FEBRUARY 21, 2014



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On July 17th of last year I wrote my first story about the Northeast entrance to Simpson Park being closed because the wood planking had rotted.

Nothing happened.

On November 25th, I did an update pointing out that still nothing had happened an the entrance remained closed.

On December 12th, I addressed the Miami City Commission pointing out that I had written about this problem, and had been contacted by folks who lived close to the park and were unhappy about the entrance being closed.

Here is the exchange that took place between Commissioner Sarnoff and Mark Spanioli, the Director of CIP discussing my question about the park entrance.

That exchange took place on December 12th.  On President’s Day, February 17th, I drove by Simpson Park and stopped to see what, if anything had been done in the intervening time.

Nothing!  If anything, the condition of the rotten wood on the deck has gotten worse as evidenced by the photos I took.

As to Spanioli’s clasim that the park deck had been built 5-6 years ago, and Sarnoff’s claim that “I actually was the one who spent the money to put that up,” it turns out that they are intertwined, and the park deck was not built 5 or 6 years ago, but actually it was put up in 2010, somewhere between 18 and 20 months before the wood started to rot, and I wrote  in 2012 how Sarnoff obtained the money he claims he spent for this project.

You can find how Sarnoff raised the money to spend for the Simpson Park entrance in my 2012 story about the 1814 Brickell Park hustle perpetrated by Sarnoff to do Tibor Hollo out a favor - yes the same Tibor Hollo whose Panorama Tower at 1101 Brickell Avenue was cited by exMiami as the condo project that the Mayor went to Argentina to try and lure investors for.  It was part of my story last Monday.

The real reason that this park entrance has been closed for at least 7 months is that Commissioner Sarnoff, as I detailed in my 1814 Brickell Park story, completely circumvented the bidding process as evidenced by this email.

Instead of putting the job out for bid, and following the normal procedures, Sarnoff entered into a private deal using  money he essentially extorted from Mallory Kauderer, then associated with the Flatiron Park deal in Mary Brickell Village,  and that is why after only 18-20 months the wood started to rot.

A private sweetheart deal, organized by Sarnoff, circumventing the City’s bidding process and building code turned to shit in less than 3 years.  That’s the way the Sarnoff deals often turn out for the taxpayers of Miami.  

It’s Miami, Bitches!