AUGUST 28, 2013


If you were a diehard Suarez supporter and still needed proof on Monday that after all that had transpired in recent weeks he still had a chance to win the race for Mayor, then his inability to gracefully get out of the race should have convinced you that he wasn’t, and probably never will be ready for prime time.

Believe it or not, last Friday, Suarez sent out a notice that he was opening his campaign headquarters on SW 27th Avenue. No sooner had some of his volunteers stuck campaign posters in all the windows than the rumors started circulating that he was going to resign and use his wife’s pregnancy as the excuse.

By Monday various local news organizations were falling over each other issuing teasers and speculation that Suarez was dropping out. Miami New Times went so far as to use a Tweet from blogger Elaine de Valle claiming she was talking to Suarez as she tweeted, and that he had just told her he was dropping out as their source for their story announcing that he was dropping out.

The rumors and speculation got so bad that sometime after 6:00 PM on Monday night, the Suarez camp started notifying the news media that he would be holding a press conference at his house at 8:00 PM to formally announce he was dropping out of the race for Mayor.

So, instead of being on top of this story and holding a dignified press conference in the morning or early afternoon, he ended trying to get ahead of the story by standing in the dark, in his driveway with a handful of reporters kneeling and holding microphones like supplicants waiting for some pearl of wisdom to come from his lips.

For Suarez not to be on top of this story reveals just how incompetent he was and is, and how badly served he was by his supposed “managers” like Steve Marin, who to date has collected $76,508.47 from Suarez’s “The Future Is Now,” ECO, and another $650.00 from his campaign account. That doesn’t include whatever money Marin collected or will collect since the end of June that will be revealed in the next finance report in mid-October.

That’s an awful lot of money for being the behind the scene master strategist and consultant for such an awful campaign, and should serve as a cautionary warning that maybe Steve Marin isn’t as smart and tough as people make him out to be.

To collect $76,0000 plus as the campaign’s principal “consultant” and have your candidate flame out like Suarez did is something that might encourage others in the game to start trying to poach Marin’s client base.


Right to the bitter end, Suarez lacked the smarts to try and make lemonade out of some very bitter lemons.

Throughout the campaign he repeatedly showed that he was tone deaf when it came to the music of politics.  He‘s a guy without rhythm. Without question he’s personally charming but he clearly doesn’t have the political skills to understand, much less apply the music and stagecraft of politics at the level required to run for serious office.

Bowing out of a race is often the last, and most memorable impression that many people will carry with them about a candidate as a person.

Had he, or his advisors really given that some thought, he could have gone out like a standup guy and a guy with principle, by claiming that because he felt that he bore the ultimate responsibility for the Absentee Ballot fiasco, and because his cousin Steve Suarez, and Juan Pablo Baggini were forced to cop a plea and end up with a misdemeanor on their records he decided that the honorable thing was to drop out of the race because a leader does not let his followers take the rap alone without sharing in the punishment when what they did was for him.

That was a legitimate and honorable reason to resign, and it would have left an impression that although his campaign had problems and might have been managed incompetently, he none-the-less was a guy that would strive to do the honorable thing, even if it cost him.

Instead he threw his unborn kid under the bus and blamed his/her arrival as the reason he was dropping out.

He didn’t want, he said whining, for the increasingly negative tone of the campaign to affect this joyous occasion.

Well, no shit, Sherlock!  Who would?

But running for office, especially for the job of Mayor of a major American city comes with the promise that negativity is going to be part of the campaign, and to make that the reason for dropping out of a race marred by so many stupid missteps is just one more - if there weren’t enough already - examples that Suarez is someone who will throw any, and everyone, under the bus rather than take personal responsibility for his actions.

From the very beginning Francis Suarez had an unearned sense of entitlement that because his Daddy had been Mayor of Miami that that somehow entitled him to be Mayor, and worse, it convinced him that he should not be treated rudely for running a stupid and vapid campaign.

He actually took offense when bad things were written about him.

The truth of the matter is that he’s a classic example of the fruit not falling far from the tree.  Daddy Suarez, was himself little more than a worthless politician who managed to exploit a degree from Harvard into becoming Miami’s first Cuban Mayor, and whose lasting legacy besides getting removed from office for his own Absentee Ballot shenanigans, was for famously wandering around in his bathrobe and knocking on some woman’s door late one night to complain about a letter she had written him for how badly the city was being under under his leadership.

Only in Miami, in a town full of come mierdas, would the son of a guy aptly nicknamed “Mayor Loco,” seriously be considered the heir of a political dynasty.


Although Francis Suarez won’t be around to kick anymore, that doesn’t mean that the possibility doesn’t exist that there still might be some more good stories involving the race for Mayor of Miami.

As I and others pointed over over the last year, Francis Suarez didn’t collect at least $824,212.44 in donations to his Electioneering Communications Organization from people who didn’t have expectations that the money they gave would result in favors being granted.

Speculation is that because many of those donors were part of what’s considered the Manny Diaz Money Machine - there is no love lost between Regalado and Diaz, who as the last Mayor of Miami continues to be Regalado’s favorite excuse when he wants to blame someone for his administration’s problems -  Diaz and his developer friends aren’t expected to sit idly by and allow Regalado to waltz into office for another 4 years without some last ditch effort being made to field a candidate that might have a chance to take him on.

There are pluses and minuses in getting a candidate to enter the race this late in the day - the cutoff date is September 21st - and one of the big pluses is that $572,497.44 currently sitting in Suarez’s ECO account.  That money could easily be used to support a new candidate for Mayor, and might take the sting out of the anger that some of these people currently hold towards Suarez’s untimely departure.

To even have a chance to succeed, the new candidate has to be Cuban, has to have some name recognition, has to be willing and able to run a competent and aggressive campaign, and most of all must pledge that if he wins, he won’t forget who brung him to the dance.

Given the piss-poor farm system in Miami-Dade County has for the development of candidates for major public offices, there aren’t that many choices, but there are a few.

To have a chance, the candidate needs to start sooner than later, so if the speculation about Diaz and his gang being out there looking for a new candidate to replace Suarez is true, then I’d expect to see an announcement and press conference sometime before the end of the first week in September.

Until September 21st however, any sounds you hear from the Regalado camp aren’t necessarily the Fat Lady singing.

It’s Miami, Bitches!



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