NOVEMBER 20, 2013


Last week I wrote about Ricardo “Look Down”  Roque, and how after retiring only months ago, he was trying to get back on the police force by being rehired as an Assistant Chief via a contract.  At the time, I wrote that City Manager Johnny Martinez had opposed this decision. 

Well, in Regaladoland, where there’s a will, there’s a way and it now looks like Roque is destined to return to city employment. If rumors are correct, he’ll also be returning to the Police Department after the new year. 

Because he was so excited about being back on the city payroll, Roque supposedly posted the following message on his Facebook page as reported on LEO Affairs.

Yes, Roque “will be working for Mayor Tomas Regalado out of his office to assist him in what he is best for helping the citizens of this great city and continuing moving the City forward” How did this guy manage to get on the force, much less pass any written tests for advancement?  This is the kind of evidences that puts a lie to any claims that the morons in Regaladoland value education.

Anyhow, for those of you who weren’t around in September of 2011, Roque who was then a Police Commander was one of three senior officers that former Chief Miguel Exposito wanted to demote for various and sundry acts of bad behavior.  Roque at the time was notorious for hanging out at Cuban Crafters on NW 7th Street during working hours, and was given orders to quit doing that because of suspicious behavior in the area involving drug dealing.  Roque refused.

When  Exposito was fired, it didn’t take long for Chief Manny Orosa to reverse Exposito’s decision and instead made Roque an Assistant Chief.  That’s how things work in a Banana Republic where shit, like cream, often rises to the top. 

Roque, along with Luis Cabrera and Major Raul Herbello are being touted as the new Three Musketeers, who thanks to Tomas Regalado, are expected to take over control of the Police Department next year. 

Herbello, is probably best known to Crespogram readers for the below photo I took of him in 2010, standing at attention as the Mayor’s campaign manager and Shadow Mayor, Armando “The Whopper” Gutierrez, chit-chatted in a city SUV.

On the force Herbello is also known for the Bentley he drove around town a few years back.  The car was supposedly loaned to him by one of the owners of Cuban Crafters, and there’s nothing that convinced a lot of his fellow officers that here was a cop that upheld the highest values of the Miami Police Department than watching him park that fancy Bentley in the staff parking lot at the Police Station.


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