JANUARY 6, 2014


On Christmas Eve, the nitwit elves at the Miami Herald who create the fantasies known as editorials, put out a list of folks who did South Florida proud - or not - this past year.

As to be expected, Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado was included.  Here’s what the elves had to say about Regalado in 2013:

        “A four-leaf clover and rabbit’s foot for the luckiest

        politician of the year, Miami Mayor Tomás Regalado.

        Out-funded by his main opponent, City Commissioner

        Francis Suarez, in his reelection bid, Mr. Regalado

        suddenly found himself without a serious contender

        when Mr. Suarez dropped out of the race after

        embarrassing actions by his staffers. We should all

        be so lucky in our endeavors next year.A four-leaf

        clover and rabbit’s foot for the luckiest politician of

        the year, Miami Mayor Tomás Regalado. Out-funded

        by his main opponent, City Commissioner Francis

        Suarez, in his reelection bid, Mr. Regalado suddenly

        found himself without a serious contender when Mr.

        Suarez dropped out of the race after embarrassing

        actions by his staffers. We should all be so lucky in

        our endeavors next year.”

Yes, we should all be so lucky as the Mayor, although the elves were far too circumspect in describing or owning up to the complicity of the Miami Herald when it came to the Mayor’s lucky streak.

While Francis Suarez clearly proved he was not up to the task of running for Mayor against Tomas Regalado, the Miami Herald bears a huge responsibility for repeatedly failing to provide anything resembling “factual reporting” on the antics of Tomas Regalado and/or key members of his staff not only in 2013, but going back to the beginning of his administration that would have shown just how incompetent and corrupt his administration has been.

The last 4 years are replete with examples of the Miami Herald’s failure to report on activities such as the efforts to bribe then Chief of Police Exposito, and the revelations after the fact that the City Attorney was involved up to her eyebrows in this deal by allowing an illegal $200,000 check to be issued from her private settlement account, or the story of the Mayor’s aide, Ada Rojas, being arrested for trying to go through a presidential motorcade, or for the way Regalado and his daughter handled his campaign finances when he ran for Mayor, or for lying about his net worth for years on his financial reports.

All of those stories, and countless others as well were stories that I broke, because Chuck Rabin was too busy or too lazy to do what he was being paid to do, which was report on the City of Miami.

So, to start the new year, here is the first of several stories that I will be breaking, because the Miami Herald and its editors continue to demonstrate that when it comes to the City of Miami, if it isn’t issued as a press release they don’t consider it a story worth investigating or printing.


I don’t spend a lot of quality time hanging our with Tomas Regalado, but a couple months ago I did hang out at his office waiting for him to show up to answer a question regarding a public record’s request that I had made, and the first thing I noticed as he came off of the elevator was a pronounced shake of his right arm and hand. It was so pronounced that  I immediately realized that the Mayor either had Parkinson’s, or some other neurological problem that was causing his hand and arm to shake as it did.

Although I spotted this problem immediately, I wanted to make sure, because this was not something I wanted to get wrong.  Since that initial incident I’ve seen him in person on several other occasions, including last week’s Mango Strut Parade, and I’ve been able to spot his right hand shaking every time. In addition, I’ve spoken to several people who work at City Hall who have confirmed that the Mayor has exhibited signs of Parkinson’s in recent months.

Now, on a personal level its unfortunate for anyone to be afflicted with any kind of incurable ailment, but because Tomas Regalado is the Mayor of a major American city a question that the public has a right to know is, how long has he been exhibiting the signs of Parkinson’s, and why, if I was able to spot this problem immediately, then why haven’t the reporters or editors of the Miami Herald - who have interviewed Regalado on several occasions in recents months - spotted this problem too?

And, if they have, then why hasn’t the Miami Herald found this medical problem worthy of being revealed to the citizens of Miami?

Now I’m not a doctor, but I’ve had family members who’ve had Parkinson’s, and like everyone else I’ve seen the affects of the disease on Mohammed Ali, Michael J. Fox and others, and I know enough to know that Parkinson’s is a degenerative disorder of the central nervous system that incurable and while treatable, can in some forms, only gets worse.

Most importantly, this is a disease that is easily affected by stress: something that is synonymous with the job of being the Mayor of a large American city.

Although there have been some promising treatments developed in recent years involving pinpoint surgery to curtail the palsy shake, the disease in some forms can also cause neuropsychiatric disorders including speech, cognition, mood, behavior and thought.

Parkinson’s is the kind of significant medical problem that warrants the Mayor being open and forthright with the citizens of Miami about because he just got elected to a 4 year term as Mayor, and those 4 years, even more than the last 4, promise to be full of bumps and unpleasant surprises.

Compounding the potential problems facing Regalado, are the health problems of City Manager, Johnny “The Doormat” Martinez.

Last July Martinez suffered a stoke, and in a typical Regalado response to a major problem facing his administration, he lied about the seriousness of the problem by telling a Herald reporter that he expected Martinez to return to work days after the stroke.

Contrary to Regalado’s claim, Martinez did not return for 5 full months, and the continuing question by those who have spent any real time with him since his return is, why did he come back, because he’s still clearly suffering from the effects of the stroke?

It’s unfortunate, but you can’t trust Regalado to tell the truth, a fact that has regrettably been proven time after time when he’s been confronted by tough questions, so it will be interesting to see how he responds to this revelations, and how the news media deal with this issue.

For now though, Miami has two old men with serious medical problems in charge of running the city.  First, you’ve got a Mayor with an obvious medical problem that no one, including him has wanted to talk about, and then you’ve got a City Manager who’s got medical problems that everyone is talking about behind his back, and at the same time you’ve got a City Commission and a handful of Regalado henchmen all fully aware of the opportunities that these medical problems provides them take to exploit the lack of any, much less strong leadership as they plot and scheme was to plunder the resources of the city for their personal benefit.

It is not without ample evidence of incompetence, malfeasance and corruption that Miami continues to be inclided at at the top - or bottom - of so many lists of cities with problems.  Just last week Miami was listed as the 4th Worst Run City In America.

All of these problems will be compounded by the fact that by September of this year it is expected that anywhere from 350 to 400 senior employees, including a couple hundred employees from the police and fire departments are going to be leaving through retirement, with countless others joining those that have recently left, or are currently on their way out the door having decided that the continuing corruption and gross incompetence that has passed for governance in the city during the last 4 years is no longer worth putting up with.

This could all  become the basis for a perfect storm within the City of Miami’s administration, because the loss of institutional memory, along with the overt political agenda that now colors the hiring of new employees who are expected to be both clueless yet pliant in their willingness to accept a paycheck in return for keeping their mouth shut, bodes nothing but bad news for the administration of the city in the years to come.

And while all this goes on pretty much in the open, the citizens of Miami continue to be left in the dark because the Miami Herald would rather everyone believe that the Mayor of Miami owes his good luck at not being exposed for the incompetent hack that he’s been as Mayor has been a result of the luck provided him by a Four Leaf Clover and a Rabbit’s Foot - ever wonder what the rabbits think about this claim of good luck based on their feet - instead of to the failure of the Miami Herald behaving like a newspaper.

It’s still Miami, Bitches!  



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