SEPTEMBER 23, 2013


When Commissioner Frank Carollo first became a City Commissioner, he had a fit because Commissioner “Ethics” Sarnoff had pulled a fast one and had all the old trees from the Orange Bowl site dug up and planted in his District.  To make Carollo happy, the Commission voted to spend $150,000 so Frankie could have trees of his own to plant in his District, and surprise, surprise he ended up with 2 big Oak trees planted in the swale in front of his house.

That was it for Frankie and his efforts to spruce up his District.  Until now. 

With less than 60 days to go until the election, Frankie, whose running for reelection and I’m hearing won’t show up to any of the debates for fear people will realize he’s not wrapped tight, has all of a sudden showed a real concern for the folks in the Southeast part of his District - the ones who voted in large numbers against him last time - and arranged to have street signs announcing a total of  $855,658 in new street improvements.

I spotted a total of 10 signs in a drive through the area a couple days ago, including several streets where the city had posted signs at each end of the block.  In addition the city also posted a big sign right on 12th Avenue announcing $602,800 for a Coral Way Community Center.

What’s really interesting is that these signs are only in the Road’s part of his District.  If you check in Little Havana or around the Marlin’s Stadium, you won’t see nary a sign, whether it be one of these construction signs, or even a regular campaign sign with Carollo’s name on it.

Now, when it comes to the actual street repairs, these signs don’t necessarily mean that these projects will occur, because given that they are all in a compact area of the Roads section, if all of those streets were ripped up at once, then people would probably get real pissed, real fast.

But, for campaign purposes, these are the equivalent of big campaign yard signs put up by the City’s Capital Improvements Department, at who knows what cost to the taxpayers.  If Frankie doesn’t win, or even if he does but still doesn’t get these peoples votes, the signs and the possibility of street improvements could disappear faster than a box of donuts in a room full of cops.

That Frankie, he might not obey the traffic laws, and he might be batshit crazy, but he’s figured out a scheme to try and hoodwink the folks in one part of his District into thinking that he cares about them, and he’s using their tax money to let them know, even if it’s only from now until election day.

To see all the signs, click HERE.


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