MARCH 12, 2012

There are some people who think I’m just kidding when I write about the City of Miami being a Banana Republic.  Nothing could be further from the truth. The City of Miami has not only become a Banana Republic in all the perjorative meanings of that phrase, but worse, it’s become a place that mimics the spying actions of Fidel Castro and his intelligence agents in keeping track of Cuba’s citizens.

Only in Miami, its the city employees who are being kept track of and spied upon.

Over the last several months I have had conversations with a number of city employees who have confided to me that they’ve come to work and discovered their computers mysteriously turned on, or that confidential information contained in emails that they have either written or received has mysteriously become knowledgable to Regalado’s henchmen, sometimes in a matter of minutes.

In fact, it has become so bad that there have been requests for internal invstigations, including an investigation by the Internal Affairs branch of the Miami Police Department.

The person who has been tagged as the culprit in much of this spying is a former Regalado campaign worker and now city employee who has been labeled by many at the MRC building as “The Rat” or “El Raton.”

“The Rat,” allegedly came to America after being a Cuban Intelligence agent, and soon gained the attention of His Ignorance, Tomas Regalado.

Never one to pass up taking advantage of someone with “The Rat’s” skills, Regalado first employed him in his campaign before inserting him into the city’s IT Department, where he got a first hand knowledge of the City’s computer system.

If you’re a city employee and want to know whether or not “The Rat” has been visiting your computer and reading your emails - and he reads a lot of emails from what I have been told - go to your computer and  go look at your Permission’s window.

If there is another name - usually a numbered sequence - or the word “Anonymous” included in the Permissions, then the odds are that “The Rat” has been snooping on you.

But “The Rat” is not the only one that’s trolling the city’s computer network.  There are a handful of employees who linger at their offices into the night and take advantage of the absence of co-workers to go snooping into offices to look for and copy documents, and who also seem to have acquired information on how to access other folks computers.

It will not come as a surprise that the person who is responsible for investigating these incidents is none other than my new best pal, Acting Assistant City Manager Luis Cabrera.

But Cabrera will never investigate any of this activity because among the first things he did when Chief Exposito had him removed from the police department and he was appointed as an Acting Assistant City Manager was to get the city’s IT Department to investigate everyone in the police department in an effort to try and learn who among them were posting all of the nasty, ridiculing emails and photos about him on LEO Affairs.

It’s a classic case of the fox being put in charge of protecting the chicken coop, and if there’s one management skill that Cabrera has managed to employ during his tenure as an Acting Assistant City Manager it’s using a handful of employees to become his personal snitches inside the MRC.

So what’s the difference between dictators like the Castro brothers or Hugo Chavez and Tomas Regalado and Luis Cabrera when it come to spying on their people?  Not much.  Regalado has always surrounded himself with ass kissers all to willing to do whatever His Ignorance tells them he wants done, which is pretty much the same way that dictators run their countires.

It’s just another example of It’s Miami, Bitches!


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