SEPTEMBER 29, 2013


How many ways has the Regalado administration abused the system when it came to hiring friends, family and political cronies?

Here are just a few examples.

In Miami, people have been put on the city payroll just so they can get enrolled in the city’s health insurance program.  They‘re listed as a $1 a year employees. They were put on the city payroll just to get health insurance for them or their families. 

Then there’s Madelin “Hot Lips” Pacheco, who not only had a job created for her, but when she found out she was only going to get paid $55,000, refused to take the job until the salary was increased to $65,000, and then she’s been a problem and a pain-in -the-ass wherever she has gone within city government.

Or how about a guy named Richard LaBell, who was the son-in-law of Mayor Tomas Regalado’s chief flunky Jose Marrero, he got a $80,000 a year job in the city’s IT Department.  He has since left.

And of course there are all the others hired with waivers because they failed to have the educational or work experience required for the jobs they were given. A rough estimate put the number between 30 to 40 folks hired this way, and many of them have been for jobs with substantial salaries and benefits.

The most famous example was Angel Zayon, who the Mayor calls his “4th son.” Zayon turned out to be extra special, because not only was I able to reveal that he was a little slime-ball who forced his wife onto welfare and food stamps when she filed for divorce, but among his many little side deals, besides continuing to do a TV show 5 days a week after he got hired, was that he started running models through the Communications Department so that they could get some work “experience” doing little TV spots for the city.

Even other members of the Regalado inner-circle hate Zayon.

Or how about the all the husbands, wives, and children of Regalado’s former radio and TV pals who got jobs after he became Mayor.

And then of course, as you read in my first story today, you got Luis Cabrera, Regalado’s “Godson” who is getting paid $163,000 a year by the Miami Police Department to be the non-performing Deputy Chief of Police, but who is only allowed to put on a uniform an play dress-up for ceremonial events. Other than that, no one wants him anywhere near the police department.

Get the picture.


Some time shortly after the beginning of 2013, Luis Cabrera’s stepbrother, Juan Cabrera and his wife Dayami Davila, arrived in Miami from Costa Rica. They are both Cuban nationals, but their applications for employment in the City of Miami showed that they were in Costa Rica from 2008 until they arrived here in 2013.

Unlike most Cuban exiles, it would seem from their work histories that they didn’t arrive penniless, because they both claimed to have made good money in Costa Rica.

Within weeks of arrival, and getting a temporary driver’s license, work permit an Social Security number, Juan Cabrera applied for an unspecified job with the City of Miami. The date was February 13, 2013.

His application was different than most for two reasons. First in the space where it required a listing for the job he was applying for, it was left blank, and also, as you saw on the front page today, he failed to check off whether he had any relatives currently working in the city.

The following week, on February 21, 2013, Juan Pascual, the Director of the city’s Parks and Recreation Department sent a Memo to the City Manager requesting permission to create a new job, described as, “Staff Services Assistant, T (Job Coe 9241, position number 12160.)”

Here is a copy of that Memo signed by the 3 individuals that were needed in order for that position to be created.

If you look closely you’ll see that it required Luis Cabrera’s signature, and that Cabrera was slick enough to have someone else sign for him so in case this document ever came to light he could claim he was clueless as to how his stepbrother managed to get a specially created job in the city after just having gotten off the boat, so to speak.

But in fact, whether he signed off, or an assistant signed off, as the Assistant City Manger with oversight of the Parks and Recreation Department it is his ultimate responsibility to be knowledgeable and responsible for all the documents signed on his behalf.

The notion that he would not have been aware that this job was being created for his stepbrother is about as believable as waking up this morning and finding out that Lindsay Lohan had just become a nun.  Actually, that’s more believable.

The other two people who signed off were Johnny Martinez, then the City Manager, Danny Alfonso, then the Director of Management and Budget.

While there is no date as to when this memo was signed by all of the individuals, Juan Cabrera was hired to fill it on March 15, 2013.

Approximately one month later, his wife Dayami Davila applied for a job in the city, and was given a regular part-time job in the Parks Department.  Unlike other folks who apply for part-time jobs, Ms. Davila was not hired as an entry level Recreation Aide I that pays $8 and change, but as a Recreation Aide III that paid $10.63. Also, unlike other new employees who start off with less hours, it was arranged for her to start with the maximum of 35 hour a week.


At the Miami City Commission meeting last Thursday, a woman named Yamilet Moreno took the podium during the public portion of the budget meeting and laid into Luis Cabrera, the Mayor and the Parks Director over the fact that she, a part-time city employee who worked for the Parks Department, had watched as Juan Cabrera’s wife came to work as a Recreation Aide III, while she, who had been working for the city for several years was still working as a Recreation Aide I.  Although she had seniority, she had been denied a promotion to Recreation Aide III. She also told everyone how Luis Cabrera’s brother worked for the Park’s Department, and how the hiring of both of these people  was corrupt and the result of nepotism.

After she finished speaking, I was able, along with Melissa Sanchez of El Nuevo Herald and a reporter from Channel 41, a Latin TV station to speak with her in the hallways outside the Commission Chambers.

Melissa Sanchez included Ms.Moreno appearance in her story about the goings on at City Hall during the budget meeting.

        “One of the few people who spoke about an        

        unrelated issue during the public hearing was

        Yamilet Moreno, a city employee who works 20

        hours per week at Jose Marti Park and complained

        of alleged nepotism in the City of Miami.

Moreno told the Commission she believed that

         some in-laws of assistant city manager Luis

         Cabrera were unfairly hired by the Department of

         Parks and Recreation to work between 29 and 40

         hours per week, despite having just recently

         arrived from Cuba,

"These are positions that open up, but for us there

         are no positions," Moreno said.

Cabrera confirmed that his stepbrother who

          recently arrived from Cuba was hired by the Parks

          Department but assured that he had nothing to do

          with the hiring. He said he didn't know whether the

          City also hired his wife.

          Juan Pascual, the department's director, said a

          relative of Cabrera works 40 hours per week as a

          temporary employee who inspects playgrounds.

          He was hired through the routine Human

          Resources process, the same as other

          employees.  He did not know about the

          employment of the brother-in-law's wife.

  Pascual added that he has met with Moreno in

           the past and told her she should apply for jobs

           when they open to get a higher pay or more

           hours. "I told her if she doesn't apply, she won't

           get another job," he explained.”


What’s most telling, and supports the allegation that there was a conspiracy involved in the creation of Juan Cabrera’s job is the way that Pascual told Melissa Sanchez that Juan Cabrera was hired “through the routine Human Resources process.”

The process by which Juan Cabrera was hired was anything but normal.  Cabrera was given a job that was specifically created for him AFTER he submitted an open application for a job with the city, and for a job that required the direct intervention of the Director of the Parks Department, the City Manager, the Director of the Office of Management and Budget and by Luis Cabrera, his stepbrother, or his stepbrother’s surrogate signing off on the job creation Memo.

If the process had been handled normally, Juan Cabrera, with his Cuban high school diploma would have been given a part-time $8 an hour job cleaning up a park instead of a job that allowed him the opportunity to drive around the city all day in a city car.

Pascual’s attempt to engage in a game of misdirection about how Cabrera was hired only serves to strengthen the claim that he was part of a knowing conspiracy to create a job for Luis Cabrera’s stepbrother.

Pascual it turns out is no stranger to paying rope-a-dope with a Miami Herald reporter.

In 1998, he was among the group of City of Miami employees that were featured in the Miami Herald’s Pulitzer Prize winning series on voter fraud, when questions were raised as to where he was living when he voted in the City of Miami election that year.

It will be interesting to discover what Pascual’s explanation will be as to why he decided that he needed to create a new job at the Parks Department for someone who had just come from a foreign country so that they could drive around all day inspecting the city’s parks in a city car.


The heroine of this story is Yamilet Moreno, who like Howard Beale in movie Network decides one day that he’s put up with all the shit he can put up with and tells the TV viewers who watch his news show, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!”

I was curious who this woman was, and why she had done what she had done in showing up like she did at City Hall, demanding that she and her fellow workers be treated fairly. So I found a bright young guy who was a friend of a friend willing to translate for me, and I went to her house to ask her.

I’ve kept in mind that a lot of you folks don’t like to watch long videos, but I also felt that someone with this kind of courage deserved to be allowed to explain why she did what she did  in her own way, and so here is the complete interview I did at her house on Saturday afternoon.

You might want to get another cup of coffee. The video is just under 11 minutes long.

What you just heard was a classic example of how the Family and Friends Plan works within the City of Miami during the time of Tomas Regalado.

Qualifications don’t count, and long-time workers are excluded from salary increases and promotions because those are reserved for the chosen few, who, like the pigs in the novel Animal Farm, are considered to be more equal than everyone else because they are related to the boss pigs who run the farm.

In the almost 4 years I have been writing this blog I never witnessed - nor has anyone else - a city employee with the courage to walk up to the podium during a City Commission meeting and tell everyone listening that they were tired of being fucked over.

It was not only refreshing but also revealing, in that although she required a translator, none of the 3 City Commissioners who speak Spanish showed even the least little bit of interest in asking her any questions about her accusations regarding Luis Cabrera, or calling up the Parks Director to respond to her allegations.

True, she came out of nowhere, but her allegations dealt with how some of the lowest paid city employees are treated, and much of the time at both budget hearings this year were spent on discussing how employees in the police department have been treated.

On Monday, Ms. Moreno and several of her co-workers are going to meet with Commissioner Francis Suarez. It will be interesting to see just what Suarez does with this because if he really wants to stand up and become the Commission’s reformer, then he’s going to have to grow a set of balls bigger than Yamilet Moreno’s to take on Regalado and his gang. 


I have filed an ethics complaint against Acting Assistant City Manager/Pretend Deputy Chief of Police Luis Cabrera, City Manager Johnny “The Doormat” Martinez, current Acting City Manager Danny Alfonso and Parks and Recreation Director Juan Pascual for abuse of power, nepotism and conspiracy in the furtherance of these acts.

It’s not that I have any great expectations about what they will do, but since the State Attorney Katherine Fernandez-Rundle is corrupt, I see no reason to waste my time knocking on her door.

It’s Miami. Bitches!



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