in spite of his new found wealth continues to believe in public service and giving back to the community.

Diaz goes to work for Commissioner Gort for $40,000 a year, where he spends his time doing the thankless community work of digging up dirt to try and get the Chief of Police and Alvarez fired, which all things considered, probably makes Mr’s Cabrerizo and Cordoves happy, given how he’s treated them.

The Mayor is definitely happy because he’s managed to benefit from the wisdom of Mr. Cordoves in helping to shape the video gaming ordinance, and he’s got Placido covering his flank trying to get dirt on the Chief.

The news media’s - and most especially the Miami Herald is happy - because all of this is just one more story they can ignore as they continue their slide into irrelevancy - and I’m always happy to be entertained by the knowledge that I live in a community with so many committed, public spirited folks.

Now I’m not implying that back in the day when he was being a strong-arm thug in uniform Placido Diaz was in any way affiliated with anyone associated with the Cuban Mafia, but rather that we live in a world where sometimes things might appear to look certain ways when in fact they don’t, and for sure Mr. Cabrerizo has paid his debt to society, and Mr. Cordoves never had one to pay, so they can come and go to the MRC just like I can.  Oh, right.  I’m banned.  My bad.

In any event could this be the basis for the best Banana Republic gangster/redemption/good government movie ever? Even the great Carl Hiaasen couldn’t up with this kind of story.

NOTE: All of the documents mentioned in this story, and others not mentioned but relevant, can be accessed by clicking HERE. 

But wait, it gets more interesting!

During the years that Marrero was battling Ocean Bank over the foreclosure, he was also continuing to practice law, and one of his clients was a gentleman named Tomas Cabrerizo.  Marrero served as the Registered Agent for at least 15 of Cabrerizo’s real estate companies, and Cabrerizo thought so much of the offices at 3850 Bird Road that Marrero and his partners built that he bought the Eighth Floor Office Suite.


Who is Tomas Cabrerizo, you ask?

Tomas Cabrerizo was arrested as part of a major organized crime ring known as “THE CORPORATION” that was led by Jose Miguel Battle Sr.. The group is better known in law enforcement circles as the Cuban Mafia.

Cabrerizo was described in the indictment as, ”an associate of the CORPORATION and a manager and operator of money laundering operations for the CORPORATION who also conducted the CORPORATION’S illegal operations as an officer and operator of various businesses.”

He managed to plead out and received a sentence of 36 months probation. Corporate records indicate that he became a very successful real estate mogul after he completed his sentence, and as a school boy friend of Julio Robaina, has contributed tens of thousands of dollars to Julio’s campaigns over the years, including $10,000 this year to Julio’s PAC: BUILDING A BRIGHTER FUTURE.

The funny part is that Tomas Cabrerizo is the same guy whose Cease and Desist letter I published on March 28th, after he had his lawyer send the Chief and Major Al Alvarez the letter for talking about his alleged associations with some of the local gambling machine operators on Channel 41’s,  A Mano Limpia.

Another gentleman who was indicted along with Cabrerizo, was Orlando Cordoves. You won’t find his name in the indictment because his is the name that was backed out after the indictment was unsealed.

You can find what the government thought his position in the CORPORATION was by going to page 9 of the indictment  where it states, “(Blank) was a member of the CORPORATION, a “Jefe” and boss in charge of multiple Divisions in the CORPORATION who was also responsible for identifying new illegal gambling locations and for recruiting entry level personnel to start up new gambling operations for the CORPORATION.” 

Obviously because his name was blanked out of the indictment and he never seems to have gone to trial, Mr. Cordoves was wrongly accused of these crimes, because he, like Mr. Cabrerizo took offense when his name and alleged activities were mentioned on Channel 41”s A Mano Limpia, by the Chief and Alvarez. Instead of just sending a Cease and Desist letter like his friend Mr. Cabrerizo, Mr. Cordoves sued the Chief and Alvarez for defamation.  Mr. Cordoves is the same gentleman referred to by Chuck Rabin in his Miami Herald story this morning as the “Hialeah businessman indicted but cleared in an organized crime case.”

It’s a good thing that he was cleared of those dastardly charges because during the summer of 2010, when the City was working through the process and language of the new ordinance on video gaming machines, the Mayor invited Mr. Cordoves to be part of a very small group who ironed out all the kinks in the ordinance language. El Nuevo Herald supposedly did a story about his involvement in these meetings.

There’s not been any explanation of the kind of expertise that this Hialeah businessman was able to provide the City of Miami to help them work out the kinks in the video gaming ordinance, but we know that Tomas Regalado is an honorable man, so I’m sure that he knows why he invited Cordoves to take part and I think we should feel good about that.  The Anglo media wisely considered it just a Cuban thing and didn’t waste their time.

In March of this year, Tomas Regalado ever eager to show his appreciation for someone willing to contribute to the financial well-being of the city by helping to get the video gaming ordinance into shape, repaid the favor by going to a little Cuban exile function hosted by Mr. Cordoves, where someone managed to take this photo. 




Looks like the Miami Herald is embarrassed by that trashy attack piece against  Major Al Alvarez that they published on Sunday. 

First, after a lot of comments supporting the Chief and Alvarez were posted in response to the article they delinked the article for several hours on Sunday afternoon and when it came back all the comments were gone.

Then, after folks continued roasting the Herald, they delinked the site again last night and as of 3:15 PM, Monday, it was still delinked.

Check for yourself.


It took 72 days, but Johnny “The Doormat” Martinez finally delivered on his principle obligation to his master, Tomas Regalado

The question was never one of whether Martinez would do the deed, but always one of how long it would take him.

With the serving of the letter of suspension, I am shutting the Countdown Clock on Martinez, and starting a new Countdown Clock.

With luck, we won’t have to wait as long for His Ignorance to do his Perp Walk, as it took Martinez to move against the Chief.


As I predicted on August 22, and again on September 2nd, City Manager Johnny Martinez served Miami Police Chief Miguel Exposito with a letter of suspension a little after 8:30 AM, this morning.

Upon leaving the building, Exposito was besieged by a throng of TV cameras and reporters asking for comments, and once again responded that he was forbidden from speaking about any of these issues as a result of a ban imposed on the Chief by Martinez shortly after Martinez became City Manager.

While police officers, Police Chiefs and even prosecuting attorneys are on occasion served with gag orders dealing with a specific criminal case, the notion of a blanket gag order extending over several months, and covering any and all statements that the Chief might be able to make in response to allegations, rumors, and attacks on his character and job performance are virtually unheard of in the United States. Contrary to the claims of some who have had little exposure of political life outside of Miami, you will not find anything remotely resembling this actions having occuured in any other major American city.

To that end,  I hereby make a challenge to every reader of this website to find anything resembling what has happened in Miami having occurred elsewhere. I believe that the Mayor and the City Manager have conducted themselves as little more than the communist apparatchiks in the same Cuba that this Mayor has made a career of vehemently denounced over the years.

I’m betting $100.00 US, that you will not find any such example since at least the year 1900 occurring in this country.  Don’t just go to Google, try Bing too.


Although there were no soldiers or combatants in the streets of Miami today, do not underestimate or brush aside my claim that this is the bureaucratic equivalent of all out war.

There are many within the Latin - and especially Cuban community - who at least have an inking about what the underlying causes are that led to today’s letter of suspension.

In the Anglo community, folks are essentially clueless and for the most part have been grossly ill-informed by what passes for the local news media into thinking that this is merely a fight between 2 Cuban guys trying to piss on each others shoes.

The outcome of this war could have disastrously long and lasting consequences to the citizens and city employees of Miami, as the Mayor and a handful of his allies, including the remnants of the clique of Cuban cops involved in the Leonardo Mercardo case including the newly appointed interim Chief Manuel Orosa, along with Armando Aguilar, the current President of the Miami Fraternal Order of Police, who along with others folks with ties to organized crime and a collection of your general, run-of-the-mills scammers and schemers have swirled around City Hall since the election of Tomas Regalado all vying for various pieces of the carcass of a city mired in a never ending budget crisis, and managed by morons.

There is no guarantee  that the Chief will survive the Special City Commission meeting called to deal with the Chief’s suspension.

I make no bones about taking sides in this fight, not because I am enamoured with Chief Exposito’s term as Police Chief, but because I’m old enough, and been around mob guys and crooks and swindlers of every stripe for a large part of my life, and I’m here to tell everyone who reads this that from the information that I have obtained and published, and the information that I have obtained but have yet to publish, that no matter what you might think about some of Exposito’s actions as the Chief of Police, you absolutely DO NOT WANT - if you have any concern at all for the City of Miami - to see what comes down the road if this Chief is fired and Regalado has his way to implement the goals of these people by appointing a patsy as the next Chief.

And absolutely forget that bullshit about their being a national search for a new Chief. That’s all smoke and mirrors.  The one thing that they’ve spent the last 8 months doing is getting rid of all of the city employees and Department Directors who might try and stand up against what they’re trying to accomplish.

Mayor Tomas Regalado is the most corrupt Mayor that Miami has ever had - and that’s saying a whole lot.  He lies constantly, about big things and little things. He’s uneducated, and ill-equiped to deal with the larger issues of public policy that any big city mayor today must deal with, and has demonstrated his total lack of concern and respect for dealing with any of these issues by the very people he has surrounded himself with.

His “staff,”  if you can call it that would be better suited for someone being the Mayor of a Village like El Portal or Biscayne Park, not a major American city.  Hie embrace and support for Luis Cabrera and Angel Zayon - two individuals who he has openly embraced as either his “4th Son, or his Godson,” should serve as bookend illustrations of the calibur of those who he has entrusted portions of the management of the City of Miami.  One’s mentally unbalanced, and the other is a deabeat asshole who’s been fired from just about every TV station he’s ever worked for.

His association with questionable individuals has been well documented, and his willingness to cut deals that would enrich these individuals at the taxpayer’s expense have also been well documented.


I wrote last week that the Chief would be suspended on Tuesday, and the Special Commission would be on Thursday.  I now believe that the meeting might be held as late as next Monday or Tuesday.

The reason for that is that I believe that the Regalado forces need all the time they can get inside the Police Department in order to try and doctor documents related to the 2nd reason that the Chief was suspended.

          “You have continued to disregard my requests

          about reducing ovetime expenses by organizational

          restructuring and adjustments to deployment of

          resources consistent with the policy directives I

          have communicated to you.”

Under the best of circumstances this is the kind of policy decision making that requires long, detailed and dispassionate discussions. The issues are complex, and need to be weighed against other factors other than just the most obvious immediate questions of dollars being spent today.

None of that will happen under the pressure of a quasi-juducial hearing in front of the City Commission with all the craziness and confusion that will be occuring, and the best way to confuse the issues will be by the presentation of a stack of supposed internal police documents meant to support the claims that Javier Ortiz, the FOP Vice President has been making now for several months.

As a primer of how complicated this issue is, and how Ortiz was essentially revealed to be dealing with innacurate information last month when he tried to force the issue, I have posted the 28 minute portion of the July 28th City Commission meeting where he attempted to raise the issue of the Chief’s mismanagement of the Police Department’s budget. 

This is also addressed by the Chief in the email that was included as Exhibit 3, that was part of the letter of suspension. That can be viewed by opening the PDF below.

All of this is complicated because hidden within these arguments are a scheme to use the supposed “savings” that these changes might produce to give the members of the Police Department a pass on taking the same kind of hit that the members of the other city unions will be taking as part of the budget process.

This is all part of a sweetheart deal that will see the FOP recind their phony Recall Vote efforts against the Mayor, and will be used by Armando Aguilar as part of his efforts to become the State FOP President and stop the FOP membership from trying to demand that the local FOP’s books be audited.

To look at the video, click HERE.

To read the letter of suspension and the Exhibits, open the PDF below.

I apologize if this piece is somewhat disjointed, but a lot of things have occurred today in addition to the Chief being suspended, and I am awash in documents and explosive stories that I need to deal with individually.  I will be posting throughout the night, and hopefully by tomorrow morning, I will have covered what I once again believe are the biggest stories that I have written since I started  this website.


I have explosive information about interim Police Chief Manuel Orosa, and his involvment in the Leonardo Mercardo murder case, and a truly astounding story of how a Miami Herald reporter tried to hoodwink Major Al Alvarez into breaking the gag order.

Both of these stories are supported by emails, documents and direct quotes from someone who was a witness to one of the incidents I will be writing about.

Tell your family, your friends and your colleagues at work to visit this site.  I am publishing stuff that you’ll see no where else, and I’m backing it up with the real documents that prove that when you want to know what’s really happening in Miami, this website is the place you’ll find out.

al crespo




On Sunday, as I predicted last week, the Miami Herald ran a front page story attacking Major Al Alvarez, then in charge of the Miami Police Department’s Internal Affairs Unit.

It was a piece long on attitude, short on substance and laced with the kind of gum shoe rhetoric found in pulp crime novels:

        “Cigar chomping and displaying blustery swagger,

        Miami police Maj. Alfredo Alvarez has led vice raids,

        appeared on television shows and openly entrenched

        himself in the city’s bare-knuckle political scene.”

It was another Herald contribution to Tomas Regalado, and another IOU that they intend to collect on in the months to come.

Unbeknownst to everyone, Patricia Mazzei, one of the three co-authors of the Alvarez piece - yes, it actually took 3 Herald writers to turn out a piece-of-shit hit piece - had on Thursday, September 1st, attempted to pull an apparently sleazy bit of bait and switch on Major Al Alvarez in an attempt to get him to agree to an interview that would have gotten him fired for violating the gag order placed on him by the City Manager.

I have separated the emails into a sequential order that starts with the first email sent by Massei to Angel Zayon at 3:07 PM, and ends with Alvarez’s email that details what he believed Mazzei tried to do to him.


Two minutes later, Angel Zayon responded giving his approval.

Right here, the deal goes squirrely. First notice the response time. Mazzei sends her request at 3:07 PM, and Zayon responds at 3:09 PM.

Secondly, and far more importantly, On June 24th, the City Manager had made Angel Zayon the “Chief of Communications,” but had specifically excluded his having any authority with anything having to do with the Fire and Police Department.  See the memo below.

Even if Mazzei claims that she knew nothing of this memo - which is extremely doubtful, given that she along with Chuck Rabin were considered the City of Miami “team” - Zayon damn sure knew that he was prohibited from making any decisions having to do with the Police Department, and he damn sure, even if he was stupider than a door knob would have known not to get in the middle of an issue like this.

We really don’t have to go any further to appreciate that there was definitely shit in the game between Mazzei and Zayon over this request, and that something underhanded was afoot.

But it gets better. After receiving this bogus authorization from Zayon, Mazzei, instead of sending it on to Delrish Moss, the Miami Police PIO Officer, she passes it off to her co-writer David Ovalle. Why? Why didn’t she send it herself?

As for who Brian Dennis is, Miami New Times has several stories about him, identifying him as a community activist and Executive Director of the group Brothers Of The Same Mind. I’ve not bothered to ask Alvarez what this all was about, but obviously Alvarez taking him to meet with the City Manager probably had something to do with the shootings in Overtown.

What all of this does point out though is that Patricia Mazzei’s attempt to ask Alvarez about Mr. Dennis, while trying to slip by a phony and misleading request to talk about the Internal Affairs Unit, is just very unethical.

If the Miami Herald was still a real newspaper this kind of stunt would get Patricia Mazzei suspended if not fired.  No if’s, no ands and no buts.

But given the current state of the Miami Herald, they’ll probably treat her like a heroine.

It’s a really scummy group of people who now run the Miami Herald, and this stunt only occurred because the ethical standards of that rag have sunk to a truly reprehensible low.

As always, to read a larger version of these documents in their original sequence, click HERE.


Delrish Moss, forward Ovalle’s email to Major Alvarez, which resulted in this letter to Patricia Mazzei from Alvarez, which shows you that when the Herald sets out to do a hit piece on you, try will also try to do a real hit on you as well.



Continuing to demonstrate that he’s 2 steps ahead of Regalado and his collection on nitwits, suspended Chief Miguel Exposito filed an emergency lawsuit against Commissioners Willie Gort and Francis Suarez seeking an injunction to bar them from taking part on the City Commission hearing now scheduled on Friday to fire him.

Among the allegation of bias cited in the lawsuit is my publication of the draft letter written by Placido Diaz and Wilbur Jackson for new City Manager Tony Crapp in January of this year when the first attempt was made to get Exposito fired.

Below is a copy of the lawsuit and all the exhibits.  The judge will heqar arguments on Thursday morning, starting at 8:00 AM, at the old Courthouse at 73 West Flagler Street, before the Honorable Judge Barbara Areces.